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46 Ways to be a Better Person

Hello you.

Here’s a quick list that will get your started on having a nicer day now. Good luck and let me know how it goes.

1. Take a deep breath now, hold it as long as you can. Count to 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, release, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and now another.

2. OK, two more deep breaths. Relax.

3. Concentrate on this word <<oooaahhhhmmm>> and close your eyes and take another two deep breaths, in through your nose out through your mouth.

4. Meditate. Concentrate on your third eye and just be peaceful. You can stop reading this! It’s okay!

5. Slow down. Try moving slowly.

6. Start each day as Gandhi did: Be the change you want to see.

7. Look for ways to help others.

It almost always seems impossible until it's done. ♡

It almost always seems impossible until it’s done.x♡o

8. Treat yourself great.

9. Be your own friend.

10. Go to the mirror and make funny faces.

11. Make yourself and/or a friend a nice cup of tea or coffee.

12. Take a long walk without music or distractions.

13. Clean. Go left to right, it works.

14. Be young in your heart.

15. Hug a tree.

16. Jump on one leg. Now the other. Do this in your mind’s eye. Or for real.

17. Spin like a child with your eyes closed. Do this in your mind’s eye. Or for real.

18. Hug someone. Even yourself.

19. Next time you see someone on facebook that’s down, get involved. Try sending links, messages.  Or, how about a phone call?

20. Write something.

21. Be inspirational.

22. Forgive yourself.

23. Push yourself to be a little bit better.

24. Count to ten before reacting, or better yet, just let it slide.

25. Pet an animal.

26. Turn off the tv.

27. Sell something.

28. Give something away to charity.

29. Treat yourself to a something special.

30. Take a nice long relaxing bath or shower.

31. Bake.

32. Organize.

33. Make a list of three things you don’t want to do then do them.

34. Eat well. How’s a salad sound for your next meal? A big one!

35. Exercise.

36. Take a risk with love.

37. Write a message to someone wall saying thank you for being there.

38. Enjoy this moment.

39. Listening to affirmations.

40. Shine the light that God has given you.

41. Tell someone you love them.

42. No matter what your age, dream — even big if you’d like.

43. Remember a moment when you were blissful. Hold on to it.

44. Accept yourself for exactly who you are.

45. Send a REAL letter in the mail.

46. Give yourself a little break.

Thanks for reading and have a great day. I believe in you. I do.

In the comment section, I’d like to know what you can hear, smell and feel in this exact moment. What is around you? I can hear boys playing, the washing machine spinning and a distant car passing.

‘Let’s eat Grandma!’ or ‘Let’s eat, Grandma!’ Punctuation saves lives.

Hi guys and welcome back to my blog. Thanks for dropping in.

Do you often check your stats?

I was humbled when doing my internet research and came across blogs that have a reported reader base of 300,000. I was so excited about my first 1,800. I went into the kitchen and told my husband. He was lovely and supportive. He said Julie, give it a chance, you have only just started.

Time to reflect.

Time to reflect.

He’s absolutely right.

I am reminded to thank God for my many blessings.

I spend a lot of time figuring out the basics, how to choose a picture, how to get my categories and my archives visible.

There’s a lot of behind the scenes work going on that I don’t know if my reader is aware of.

Here’s a little appreciation going to the behind the scenes workers at this blog. Someone needs a little love and a hug today.

Some people added me to their lists of blogs they like to read — this brought new visitors. Thank you. It is a nice friendly surprise — sort of like a present you didn’t expect.

More Readers Comments.

Be young. Go ahead do something impossible. Could anything be more sweet?

Most comments are super supportive and positive. Thank you! A guy left a comment saying anyone anyone writes their biography in the third person is a dork.

I deleted it. I reserve that right for people I truly love like my sister, my husband and my best friend who call me Mutt, Monkey, Jules™, JulieBulie™ and JB™.

Each Word You Say Represents Who You Are

Often when my younger students use questionable language. I sometimes give them a tiny note, a wink and a smile.

You can do it!


They say, It’s not my fault!

I told my sweet and smart students I’m going to buy you a shirt and write It’s not my fault on it for the amount of times I’ve heard that.

I love that they have added me to their facebook accounts and include me in their lives. Hi guys! :)

They gave me a couple of toys to play with at school: a spinner top, a stand up figurine as big as my index finger and a poofy top pen.

Smiles. Silliness. Wonder.

Everything is going to be okay. Really!

Life is Participation.

