iphone ipad jbulie juliebulie TM link

Yay! I figured it out! What I wanted to do was create a little way to quick link to my blog on your ipad or iphone.

It’s SO super easy. Two steps.

Open http://julieangelos.com on your iphone or ipad. Look down at the bottom and click on the icon that has an arrow in it, in the middle. Then just click on Add to Home Screen.

You are good to go! Thanks! :)


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6 responses to “iphone ipad jbulie juliebulie TM link

  1. Ah! Thank you! Happy to relax!

    Thanks again for stopping by and commenting. I think all blog writers know how much comments are appreciated.


  2. I want to know, do you having a “relaxing” filter on your camera? Where do you get these pictures? Is it, gasp, YOUR house? I want my house to look like the pictures on your blog. No matter what it says, it LOOKS beautiful. Oh, and I enjoy the writing too! =)

  3. For our family meal times around the table have always been a time to get together and communicate with each other. :)

    • I don’t know if it is more European or American, but none the less good for you. I like it. Our mealtimes, we’d talk for hours but usually it was at a meeting point restaurant, at least when we were young.

      Your a blessed woman!


  4. I hope you know how I feel on this subject by now! I began my blog because I grew up around a family table at my grandparents’ house every other Sunday. At home, it was not quite the same thing as there were issues. But we did faithfully go to my grandparents every other Sunday for a big meal. I can clearly remember the adults sitting for hours eating and talking, long after the 4 youngest children would be bored and go off playing.

    As a mom and grandma I am doing the same thing. I make sure we eat together as often as possible. Even on pizza nights, I insist we sit at the table not all over the house. When the grandkids come, much of our time is spent at the table just visiting, even though they are little, I believe they enjoy the time.

    Thanks for a beautiful commentary on such an important subject.

    • You are so right Michelle. It certainly takes a little bit of extra effort to insist but I think you are right for doing so. I don’t always insist. In fact, it’s my husband who really glues us all together and I appreciate his support. I use the American placemats but he likes a table cloth. Slowly, I am leaning his way.

      Thanks for your input! You help me see things from a new perspective.


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