It is all new

Woke up this morning a new fresh person. Today is a new day. It’s a calm day. I’m not the same person I was yesterday and nothing is quite as it seems. It is all an illusion anyway.

Thank you dear Lou for the image.
♥ sweet read?, short story єzmє ♥ by J.D. Salinger

Woke up this morning a new fresh person. Today is a new day. It’s a calm day. I’m not the same person I was yesterday and nothing is quite as it seems. It is all an illusion anyway.

Miracle: Make something out of nothing. Like a blog post!

Miracle: Faith! It is all good.

I got the fresh cup of blog copy brewed and my garden has rain while family and friends are busy running back and forth inventing new imaginative games.

It’s lovely.

Picture deep green garden, flowers on the well, fluffy white clouds in a fresh blue sky. White butterfly. It is 11:11a for all you kind numerologists folk reading.

I sit and look out the window, look at the keys, hear my key strokes tapping. It’s a dream come true to me actually. I remember years back when looking for a place to live, baby in the tummy, and I told my husband I wanted a garden with a kids’ pool and he laughed. How we laugh now.

We get a lot of compliments on our garden because it is a group project although the lines are not always clean cut.

The plants are showing signs or regrowth.  God is amazing. Colors are various shades of greens, browns and burnt rust. The trees that shall be here long after us.

I like to say some things just grow out of nothing — like friendships, children, diamonds, songs, and ideas. Or? What about you?

I’ve also got the dark violet berries nearly dripping off the vines. Unbelievably delish to pop into your mouths. Move over vitamins in jars, you’ve been replaced. The kids ask Can we pick the tomatoes?, Oh, yes, by all means.

What do you think about me going out and collecting some of these berries and figuring out how to make jam out of them? I can ask my neighbor who I adore, shout her out a prayer she isn’t feeling so good these days. She is well taken after!

You kind folk who follow my blog know that after dinner at sunset I like to go for a nice country walk. Magic.

Thank you so much dear Lou.
♥ think simply ♥ now

I am not a HUGE peach fan so I don’t know what to do with the couple dozen peaches in my fridge. Any ideas? Being on a permanent diet so nothing with sugar, please. Did you know that you can put peaches in the freezer?

Honey, yes, I would be happy to have a slice of a honey peach cobbler pie, thank you!

It is all good, just remember that. It is all here for you to enjoy so make sure you enjoy the journey. You can do this by dedicating a bit of time every day to things that make you happy, whether it is writing, singing, walking or playing an instrument. The list is endless. You are a creative person!

It makes me laugh when I say to people of course you can draw and write and share! They seem to forget we all have that ability, but of course, you can pick up the pencil and start fresh.

As with all things, writing, playing basketball, whatever it is, it is a skill and each skill can be mastered through repetition.

You’ve all been just a wonderful audience to talk with.

For the time being, I’ll be out in the garden watching the boys play on this glorious day.


6 Simple Rules to live by: Be happy, be nice, be a leader, be organized, be a lifelong learner and be healthy.

6 Simple Rules to live by: Be happy, be nice, be a leader, be organized, be a lifelong learner and be healthy.
6 Simple Rules to live by: Be happy, be nice, be a leader, be organized, be a lifelong learner and be healthy.

Hi friends. Welcome back. New visitors welcome.

6 Simple Rules to live by: Be happy, be nice, be a leader, be organized, be a lifelong learner and be healthy.

I started out the new day with gusto thankful that I have been able to laugh.

It’s a nice thing.

I like to making changes slowly, one step and a time, then implementing them into my life—much like getting into a swimming pool. I’ve always liked to take my time.

For some reason, I feel full of hope, full of possibility. Life is good.

I thinking writing down goals in specific terms is important. I know that when I have a list in front of me I tend to get it done. That does not exclude the fact that I at time goes for long periods of time without lists and still life goes on, doesn’t it?

For the sake of adventure, I’m going to attempt to make sense out of my goals and write them down. Here they are in specific terms.

My goals are to

1. Obtain a healthy balance of body, mind and spirit.

2. Continue with my walks. Do yoga, stretching and bike rides on a regular basis.  I love how walking clears my head. The most difficult part is just getting out the door, but I’ve noticed how simple life is on a bike. There are no keys and no cell. You just get the bike and ride.

3. Spirit. I belive in the power of prayer. I’ve also been doing some really nice healing meditaitons I found online. I love the way it calms me. I usually google Guided Healing Meditations.

4. Mind. The only way I know how to keep my mind healthy is to focus. I focus by pushing my limits. I love a clean house and that keeps me busy going room to room.

