How my guidance counselor changed my life.

Be inspiring!

Be inspiring!

Today I’m going to write about a situation that happened when I was 16.

I was just your average girl going to school trying to make my way through. I excelled, or at least I like to try to think I did.

Nah, who am I kidding. I got by. My aim was always the A—Excellent, but I think I went too fast on some of my math quizzes. I always made at least one mistake.

My sweet teacher caught onto this and would look me in the eye and smile while correcting me. I’d get frustrated with myself and try to apologize to my teacher. He’d tell me No worries and tried to make sure my mistakes didn’t make me want to stop learning.

I’m still so thankful to him.

But I’ve already written a post about him because he was my favorite teacher.

Regardless, this little ditty has to do with how information on a casual day at school changed my life.

{Figure it out. Figure it out. If you can’t figure it out, well then I suggest you find a way to figure it out, says my uncle.}

Point A to Point B, Julie. Get there! I’m trying! Stick with me!

So the story is how my guidance counselor changed my life.

Every day FLOWERS!

Every day flowers.

High School Junior, Swim Team, School President, Advanced Math classes, worked summers at the theme park as the Main Gate Girl. I spend my time hanging out with friends on the quad, or lunch area, during our 10:15a break.

I’m the scorekeeper at basketaball games.

I’m sitting in math class and I get a call or a slip or someone who says I had an appointment with Dr. C who is our school guidance counselor. Immediately I’m thinking he’s a psychologist and I needed help — or I was in trouble for something.

No, instead, he, nicest man across his scattered desk asks me So have you thought about where you are going to go to university?

Um, no, I say.

Well, you know, he tells me, that junior year is when you take your SAT tests and next year you are going to have to get your applications in. Have you got your applications?

I’m like, What?

He says, Well, have you thought about private or public university?

I knew my parents weren’t going to pay for my university so that left if anything, public.

Then Mr. C hands me two packets that were a California State University applications. He explained that there were two state school systems: the California State University group and the University of California group. Each  group had about 20 campuses in different cities.

He gave me the examples. And a map. And a packet.

What changed my life about that conversation is that I was now empowered with information — information that was life changing.

I read the packet front to back.

I went back to class and asked my friend if he knew that it was time to take SAT tests and apply to university. Of course he knew.

Didn't everyone?

I sat for my SATS. Get it? That’s a bad pun ;) They were difficult. I should have studied harder for them. That’s okay.

Then came summertime. I decided to go visit some universities on my own.

I did! I chose four. I got in my car and off I went — alone of all things.

I visited Humbolt, Berkeley, San Louis Obispo, and San Francisco State. On another trip I visited San Diego State University, Santa Cruz and Santa Barbera State University.

I chose San Jose State University mostly because I liked the feel and I loved the old Ivy Bell Tower. Also, there was a well known journalism and marketing program — the only specialization in marketing at that time.

Northern California is cool too. Shout out to Jules and Joe.

So that’s my story today.

Not too big of one, just a little one. I’m not trying to tell you what to do. I’m just saying that today I’m grateful that I was called into a meeting with a counselor who gave me information that later handed me a future.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for stopping in.

You know I appreciate it.


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3 responses to “How my guidance counselor changed my life.

  1. I love this story, Julie. It makes me think about the opportunities we all have to make a difference in the lives of others… How much an act of kindness can change someone’s path. Thanks for sharing. ♥

  2. One persons kindness can make such a difference.

  3. Hello Julie,

    As I was reading this I realized we lived in the same area.

    I graduated from Saugus High in 1986. I used to hang out at the quad at our school. Funny what schools use to allow that they most certainly do not allow now.

    We ended up moving north to Redding, CA and now live in Iowa. Small world meeting you here :-)

    Loved your story. One person’s kindness really does make an impact.



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