I walked into class and some of my students noticed I got a new hair cut. They gave me compliments. I think were sincere. Although at the moment my hair is getting really long.

I’ve learned so many things from people and living lately. I would say the number one thing I have learned is how to be a nicer person.

I mean it. I surround myself by lovely people and I thank you for being here right now in this minute reading these words. Hi! Welcome.

I’m Still Smiling.

I received a ton of stuff from my loved ones. Thank you so much. They continue to spoil me. I don’t know what I have done to deserve such wonderful treatment but I try to be humble and thankful.

My kids got a lot of clothes, toys and candy. I get love.

We talk about health, not smoking and going the extra mile – and flossing, how knowledge will make you a better people. We talk about how making decisions now effect the rest of our lives.

Miro. Ha!

I feel privileged to be a writer and a teacher to talk to them and to you too. I’m also enjoying every beautiful minute of this glorious day.

Thank you.

I know I got through to my class because they got real quiet and started listening, eyes transfixed.

We talked about health we talked at length about existentialism, fatalism and Christianity and dreams. They get it. Kids are smart. They are our future.

As always, I hope this finds you well, happy, lucky and in love. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read and visit. Have a great day.

 by Julie Angelos

Be inspirational. Be inspired. Note to self: Try. And smile. Everything is going to be all right.


10 Insider Tips To Start Your Day Off Right

1) Put your best foot forward.

Regardless of how many mistakes you have made in the past today is a new day. Just by making a decision now, you can make your dreams come true by believing in yourself. Think of the adage of the train who said I think I can I think I can.

Before you know it you can overcome any obstacles.

2) Overcome obstacles.

It’s all about the way you view them. There is always a good side to every story. When a door closes a window opens. What could be good? Opportunity. The world is your oyster. There are infinite possibilities. Look at your obstacles as stepping stones to your future.

3) The world is your oyster.

God gave us this wonderful life so we could live it to it’s fullest. Now is your opportunity to live life to its fullest, love and learn.

4) Make attainable goals.


Out with the lists of stopping smoking, losing weight and getting rid of old habits. In with the lists of positive choices. Choose a healthy lifestyle that includes rest, relaxation, good food, exercise, abundance, lots of water and happiness. Make your goals to be state driven.

That means desiring what you have.

Set yourself up to play a winning game.

5) Have state driven goals.

It’s not the money that makes us happy, it’s what that money can buy. Let’s just jump over this hurdle and stop wanting more money. Start to have happiness in the terms of joy, love and peace of mind. You have all that you need in this moment.

6) Be the change you desire in the world.

Instead of complaining about what is wrong, start finding what is right and then start acting how you want to be. Decide to avoid any self negative talk. Your mind can hear you and it might just believe what it hears.

7) Model good behavior

So your not perfect, neither am I. But I do try. I set myself out to be the best I can be. At times I don’t know what good behavior is like so I find someone who I think is doing it right and I try to do it just like them.

*8) Be sensible my dear child

Get a good night’s sleep, drink lots of water, do some exercise, eat well and hug someone.

One thing I’ve learned is to moderate behavior. Make good choices because you think they are sensible, not based on desire. Be thankful for what you have and try to want less.

9) Go green.

Go green.

Start talking about recycling and then do it. Start dividing your trash into paper, plastics, glass and organic waste and then deposit them in the appropriate bins.

10) Laugh

Sometimes laughter is the best medicine. Dedicate some time of your day to things that make you happy, like love, family and friends.

Remember, live life with passion as if it were your last and first day. Live life as you were looking through the eyes of a child. All things are possible through God.

What do you think? What would be your insider tip to having a good life? I would love it if you left me your ideas in the comment section below. Thanks!

My list of 100.

Feb 10, 2013, September 8th, 2011, April 20th, 2011, reposting.

August 8th, 2010 Reposting my first blog entry. ~ J

This chick is so cool. She's thinking about you. ❀

I can see you. Just tell me everything is going to be okay. It will! ´¯`»¸¸.·☆

I’ll be perfectly honest, this is my first post and my first blog. I have been faithfully reading some excellent blog sites and came across a nice guy who recommended some list making to help with decisions. This is a challenge to help you get your thoughts straight. The way it works is this: you write a list called 100 things, then you write something that has been on your mind lately, that is a decision you have to make.

There are only two rules. First you must start and complete the list all with in one sitting. Next you must start all of your 100 entries with the number 100.

I’ll give you an example of one I just made. Good luck and have fun.