I’m also working hard on my house. I’ve made a list of things I need to accomplish around here, being a strong animated restructured house and all, and I’m just tackling it. We’ve been here now for quite some time so most of the hard work is out of the way.

Still, I enjoy keeping it in order and that takes time and dedication.

Well, as always I thank you for visiting. I pray this post finds you lovely, lucky and in love.




I don’t know about you but I don’t take criticism too well.

People who read this — God bless you — know that I had to overcome a lot of fears to set up this blog. Would you like to know why?

Because writing for the public is similar to public speaking. You talk to people and they can smile, judge, laugh, agree or disagree. Sometimes they throw tomatoes right at the computer screen. I don’t suggest it.

Ready. Thx JC for pic.

People who read this — God bless you — know that I had to overcome a lot of fears to set up this blog. Would you like to know why?

Because writing for the public is similar to public speaking. You talk to people and they can smile, judge, laugh, agree or disagree. Sometimes they throw tomatoes right at the computer screen. I don’t suggest it.

I like to emphasize the learning by doing aspect. For example, if any of you have ever travelled, I bet that what you saw first hand is different than what you read in books.

Believe in yourself. I do.
Believe in yourself. I do, believe in you.

It’s like a thousand reflections in a mirror. Until you go and experience something first hand, they are all just stories on a page.

Writing a blog is an ongoing learning experience. Please don’t think I know what I’m doing. I’m rather new to this @$#% blgng bznss.

It was the exact same feeling when I first showed my art work. Sure, some people have no problems writing and talking and showing off their work.

I do. That is exactly why I feel like this blog is growing steadily. It’s because I’m so darn afraid of failing, I’m putting every ounce of myself into making it succeed, doing the best I can do with the knowledge and awareness I have.

I am willing to take a risk and show you my work. Put down that tomato. If you want to succeed in today’s market, I believe you must be willing to talk about your work.

It is not the critic who counts — not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.

The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena whose face is marred by dust and sweat and bloody. 

Teddy Roosevelt

I don’t see what is wrong with blogging. Like I told my blogger friend, it’s fat free, unless, of course, you are eating a lot of food while writing.

I also love reading and studying and learning from other people. That’s why I spend a lot of time on other people’s blogs to see how they approach the same question as mine.

How do you, as a blogger or website owner, reach an audience, connect with them, share information, and grow as an individual?

I’m willing to try. I’m willing to learn.

Just to let you know, my sister has approved me to accept donations on her behalf for you night events. This is the link. 


Sizzling Pretty

Seeing Pink EverywhereThere are few things I love more than the seasons that take me into the next month and today is one of them.

Based on scientific evidence also known as my opinion, 😉 seven out of ten people would like to write a book or start a blog without any knowledge of how to go about it.

I wanted to give away as much as I possibly can free for you nice people who continue to click on my blog day after day year after year.

So much is new these days. If you are reading this in your inbox, did you know that you can simply click on the REPLY button and I will receive your letter?

As I have said many times, I love the long letters. I especially adore the long letters when my readers open up to me because they know, like and trust me.

They have sent me videos, music, gifts, pictures of their lives, pictures of their families, you name it. They call me on the phone and we talk.

I get asked two questions most often so I am going to attempt to answer them here now. The first is if I make money blogging and the answer is yes. I will also show you how and why.

The second question I often get asked is how I ended up where I am and the answer is in these pages.

The third question I usually get asked is usually regarding events, times and places since I am known to organize them, also a habit that dates back to my sophomore year in high school. I organize summer camps, high school reunions, meetings, dances, parties, online events. At the moment some silly kiddos from high school are talking about an alumni ballgame. Also we have meetings in North Carolina on November 3rd. The launch event for Portugal is in Lisbon on November 16th and the 17th in Porto.

How I am making money passively blogging

I have got my blog divided into passive income sources and active income sources. What you do is click on the menu or menu bar and many of the items earn me passive income. I will give you an example, I uploaded my art to a website and I get a cut everyone buys my art printed on everyday items.

I don’t use funnels on my email marketing. I generally email one to one. I have an email sign up here but I don’t agree with politics where spammers write LAST CHANCE emails when everyone knows it isn’t really the last chance.

Also, my friends and clients ask me for help with all sorts of marketing tasks, like managing social media, or creating a website for them—so that is another way I earn $s.

Things I have tried and have sometimes worked for me include being a brand ambassador for big companies. It depends on the company. Brand ambassador is a label that marketers use to describe someone who gets a commission or cut of sales when people buy from them.

My highest ranked cash day was a sale I made through a link and even higher was an opportunity that passed my desk — sure didn’t see that one coming.

I got on board with that one because I love to number crunch.

