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Good things are going to happen.

Good things are going to happen and #geauxpink

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Save the Date, October 9th, 2014

You night is a runway event hosted by my real life sister Lisa. You Night is an spectacular, fun, laughter filled fashion runway show that gets beautiful women together who are cancer survivors and life thrivers to walk the catwalk as models.

These exceptional women are literally flooded with love and gifts as their friends and family show their support by attending and cheering them on.

If all goes well, this year I will attend. This will probably be a sold out event so book your tickets early. If you’d like to sponsor, let me know.

Lisa Wins NOEW

jbulie’s blog extends a huge well earned mega congratulations to hardworking real life sister, Lisa, at OohLaBra.com. Lisa McKenzie supported by family and friends when awarded the first prize for the sales challenge presented by multinational player Silverline at the recent NOEW conference in New Orleans, Louisiana in March.

Lisa Wins! Go Lisa!

NOEW stands for New Orleans Entrepeneur Week. I was thrilled when my sister called to tell me that her company, Ooh La Bra was selected as a finalist for having the most innovate product.

That call put her into the top five contestants and eventual winner as an entrepreneur of the year for her original idea to have visible jeweled designer bra straps — an idea that is revolutionizing the way women wear their shoulder baring clothes.


Event headliners included Walter Isaacson, President and CEO of Aspen Institute,  Hamdi Ulukaya, President, Founder and CEO of Chobani Yogurt and Dana Mauriello, Director of New Business Opportunities for Etsy.

Representatives from Fortune 500 companies, the most prominent venture capitalists, and notable entrepreneurs included:

  • Lisa McKenzie, Founder and President of Ooh La Bra
  • Jim Coulter: Founding Partner, TPG Capital, L.P.
  • Donna Fenn: author; contributing editor, Inc. Magazine
  • Nick Friedman: Co-Founder, College Hunks Hauling Junk, College Hunks Moving
  • Patti Greene: Professor Babson College; National Academic Director, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses
  • David Hall: Revolution Ventures
  • New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu
  • Mary Matalin: Political Consultant
  • Kathryn Minshew: Founder, The Muse
  • Wendell Pierce: star of HBO’s hit show Treme
  • Bridgette Sexton: Google for Entrepreneurs
  • Margaret Spellings: Former U.S. Secretary of Education; Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Advisory Council
  • Alan Weinkrantz: Global PR Expert
  • Tina Wells: Founder, Buzz Marketing; Huffington Post blogger; Black Enterprise columnist
Lisa McKenzie, Founder and President of Ooh La Bra an amazing person. We support her as she is a finalist at NOEW2013.

Lisa McKenzie, Founder and President of Ooh La Bra — an amazing person {and this writer’s real life proud sister.} We support her as she is the first place winner at NOEW.

Highlights included Capital Pitch Competitions, which awarded prizes ranging from $100,000 to a personalized guided tour of Silicon Valley’s investment community, and an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Summit that will engage global partners to discuss best practices for sustaining entrepreneurial ecosystems.

If you are a store owner and would like more information or to have a starter kit, please write info@oohlabra.com 

She was also recently asked to participate at the Oscar Gifting suites where your favorite stars get their hands on the best products available.

Last year’s You Night show was a sold out event of over 600 people.  Keep an eye on this one here.  Make sure to join us on our facebook page here.

Strategic Partners, brand ambassadors, sponsors, friends and families are kindly  asked to use #younight2014, #yourproductorservice #oohlabra #jbuliesblog and #geauxpink when promoting the event on twitter.


by Julie Angelos

height=”150″ /> Good things are going to happen and #geauxpink[/caption]

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How to increase blog traffic — 10 tips and tricks from jbulie’s blog.

If you want your blog or website to succeed just love doing it.

Even the what you can't imagine is possible. ♡ ㄥ❀∨モ

Even what you can’t imagine is possible. ♡ ㄥ❀∨モ

I’m sharing with you what I’ve been doing over here to attract visitors and increase blog traffic.

Don’t believe the people who say they get a million visitors a day. They are like kids in a candy shop, typing in numbers. Learn from doing first hand, and ask a blogger friend.

Here are the steps you can take to make your site grow.

1. Get to know your readers. Share.

Spend a lot of time looking at your stats feature and try to understand where your readers are coming from. A lot of my readers have become friends. Thanks guys. A lot are new, welcome. I’ve also found having a stats counter installed helps.

I’ve learned that they come from all over the world and different backgrounds and ages.


From Pauline to Helen Gurley Brown: She is an unsung, deliciously sybaritic, and downright cheeky feminist heroine. She will be sorely and dearly missed.

2. Participate in comments and conversations.

One of the best ways of inviting visitors to your site participate in conversations in the comment sections of blogs you like reading. Ever since I started my blog, I’ve learned a great deal in the comments section of articles.

3. Write good content.

My highest ranked day was when I wrote a piece about motivation and being a better person.

4. Write from the heart.

Talk as if you were speaking to a few good friends. Write about what you care about people are going to be supportive.

5. Make it a goal.

I have also made it a goal to have a lot of visitors so in my free time I read as many articles I can on the subject.

6. Use your real voice.

When I write I like to picture I’m either standing infront of my peers and explaining things simply. Or, I try to imagine I’m writing my sister or mom and telling them how simple it is to make your business grow.

Wishing you flowers today.

7. Enjoy
You guys might have noticed how much I love to play around with my readers. I enjoy writing. I write to share, to learn and to enrich the lives of the people around me.

8. Add extra value, then go the extra mile.

Using the principals explained by Napolean Hill, the more you give, the more you receive. It’s so easy to get great feedback ~ just give of yourself.

You are one person writing, right? Well, there are lots of people reading so the ratio is just immense. Give of yourself and you get back so much from some many people. I strive to constantly go the extra mile and provide excellent quality in all my endeavors.

9. Be inspiring.

You can be inspiring, funny wonderful, full of life. If you don’t believe in yourself, well then I do! You can do it.

We all have the ability to push ourselves to learn and make our lives better. You can do it. I believe in you.

10. Pay it forward.

Without my visitors, I’d just be here talking to my cat. She’s a good listener, however. To pay it forward it’s super simple. Just hit the tweet button if you have twitter, or share.

by Julie Angelos

How about you? What are your best strategies for increasing traffic and expanding your reach. Feel free to leave a comment.

I highly recommend you check out Kiva and loan a couple of bucks to people who are changing their lives. I’ve only done it a couple of times but I pray to continue doing so. It’s fun to check out their profiles. My lady sent me a regular return of pennies and it was heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.  Here’s your link. 

by Julie Angelos