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How are you and your life and your family and your dog and your business and your kids and your car and your life? Are you happy? Nice to see you here. Thank you for visiting.

I truly appreciate it.

There are going to be a couple of friends reading this shaking their heads thinking, wow, she wrote something new.

Please sit down, relax. Can I get you something to drink? To eat?

She’s been advertising fresh blog copy for the last four years and every time I click on her about page it’s the exact same. You might be asking yourself, wow, why is she writing under her about page. Well, like I said, this isn’t about me. It’s about you. So I thought, hey, time for a little fresh writing here. Ready? You.

Who are you? You are that person who has a manageable list. You are that person who is juggling a relationship, a cold, a couple of classes, a meeting, a high point and a low point. And all in all, guess, what? You are doing it. Here and now.

You sit here and you read and you think and you stop, I managed. Dayz go buy, sun rises, sun sets, and life goes on. When it becomes a miracle however, completely depends only on one situation: you. Sitting here. Now. In gratitude and thinking to your little self, self, look out that window.

Lace Your. Shoes. Walk. Out. Side. and look and try. not. to get totally. overwhelmed. by. the. amazing. beauty. that you see around you. You can do this. You can. I believe you have. all. the. answers inside of you now. Just take one step today. One at a time.

54 responses to “about

  1. Mom


    I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! (Look, I used capitals)

  2. drtombibey


    Appreciate your visit. Just added you on.

    My wife has a saying I love. “We believe in a life of grace and dignity.” The blog is part of my effort to reach out to the folks in the world of like mind, and your site indicates y’all live that way too.

    Thanks for adding me on your blogroll. I’m on FaceBook, too. I find I have more musicians there and writers on wordpress, but both are open to good folks everywhere.

    Dr. B

    • Thanks Dr. B,

      That was very kind of you. I think your wife’s saying is just sweet. I believe she has a point there. I always strive towards healthy values. Often I fall short of those but I think it is important to always have goals of loveliness, kindness, goodness and integrity.


      By the way, your blog, helpful comments and book are fantastic.

  3. Hey Jules,

    I’m so glad to have a peek into your life. I remember your journal writing sitting at our little two-person marble-topped kitchen table next to the window. I remember the time your mom sent you a pair of shoes with Mrs. Field’s cookies ticked in them and we were so excited to have a real chocloate chip cookie, until we realized they smelled and tasted like your shoes! (I’ve never quite been able to eat Mrs. Field’s since!)

    I love that we can fast forward 21 years and say that we are both still writing and still enjoying life. Add my blog to your Blogroll and I’ll add yours to mine :) I think you’ll recognize the people in this post:


    Keep writing …


  4. Billy

    Just a note to say there are more people out here who will not respond to your writings that are writers learning the craft. Your post on learning was excellent. Keep up the good work. Show us the universal characters you meet, the food you eat and the music you hear.

    Don’t be worried how many people read, be more interested in how true your words.

    A fellow reader of Dr. Bibey

    Good Luck

    • Thank you for taking the time to write the comments above. Believe it or not, I thought at length about your comments. I considered how to be truthful to myself and my readers, to be upfront and to try to convey the essence of my life.

      I hope you become a regular visitors.

      My best to you and yours.


      By the way, each and every time one of my readers writes excellent or outstanding about my posts, it makes me smile. Thank you for that.

  5. I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog. It’s very fun to read and I’m somewhat envious of your locale.

  6. Julie,

    Love your writing and really enjoy the beautiful pictures. It shows that you take your time with the content and the photography. It’s an inspiration to me and when I open your blog every time it takes me back to the days I waited with anticipation for Martha Stewart to do her next show. Thanks for being you and exposing myself and others to a different part of life and through your boundless thought provoking wisdom! Cheers~

  7. Thank you! :)

  8. Dear Julie,

    A heartfelt congratulations! Can’t wait to read through the whole blog, but what I’ve read so far is really good!


  9. My daughter is named Julie.

    You’ve got a nice brain… I think I’ll showcase it around my place if you don’t mind.


  10. Hi Honey, I tried to comment on your write anything space, but my my computer wouldn’t access the page. Nice work.
    About me. I am in computer hell. I think I got it fixed but I’m sure its only temporary. Love ya.\Mom

  11. I was flipping through my blog’s FB fan page and came across your name, then clicked on your blog in your profile…what a wonderful find! Looking forward to reading more of you and getting to know you better :)

    • Michelle, I feel like I just got the nod from Oprah you are driving so many visitors to my site. It must be the goat. She’s bringing me good luck.


  12. I followed Michelle from Bleeding Espresso to your blog and I am already enjoying myself. I have added you to my blogroll. If Michelle recommends you, then I can’t go wrong, right?

  13. “Excellent” AND “outstanding,” both! Of course any referral from Michelle is bound to be well worth the click….And of course, an add to the blogroll!

    Well done.

  14. Ciao another American in Italy (Rome).

    I heard about your blog via Michelle at Bleeding Espresso. I love it. Looking forward to reading more!!

    • Hey congratulations on having your screenplay being picked up by a major network and being turned into a film. What a fantastic dream come true. Friends, worth the click!


  15. Kristie K

    Hey Cous!! Excellent work….you make me smile! Love ya. Kris

  16. Paola

    Hi Julie,

    I wrote to Annika the other day about the English books, I have seen that you would like to have the list. You can send me your email and then I will send you the file .xls


  17. Paola

    Thanks, Julie! Hope to hear from you then! If you need any information do not hesitate to ask!