I called my list 100 reasons

    1. 100 new flowers
    2. 100 houses to see

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

  1. 100 reasons to be happy with what I have
  2. 100 ways to do more yoga
  3. 100 excuses on why I don’t feel like it
  4. 100 times I have cheated on my diet
  5. 100 ways to be positive
  6. 100 things to teach
  7. 100 ways to be silent
  8. 100 ways to be kind
  9. 100 ways to learn
  10. 100 kisses for my family
  11. 100 papers to correct
  12. 100 meetings to attend
  13. 100 breaths to take
  14. 100 comments to make
  15. 100 pages to read
  16. 100 pages to write
  17. 100 rooms to clean
  18. 100 roses to smell
  19. 100 ways to fix your house
  20. 100 ways to make yourself happier
  21. 100 ways to think happy thoughts
  22. 100 ways to build your character
  23. 100 ways to avoid actual work
  24. 100 smiles
  25. 100 gifts to myself
  26. 100 things to throw away
  27. 100 friends I want to see
  28. 100 friends I want to hug
  29. 100 friends I’ve left behind
  30. 100 friends I have in my heart
  31. 100 days I’ve spent alone
  32. 100 times I’ve said I’m sorry
  33. 100 times someone has hurt me
  34. 100 times I’ve become a better person
  35. 100 calls to my mom and dad
  36. 100 thoughts about my sister
  37. 100 wishes for my brother
  38. 100 hearts filled with love
  39. 100 days of gratitude
  40. 100 days of eating well
  41. 100 days of running strong
  42. 100 positive thoughts
  43. 100 friends on facebook
  44. 100 places to go
  45. 100 silent moments
  46. 100 flowers to paint
  47. 100 possibilities
  48. 100 jobs I don’t want
  49. 100 jobs I do want
  50. 100 ways to be peaceful
  51. 100 times I’ve kissed my husband
  52. 100 times I’ve hugged someone
  53. 100 things to put away
  54. 100 trips back and forth
  55. 100 times happier
  56. 100 times believing in myself
  57. 100 times I do it alone
  58. 100 times I know I have help
  59. 100 times I don’t ask for help
  60. 100 times I cried myself to bed
  61. 100 places I want to go
  62. 100 smiles in 100 days
  63. 100 smiles in 100 ways
  64. 100 cities in the world
  65. 100 miles in a day
  66. 100 pictures that I cherish
  67. 100 what am I doing here now self doubts?
  68. 100 deep deep breaths
  69. 100 rants
  70. 100 things that make me laugh
  71. 100 perfumes to make me happy
  72. 100 deep tissue massages
  73. 100 feet massages
  74. 100 times I’d listen again
  75. 100 times I wish I had learned the first time around
  76. 100 things I want to accept
  77. 100 years is all I have
  78. 100 soft things like jelly, silk and cashmere.
  79. 100 dinner parties
  80. 100 things that I regret
  81. 100 things I think I deserve
  82. 100 things for which I am truly grateful
  83. 100 phone calls to make
  84. 100 worries I shouldn’t have
  85. 100 times I’ve told myself
  86. 100 times I’ve felt alone
  87. 100 times I’ve felt complete
  88. 100 toys to put away
  89. 100 investments I should have made
  90. 100 investments still to make
  91. 100 best cities to visit
  92. 100 best places to eat
  93. 100 illuminations
  94. 100 good things I’ve learned
  95. 100 things I want my children to know
  96. 100 ways to say yes to life
  97. 100 ways to share

100 miracles I see now.

Meeting Intelligent People

Cappuccino? Yes, please!

I had a long talk with a friend of mine, Sofia. When I mean long, I mean about two hours over lunch. She inspired me unbelievably. We talked about politics, classes, teachers, we even joked. We talked about art and music. We helped each other out.

Here’s the catch. This girl was nine. That’s why I love youth. That’s why I believe in our future.

I mean it. I was stunned. I showed her one of my paintings on my cell phone and she said it rivaled Van Gogh. She says to me, you know, I like it because it isn’t all perfect and straight.

To make this world a better place.

To make this world a better place.

I asked her what her plans for life are. She has it pretty much figured out. First plan was to marry Justin Bieber. If that fails, she’s marrying rich. If that fails she says she’s going into politics.

I ask her why? She says because she wants to make the world a better place.


Makes my overwhelmed state of life seem so silly. Why do grown ups mess everything up? We talked so long about education and the importance of learning. I taught her how to do her multiples of nine on her hands. I taught her what Chinese Math is by singing and learning by singing. I taught her how to count her seasons on her knuckles.

