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@jbuliesblog supports #oohlabra at #NOEW Congrats #Leader $10k #entrepeneur #KateNorthrup #YouNight


Remember, this is Kate!’s last live webinar. I’m SO in, you?

What is You Night?

Click here for more info.

#younight2014 will be taking place October 9 in Mandeville, just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana. info at

You night is a runway event hosted by my real life sister, Lisa, that gets beautiful women together who are breast cancer survivors to walk a runway as models. They are literally flooded with love and gifts as their friends and family show their support by attending and cheering them on. If all goes well, this year I will attend. This will probably be a sold out event so book your tickets early. If you’d like to sponsor, write me.

Congratulations Lisa McKenzie!

jbulie’s blog would like to extend a huge well earned mega congratulations to hardworking real life sister, Lisa, at Lisa McKenzie supported by family and friends when awarded the first prize for the sales challenge presented by multinational player Silverline.

Good things are going to happen.   For your gift I’m offering you a free sponsorship package that includes a link to my blog, your logo here and a write up of how absolutely spectacular you are.

Yes, they're real!

Yes, they’re real!

In March of this year there was a conference for entrepreneurs called NOEW that stands for New Orleans Entrepeneur Week. I was thrilled when my sister called to tell me that her company, Ooh La Bra was selected as a finalist for as the most innovate product.

That call put her into the top five contestants and eventual winner as an entrepreneur of the year for her original idea to have visible jeweled designer bra straps — an idea that is revolutionizing the way women wear their shoulder baring clothes.

She’s truly amazing to watch as her friends can attest. Right after winning she was contacted by ABC to be interviewed.

We lift you up. #oohlabra

We lift you up. #oohlabra

Event headliners include Walter Isaacson, President and CEO of Aspen Institute,  Hamdi Ulukaya, President, Founder and CEO of Chobani Yogurt and Dana Mauriello, Director of New Business Opportunities for Etsy. Additionally, representatives from Fortune 500 companies, the most prominent venture capitalists, and notable entrepreneurs will be participating, including:

  • Lisa McKenzie: Founder, President of Ooh La Bra
  • Jim Coulter: Founding Partner, TPG Capital, L.P.
  • Donna Fenn: author; contributing editor, Inc. Magazine
  • Nick Friedman: Co-Founder, College Hunks Hauling Junk, College Hunks Moving
  • Patti Greene: Professor Babson College; National Academic Director, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses
  • David Hall: Revolution Ventures
  • New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu
  • Mary Matalin: Political Consultant
  • Kathryn Minshew: Founder, The Muse
  • Wendell Pierce: star of HBO’s hit show Treme
  • Bridgette Sexton: Google for Entrepreneurs
  • Margaret Spellings: Former U.S. Secretary of Education; Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Advisory Council
  • Alan Weinkrantz: Global PR Expert
  • Tina Wells: Founder, Buzz Marketing; Huffington Post blogger; Black Enterprise columnist
Lisa McKenzie, Founder and President of Ooh La Bra an amazing person. We support her as she is a finalist at NOEW2013.

Lisa McKenzie, Founder and President of Ooh La Bra — an amazing person {and this writer’s real life proud sister.} We support her as she is the first place winner at NOEW.


This year, NOEW gathered 3,000 of the nation’s most innovative business leaders, financiers, entrepreneurs, and students to support New Orleans entrepreneurs through over 55 events.

Highlights included Capital Pitch Competitions, which awarded prizes ranging from $100,000 to a personalized guided tour of Silicon Valley’s investment community, and an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Summit that will engage global partners to discuss best practices for sustaining entrepreneurial ecosystems.If you are a store owner and would like more information or to have a starter kit, please write  Recently featured as a seller at the Oscar Gifting suites. What is You Night?

Click here for more info.

#younight2014 will be taking place October 9th.

You night is an event hosted by my real life sister, Lisa, that gets beautiful women together who are breast cancer survivors. They walk a runway as models and are literally flooded with love and gifts as their friends and family show their support. Clicking on this button supports jbulie's blog. Thank you!

by Julie Angelos

6 reasons my blog readers rock. ❒ ~ check ✔

Welcome back visitors for yet another pot of freshly brewed hot blog copy, using homegrown partially recycled pure grounds. Whatever that means.