Things I think you should know that were announced today.

  1. If you are not expanding you are shrinking.
  2. You can raise your vibe through meditation, yoga, movement, dance and studying.
  3. I have been blessed with a work from home business and I also like to meet people in person.
  4. I offer a monthly promotion. My email subscribers get it mailed to them.

Baseball News

As you know I follow baseball and have been doing so for many years now. We organize our events for baseball on this link here called

It is a good idea to keep your eye on that page for news and events.

Clients and friends always ask where they can pay me so I have my link where I accept all types of payments

You can check out my gift guide too if you would like.

Shout out to my Real Life Sister, Love you sister! 

All my best,


Four things you can do today to brighten your surroundings.

Hello friend and welcome back for another fresh cup of blog copy.

Julie here, the writer writing to you from her sofa. As I read about the new features and benefits of blogging here I like some and don’t like some other ones.

Do you know what I am talking about? Do you know how you like the things the way they are, have everything figured out, oh, the publish button is bottom left in green and then the next day it is top right in blue?

Drives me nuts but if that is my biggest worry than I truly am blessed.

Not too much to worry about here.

I find the online space is getting quite crowded with so many kids and adults now bumping into telephone poles as they walk. I saw an entire group of kids on their phones at the basketball court before I went back to watching my video.

What a sad sad day that was! Not all time is spent online though! A lot of it is spent in wait for it? Real life!

Real life though includes dishes, floors, windows, bills and washing clothes, so much would rather watch a video when I relax. So much to learn.

I always wonder what will be next? My theory is that there will be individual flying machines and also, quite certain there will be tela transportation! Why not with all the new things people are inventing.

I could have never imagined being back in touch with people I haven’t seen or heard of for over thirty years! I like it for the most part. I also like making new friends and watching the numbers of my reach. The internet game is certainly interesting. I heard it was called SOCIAL MARKETING.


Luckily, the phone rang and it was my student from years back calling me back into the classroom. She had heard they were looking for a teacher and thought of me. Then I get to the to school and another teacher tells me there is another job at another school too that I got. The hardest part, at least for me, is getting back to work after raising kids and while raising kids. I find I truly need to find a work – life balance and that is not always easy.

I wanted to update you on what is going on:

everyone here is well

i started selling make up from my phone and that took off like a missile

i got a little bit of confidence back

i stopped being such a perfectionest

i travelled quite a bit and will continue to do so

our baseball team is stellar and i mean stellar

I couldn’t love that sport more and yes, baseball has been very very good to me.

Family is well and quite certainly my rock

house is freezing and warm at the same time. have a fire yet this old house is breezy.

i still read the same blogs I used to read when i started, years ago, like Ducks, Kate, 13th C/Bea and Loo and her Boos. I love to support writers.

As for my sister’s initiative we are all about empowering people, not only women.

Our key words this year are uplift, empower and validate. Validate meaning we have a job for you if you don’t have one that we know you will love.

One of my friends from HS writes me and asks how she can help. She is laugh. So many of my friends ended up on disability! It is a double edged sword in that they probably are earning more than I as a teacher.

I was thinking long and hard about the Devos appointment. I just need to get this off of my chest. I am writing from the perspective of an actual teacher who has spent over 25 years sitting next to and infront of kids in a classroom, with a pencil and an eraser, trying to be as nice as I possibly can and supportive too.

Once I had this class, it was the oddest class. There were 20 kids from 20 different countries. They spoke different languages, a lot of them were refugees from war torn countries, some of them did not use a Roman calendar meaning they didn’t use 1980, 1981 or January February. Some of them wrote from right to left, some of them used completely different alphabets, some of them would write my name for me using their childhood memories tweaking their faces remembering what they knew in their beautiful languages.

This class was a turmoil to manage. The hardest part was that there were so many problem kids in there that all of the teachers were called into meetings in the afternoons. Meetings were unpaid and considered part of the contracts.

The thing is, when you appoint someone like Devos into a life long position, someone who has not been in the trenches, me, as a itty bitty person, sitting next to the kid, with the eraser, just thinks to herself, self, this lady has just used her social status to buy herself a job for the rest of her life and meanwhile I sit here like a chump after school in meetings!

Such is life!

I got into the same discussion with a fb friend who thought she was an appropriate person for the job and it got to an almost unfriending position! LOL

We managaged to be civil though without any name calling.

On another note,

there was something else I wanted to mention.

Travel has been big for me these last years. I remember being single and travelling and my friend M said to me you are so lucky you travel so much and I thought yes but had I a family I would be so lucky to stay put!