I admire her.

And she me, I believe. It’s friendship.

I notice how people’s friends all sort of look alike. I mean, my best girlfriends and I are almost equal in height, coloring, etc. Same with my husband’s, sister’s, children’s, etc.

What I think is special is when you cross those boundries and the old man and the
young child hold hands. How black meets white. How a homeless can talk with a rich person and share their experiences hoping to make this world a better place.

I’m praying for you. I am. ♡

I know I’m a dreamer. Aren’t we all to some extent? I just wish life were more simple. Too many problems to begin listing them. I am just thankful I have an outlet through writing, through walking, through painting, through participating, through helping and through friendships.

In the meantime, as always I hope post finds you lovely, lucky and in love.


Light thoughts lift spirits.

I’d rather have a few good friends than a thousand acquaintances.

♥ If at first you don’t succeed stand close to someone who can take the blame. ♥

Put your best foot forward, that’s all anyone can ask.

Let’s eat Grandma! or Let’s eat, Grandma!

Punctuation saves lives.

иυιια ѕι ¢яєα ~ иυιια ѕι ∂ιѕтяυGGє

What’s your favorite quote?

Aces trump kings.

If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.

♫❀ It’s summer and it’s beautiful. ✩

It’s all just an illusion. Nothing is as it seems.

The sun is so bright and beautiful today.

I’m sorry if I’ve caused you pain.

Always be a little bit nicer than you think you should be, you never know what personal struggles someone is going through.

But I don’t want to go among mad people, remarked Alice. Oh, you can’t help that, said the cat. We are all mad here. 

I believe in you.

Marriage is a journey ~ I wish you bon voyage.

If you need to get something done just take the first step and like a pendulum the rest will follow suit.

I love to read. The answer is not in books.

We all like to get reminded how wonderful we are. Everyone can use a bit of encouragement.

Forgive yourself if you have harmed someone. Let them know you are sorry then move forward.

Change is so easy. All it is is a decision. How cool is that?

Have a great day. Smile.

Thanks for stopping by. :)


What’s your favorite quote? Leave it in the comment section below. Thanks. :)

whoosh and it’s all new, she said.

Thank you dear Lou for the image.

♥ sweet read?, short story єzmє ♥ by J.D. Salinger

Woke up this morning a new fresh person. Today is a new day. It’s a calm day. I’m not the same person I was yesterday and nothing is quite as it seems. Isn’t it all an illusion, anyway?

Got the fresh American coffee in my Italian garden while kids are busy running back and forth inventing new imaginative games. It’s lovely.

Picture deep green garden, flowers on the well, fluffy white clouds in a fresh blue sky.

I walk around the lawn barefoot. It’s a dream come true to me actually. I remember years back when house shopping I told my husband I wanted a garden with a kids’ pool and he laughed. How we laugh now.

We get a lot of compliments on our garden because it’s a group project although the lines aren’t always severe.

More or less, I’m in charge of flowers and the lawn and my husband handles the vegetables and the trees.

The plants are showing signs or regrowth. Isn’t God amazing. I like to say some things just grow out of nothing ~ like friendships, children, diamonds, songs, and ideas. Or? What about you?

I’ve also got the dark violet berries nearly dripping off the vines. Unbelievable to pop into your mouths. Move over vitamins in jars, you’ve been replaced. The kids ask ‘Can we pick some tomatoes?’, ‘Oh, yes, please do.’, I smile.

What do you think about me going out and collecting some of these berries and figuring out how to make jam out of them? I can ask my neighbor who I adore.

You guys who follow my blog know that after dinner at sunset I like to go for a nice country walk. Well, I’ve met a farmer who one day asked me if I liked onions. Now every time I come home, I have bags of fresh produce. Magic.

Thank you so much dear Lou.

♥ think simply ♥ now

I’m not a HUGE peach fan so I don’t know what to do with the couple dozen peaches in my fridge. Any ideas? I’m on a permanent diet so nothing with sugar, please. Honey, yes, I’d be happy to hear of a honey peach cobbler type of pie.

Just remember, I’m in Italy, so I have no pre prepared pie crusts at the market. Also I’m not so handy with messes or dough, so make it simple.

Hope this post finds you lovely, happy, blessed and appreciative of God’s many blessings. You’ve all been just a wonderful audience to write to. I’m starting to get a huge crush on you and I don’t know where to put it.

For the time being, I’ll be out in the garden watching da boyz play on this glorious day.