Blog copy. Try saying that ten times fast.

I wanted to start off by saying I’ve had a few readers who have been such loyal blog followers leaving comments, hitting the facebook ‘like’ button, encouraging me.

I thank you for being my constant inspiration. Believe it or not, some of you wonderful readers have sent me long inspiring letters AND super cool REAL presents. That’s just too cool.

Now my readers are going to ask What does blog copy mean? Then they are going to ask me what fresh brewed has to do with blog copy. I’ll have to send them to an expert because I have no idea.ha ha

I’m digging myself quickly into a hole on this post. I can feel it spiraling down.  I still have friends who don’t know what blog means.

Note to self.  Should I start calling it an online journal?

❀ I know you are there. I can see you and it makes me happy and sad all at the same time.

❀ It’s okay to take a break. ❀

1. I love my readers. Some of them I have known for ages and others are new. They continue to inspire me to write.

They tell me nice things like you never know Julie, maybe you will make someone’s lives better. They say things like they love to read my blog. I don’t know if that counts though because it was probably my mom. ;)

2. I love writing. To me writing gets my thoughts on the page and out of my head. Yesterday while shopping with my kids I sat down and wrote a list of 15 things I had to do. I felt overwhelmed and getting my list on the page made me feel like I could accomplish it. I’m just taking baby steps one at a time. Stay with me folks.

3. The more I give the more I receive. My friendships have been growing steadily and so is my reader base. I feel like I have never learned so much about life, love, laughter and people as I have in the last couple of months since sharing my life with others.

I had a lot of fears to overcome. I think we all get used to talking to our inner circle of friends or to ourselves we think that if we wrote it for all the world to see we would be drastically made fun of.

4. My learning curve is out of control. The minute I hit the publish button on my first blog entry most of you know I couldn’t sleep. I thought, Oh great, delete, delete, delete. My husband is currently worried about me because it has been almost all consuming.

I just read. I want to know what makes a blog successful so I just click away. Luckily I’ve been super peaceful and smiling.

I'll forgive you. ´¯`»¸¸.·☆

It’s a new day and new dawn and I’m feeling good.´¯`»¸¸.·☆

I’m not so certain that spending more time online is a good thing though.

I have always sustained that a to be happy in life you have to find a balance of work and pleasure.

I’ll give you an example. Say you are successful. I ask you how you are spending your days. Are you spending them alone or with other people? What percentage of your time are you dedicating to your family, to your work, to entertainment?

How much of your time are you dedicating towards being a good person, toward helping others? How much of your time are you dedicating toward making yourself a better person?

As my best friend says it’s the doing that makes the difference. In writing and sharing, I’m a do-er not a be-er. Note to self: don’t forget to hyphenated the word be-er.

This chick is so cool. She's thinking about you. ❀

I can see you. Just tell me everything is going to be okay. It will! ´¯`»¸¸.·☆

5. People are curious. I think one of the reasons people are reading this now is because they want to know what it is like to live in Italy. I think I should write more about that. I’ll tell you. I spend a lot of time with my family, cleaning, cooking, writing, drawing,  a lot of time with my friends – as much as possible and the major part of my time taking care of life.

6. I push myself to succeed. I strive for excellence. I strive for peace. I model good behavior. I strive to be a better person. I’m crazy scared that I’m going to bomb in front of all of my peers so I’m doing all I can do to make this great.

I know it’s not. But like I tell my kids, I’m not a great mom, I’m not even a good mom, but I do try. I make it a goal. I know they know that. Making it a goal shows you care. I tell them I love them every day so many times. They know the story because I tell it to them every night before they go to bed.

I tell them I love them more than the moon, more than the stars, and more than all of the oceans.

Tell people you love that you love them. I don’t think you can ever say that enough. Be the change you want to see. Be inspiring. You think you don’t know how? I’ll give you a start. Smile at someone you don’t know. Live your life with passion. Pursue excellence. Take care of yourselves.

Until we blog again. Uh hmm, I mean journal. Have a good one.

Muah ♫.•*¨`*•♫.•´*.¸.• {blows a kiss.}

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