Just discovered new blog talent From Africa with Love

Another short post from me. What?! Are you kidding?

β™₯ Tana & Zamba β™₯

No, I’m not. πŸ™‚ After reading my dowloadable ebook Zero to Blog available for only $14.97$13.99 my friend from California, Tana set up her blog and thanked me so graciously.

You will LOVE her stories about living in the bush.

β™₯ Organizes Safaris
β™₯ Has tons and tons of crazy animal and family stories.
β™₯ Grew up between California movie business wrestling an alligator on TV and Africa.
β™₯ Has a picture of her hugging her lion Zamba, and more if your her friend for life like me. πŸ™‚
β™₯ Is sharing and monetizing her blog, just like you can.
β™₯ Has worked with charitable organizations to produce water, like she’s a goddess.
β™₯ Is just darn cool and funny too.
Go visit Tana.

Just a quick shout out to facebook saying thanks for reconnecting old friends. How wonderful is life?

8 thoughts on “Just discovered new blog talent From Africa with Love

  1. Not only does FB get a shoutout, so does blogging. I am amazed at the people I “meet” through blogging. Now I keep in touch with people all over the world. Can’t wait to “meet” Tana.

  2. I’m definitely going to check out Tana’s website. I’m already intrigued. Do you know the male lion is one of my most favorite wild animals. I’m enthralled by them.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Dear Jules, wow I am out there now! lol… and dear boredcook, Male lions are the most amazing friends to have (that is born and bread in captivity) good choice. Lots of love and here we go Jules, what have I gotten myself in to ha ha.. Love you darling! and yes, I still need your help! πŸ˜‰ xxx

  4. 60 people viewed me! OMGosh.. Oh My, how did people know about me, when I haven’t even told anyone? LOL… Now what Jules HAHA.. what next? you are driving this adventure, guide away! xxx

    1. Tana, are you the same Tana as in Ralph Helfer’s daughter Tana?

      Ralph Helfer is my hero and I have vowed that I will save up enough money to go to Africa to meet him.

      Modoc and Zamba are in my dreams every night. I love them as if I knew them.

      I can’t tell you what an honor it is to be writing this to you right now.

      Everyone should read the books Modoc, the greatest elephant that ever lived and Zamba, the greatest lion that ever lived. The will inspire you!

      LOVE your Avatar of you and Zamba. I had a cat that I named Zamba!

  5. Now dear Tana, the fun begins. All you have to do is be a gracious hostess and welcome and thank your visitors. It’s not difficult. I thought people would leave mean comments but they don’t. Bored cook above was one of my very first fans! We started together and linked each other immediately. Have fun dear girl.

  6. Hello Beautiful Jules, I want you to know I have found the SUPPORT page! lol.. how slow am I. Oh, by the way when I say my steamer is off, that means my electricity LOL… I am so thankful for you and I love your BLOG, am emailing family and friends to share, again! as I see you have to give polite reminders to people to go back and visit updates. You are amazing! Thank you for sharing me with your friends and family on your Blog. xxx

  7. Ciao Bella Dear Julie, what a delightful experience for Tana and her most rambunctious friend out in the wild on Christmas Day in Africa!! A far cry from life in Southern California taken to the REAL DESERT!

    I had an uncle who safaried in Africa and loved being there and would come for a brief visit and a quick story that I was too young to keep up with, but I loved his flashing eyes and animated arms as he described his escapades amongst the bush life. He would hand me a few pieces of change and off he’d go~I had regaled him with a story of my parents leaving my older brother and I to sit and wait outside a casino in Las Vegas and passersby would drop a silver dollar in our hands!!

    Poor guy didn’t have any silver dollars with him but he made it look like he was handing over his found treasure for me to keep for him until next time he came around!!

    More adventure please!!

    PS I’ll thank you kindly for your friendship and treasure it always! (SMILES) xoxo

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