Now years and wisdom start to set in and you realize to be happy no matter what your position, if that makes sense.

Also, developing good habits and sticking to them is a good idea. Everyone talks about being consistant! Ha! That makes me laugh. Once I get an idea in my head it is impossible for me to be anything but! I will give you an example, it is the way I clean. I have said it before and shall say it again, I go left to right. It works!

Every day for over 30 years! I am happy with the result.

What about you? Have you established good habits in your life? Have you got systems into place that help you accomplish your goals?

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Alice in Paris is a delish show on #Tastemade.

If you haven’t watched Alice in Paris on Tastemade’s YouTube channel, then you should, it is delicious.

Alyssa, the star of Alice in Paris
Sweet Alysse, the star of Alice in Paris, a show on the YouTube channel called Tastemade.
I met Alysse, the shooting and sweet star, last month through a mutual friend…

If you haven’t watched Alice in Paris on Tastemade’s YouTube channel, then you should, it is delicious.

Check out beautiful Alyssa, the star of Alice in Paris
Meet Sweet Alysse, the star of Alice in Paris, a show on the YouTube channel called Tastemade.

I met Alysse, the shooting and sweet star, last month through a mutual friend and she was gracious enough to grant me an interview.

We met on Skype and clicked immediately. You can see the full interview at the bottom of the page.

Julie (me): Thank you so much Alysse for meeting up with me today.

Can you tell me about your series? We absolutely love it. How did you start. Did you say you won a competition?

Alysse: Yes. We won a contest yet it had nothing to do with Tastemade.

We started doing the series in January. We used that little first episode for a contest to serve as a pilot episode for the rest of the series.

I think it it was three pilots for Tastemade and then we had a 25 episode series order.

Julie: Wow! So your first order was 25 series?

Alysse: Yes!

lovelaughsmileAlice in Paris is made with another guy, his name is Thebaud.

Thebaud Paul Martin

It is just, Alysse tells me, the two of them who have co-created, co-written and produced the series.

She says, He is a genius at the camera and directing. He does the editing, the designing, the color. We write together and we discuss the places we want to shoot, then we work on the episode.

They took two weeks off in July before shooting. She says, We didn’t want to do anything.

Then they got to work.

Now he works on his stuff and I am back to school for one year. I am working on a TV programme called C’erait della :::(chance?)  a then we got our series order for the second season.

Julie: It is really taking off! I see your audience loves you.

Alysse: Yes, really. They are so nice. She offers a smile.

Julie: I think what you give them, is like, you give them a very small bite.

It’s a taste.

That’s what I love about it. It is like you are having a taste of you and Paris.

One of my favorite episodes is the chocolate one you cut right in half of what is maybe a beignet? It was amazing inside, a chocolate. I will find a picture.

What would you say is your favorite episode?

Alysse: My favorite episode is La Prendre du Grande, which is the episode where I run to get the train.

I am wearing a marine sweater, I love this episode, we made that, was episode 7.

The five first episodes were just chaos! We were running around and we didn’t understand what we were doing.

We had thee weeks late, where we were shooting and everything was chaos.

Then, there was this first episode was the first time I felt a sense of, ok, I know what we are doing, we are going to do this, to go through our 25 episodes.


That episode, everything clicked. We were on schedule.

The production was good. It is full of humor at the same time.

Also, I loved the episode with my little neice where I put the little candies — because she was so nice and so good at it.

She was very sweet.

Julie: I loved the one episode with your friend on a rainy day where you both try to cheer each other up.

Do you know what I love about it? That it is just a minute and a half.

In a minute and a half you can convince anyone to watch it.

Just give me one minute.

Alysse: That is it! Great, just great.

In June in Paris, there were the floods in Paris and the Seine river went up so high.

We had planned on shooting the sunny, warm, summer episode written upon the premise of sun in June in Paris.

We had to cancel three episodes!

Instead we had two weeks of pouring rain.

Everything had to be cancelled.

Thebaud and I decided to rewrite everything and capture the real atmosphere of rainy Paris.

Then, the day they shoot, the sun decides to come out again. 🙂

Luckily we had one final aggressive rain pour down.

We filmed that one so we chased it and caught it on film. That was one of the most difficult episodes to shoot to get the rain and the shot under the rain.

Julie: How is the weather today?

Alysse: Beautiful!

We thank each other for sharing our information and sharing the love as two lights passing in the day.


En plus.

  • Alysse is the star + one of the two location finders, co creator and a also a student.
  • They started filming the series in July.
  • Her audience absolutely adores her because she gives them a taste of Paris which is part of her goal.
  • Their team has been green lit to film another 25 episodes starting in early next year and we cannot wait.