1st Pitch of the Season — Root, root, root for the home team.

♥ Hi guys, welcome back. New readers welcome.♥

I just got finished uploading the pictures from yesterday’s game on facebook. I’ll try to get some up here too, but you know what? It takes longer, I have to upload them one at a time. So I invite you to pop over there and check them out.

The game went great. We all had a fun time. Frankly speaking I’m happy it’s over because it took a lot of planning. I know it seems like something simple, but it wasn’t. We had to coordinate everything from seats, to hot dogs, to popcorn, to clothes, to lights, to electricity, to having a fridge, to raking out the earth and cutting the grass.

We had to buy benches, paint others, you name it.

Coaches of Excellence.

♥Love our team.

Everyone came and had a good time. Not too much to report, actually. We won. We played against a neighboring team, final score 19-18.

Just wanted to say a special thanks for all of the parents, friends and many sponsors who came together to make this event possible. After the game, we had a bbq, danced to great music and had a laugh.:)

Our mayor came too so that was cool. Thanks for coming and showing support for our youth and sports.

Thanks for reading, guys. Have a nice day. You’re invited to our next game.

Remember, sometimes, the simplest things in life are the most rewarding.


4 thoughts on “1st Pitch of the Season — Root, root, root for the home team.

  1. Tess The Bold Life says:

    Hi Julie,
    Oh how I remember those days, the work and the fun. Yes I would agree the smallest things can be the most rewarding and joyful. Go team!

    • Julie ~ jbulie's blog says:

      Hey Tess,

      Thanks for the visit. Love your blog, it’s so positive and sweet. At the game, each run was truly earned just as in life. Sometimes I question if all of my hard work pays off and why I push myself so hard to achieve. Watching the kids run back, gather around me and disperse was like being in the midst of butterflies. I wish I could capture their youth with words, I can’t but I try.


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