  18. Julie,
    Have just run through your blog and found it lovely, so filled with a positive energy. Good for you!

    Funny thing, I have seen your comments on Bruce’s FB!

    Anyway, love the Buddha story about accepting “gifts”, so very true.

    Take care! Ciao.

    • Great to see you friend. I love it when people come across my blog. It reminds me of what it is like to see a great friend after many years. The friendship picks up exactly as you left it. Friends are AWESOME for that. Time nor distance can stand between you.


  19. Congrats on passing 5000 visitor mark! WOW that was a huge leap in readers, so exciting honey! You are amazing, I will keep saying it! xxx

  20. The student

    Hi great job on the blog

  21. Hey Julie, I wanted you to know I wrote a blog post about your blog and your ebook. Take a look and let me know if you get traffic from my blog. I sure hope you do!

  22. That was so sweet of you! Thanks.

  23. Julie — I found your site from Blogging without a Blog (Barbara) and I loved this “About Julie!” very much, especially the swimming story. Now that you’re swimming away from the chocolate cake, what are swimming towards?

    I hope you will find blogging as much fun as I have. I’ve been at since 2007 and it’s allowed my own creativity to expand, but most of all, I have been lucky enough to meet the most wonderful people from all the world.

    Enjoy it…I like your site very much:~)

  24. Self empowerment….we all want it, but how do we get it?

    We get it by not wanting anything from this world. Simple!

    Would you like to know more?

    Join me… http://www.davidgcoles.wordpress.com

    Great site,


  25. Julie,

    Hope this finds you well. Somehow your comment just now came thru about the WNCW radio show, but if you heard it, you would indeed be the listener from the longest distance away.

    If you’ll send me an e-mail with an address, I’ll get a copy of “The Mandolin Case” out to you. We are tempoarily out of stock on Amazon, (formatting for Kindle and IPad) but should be up and running again very soon.

    Ain’t this blog world the greatest?

    Dr. B

  26. Another warm bio, makes me happy. :)

  27. You’re gorgeous, brilliant, and put a smile on my face :)

    • Ha ha ha Jaclyn Rae,

      You and I both know who the brilliant one is. It is MOST certainly a young girl named JR who has the courage to share inspirational messages one after the other.

      Thanks for the lift though! I appreciate it.


  28. Kudos on having the courage to live out your dream. Most people are too stuck in their rut to attempt it and live out lives of quiet desperation.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

  29. Hi Julie,

    I just bumped into your blog and really like your articles and the style of the blog.


  30. I was wondering if you wanted to add each other to our blog lists?

  31. Ciao Bella! Meant to reply to your lovely comment/compliment here as well. Enjoying your blog and I actually really like your About page. No editing needed girl! Looks like quite a few people agree with me =) Definitely adding you to my link list. So nice to “meet” you!

  32. your story sounds like it could be a cool movie :) it takes guts to do what you did…..pick up & move miles away….I wish I had the same adventurous spirit.

  33. the kettle corner

    Thank you for creating such an inspiring blog filled with hope and positivity x

  34. Hello Jules! I went through your blog, your words give out the aroma of warmth, love and happiness. It was a great pleasure reading your stuff, I can say for granted that you are one of those people who can bring about change with small sweet deeds. keep up the great work!

  35. you’re really a good webmaster. The web site loading speed is incredible. It seems that you are doing any unique trick. Furthermore, The contents are masterwork. you have done a excellent job on this topic!

  36. Hi Julie,

    I just love your blog. I’m also so glad you posted your story too. It’s wonderful and inspiring. Thanks for stopping by my blog too.

    D :D

  37. Great story and great blog Julie!
    I too left corporate America at the age of 30, but headed in a bit of a different direction. I moved to a tiny village in Guyana, South America where there is no electricity or running water! I obtained funding from the EU to open a computer education school in this village. We are totally solar powered, we teach free classes to 30 adult and secondary school students 3 times per week. My family and I needed a change, so we made that change happen. Now we are able to make changes happen for other people every day.
    Life is a blessing too rich to keep to yourself!
    Billy Nobles

  38. I’ve really enjoyed your Blog and meeting you throught it this year so I’m stopping by to wish you a very happy Christmas

  39. Great Blog! You sound a wonderful person, Julie! I’m sure there are lots of things I could learn from you. :-)

    Waram Regards,


  40. You’ve reminded me about my plan to compliment you. I remember in 2001 when I met the daughter of one of my philosophy professors. I told the mother (professor) on campus some days later something like: ” You know, I’ve only met 3 or 4 females in my entire life that are the complete package — excellent brains, beauty, talent, kindness, not-a-drama-queen, altruistic, some kind of cool energy, etc.” — I was complimenting her daughter and was thinking of you as one of the only 3 or 4 I ever met in my entire life. And I mean it. And since I’ve known you since you were 15 (super kid you were), I’d say I am in a good position to make such a claim. Your husband is a lucky man (of course, this is all under the assuption that you haven’t gone crazy in your forties……………lol).

  41. Why didn’t I find this sooner?

  42. Hey Ms. Jules! Thanks for checking out my blog. I absolutely love your work and style here. Thanks again Jules! Ciao!

  43. Isabel Custer E.


  44. Hi Julie,

    I just came across your blog after searching ‘how to increase traffic to wordpress’ and I have fallen in love with your blog. There is so much love on here, such a great find!



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