Reporting Live — Rested from our Seaside Vacation

Hi guys, welcome back. New visitors, welcome.

✩ ♥ ❀ be a better person ✩

I just now am relaxing down to write about my latest vacation days at the beach with my family, old and new friends. We spent twelve total days at the coast.

Also, we had four visitors come by to keep me and da boyz company that included two great friends and my husband and mother in law when they weren’t working.

How do you feel about camping? Do you like to have your vacation in a five star hotel, at the lake waterskiing, or do you prefer camping? I think camping for kids is a great experience. As adults, I think we get used to our comforts.

Since I walked into my home only three hours ago, I have what I call fresh eyes on the entire vacation. Even though we had a fantastic time, this is one of those vacations when you kiss the floor when you walk into your house.

all work and no play makes jb a dull boy ✿ ♫

I joked a couple of weeks ago because I said I won’t be too sad about not going to California this summer because I’m consoling myself going to the Italian Riviera. I got a couple of laughs out of that. Now I’m going to give you the entire story, the good, the bad, the heat.

The good.

I finished two books. Yay! I love to read. I finished The Power of Now by Eckhart Toole and The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Both were excellent. I came home to some great news.

For one my friend has dedicated an article to me and that is so sweet. Another friend of mine, Liz, bless her heart, sent me the film Julie & Julia because she knows I don’t get to see films here for months after they come out. Another sweet heart sent me a video.

Next time, when I go on vacation, hopefully I won’t have to be without internet for five days. I didn’t bring my camera, because quite frankly I had enough on my mind caring for two rather small kids.

Okay. The trip.

We went to the beach is found straight east of here. You can drive it in about an hour. We stayed at my mother in law’s camp ground that is private. BUT there is NO running water in the camper, or better yet, no drainage. Well, there is running water, but I didn’t use it because I didn’t want to empty the containers by hauling waste. Yikes!

The GREAT parts.

I like to think of six impossible things before breakfast. ✿ ♫
I like to think of six impossible things before breakfast. ✿ ♫

We were walking distance to the beach that took no more than five minutes. We reserved umbrella set up with two chaise lounges available for the summer season.

Who is coming to keep me company?

The nonna is working so she has left the camp site to our complete disposition. That is so overwhelmingly nice of her.

Here, the kids have entertainment in the evenings. The way it works is that you can leave your kids with counselors at the camp ground park 10a to noon and four to six. I never did though, except yesterday when my kids did some coloring.

In the evening around 9p there is music and dancing. The kids love this because they are free to roam around the camp ground. Literally, I think there were about fifty kids running around playing hide and seek. They found some cats. They exchanged t shirts. They made friends. They played endlessly.

The WORST part.

There was no running water. Or, as I said, I didn’t use the running water in the camper. That meant to brush our teeth we had to walk about three minutes down the gravel path to a common bathroom. Sure, it was super clean and organized but I just hated having people look at me while I brushed my teeth. I ended up brushing in the camper. Ugh.

It wasn’t so easy to get my kids to brush either.


The Adriatic sea water was clean, salty ~ the air good for you. The kids got a little inflatable boat and spent hours upon hours playing in the light waves while I read.


There was too much sun and I don’t like being tan. I seriously don’t like being out in the sun too long. I stayed in the shade as much as possible worrying about my kids getting too much sun.


Watching my boys being brothers. I cannot stress how happy that makes my mother’s heart. My little guys were playing billiards together, helping each other. Every time I look, they are together. We all spent HOURS on bikes. That was super cool because there was a shady bike path.


A nice vacation on the coast? Well, why not. I liked it. I just have certain things I cannot live without, like internet, like my washer dryer, like running water, like a cool place to hang my hat.

Next time

Time share of course. We still have two or three more weeks of vacation coming up and love my honey, we get four and five star treatment from here on in. Yay. We plan on going to the mountains to cool off and to the country that is just striking.


One thought on “Reporting Live — Rested from our Seaside Vacation

  1. Ciao Julie, Julie’s “honey”, and those two darling little boys with mischief in their eyes!! Little scamps!
    I love camping! Give me a campsite close to the shower/potty, an air mattress and lots of good food to cook on the open fire!! Oh, did I mention to bring the “gas grill” too?

    All kidding aside, I cherish the memories of inflating the queen sized air mattresses for the five youngest kiddies, 4 boys and 1 “just as mischievious girl” and assigning their prospective spots in order from youngest to oldest.

    Fire wood and marshmallows were a must to bring for the evening story telling around the campfire and how sweet to see the smiles in their eyes as they were the best gift in the forest to behold!

    Sometimes I would bake cookies, individual quiche, and fruit muffins to snack on in between trail hiking or frisbee throwing, or for feeding a tiny chipmunk that they chased into a paper grocery bag! Still have a picture of that little guy in that bag somewhere.

    Most camping trips included all the necessities for setting up camp except the time at Mendocino in California when we unpacked the truck and went to set up the big tent when we found we indeed had the tent “box” but NO TENT, only the POLES! We laughed and couldn’t believe it wasn’t inside the box.

    Everyone opted for staying and not packing everything back up and returning on the long trip home which was about a 5 hours drive, so we decided to sleep in the bed of the Ford F-150 pickup truck! What a fun adventure being all snug in our sleeping bags under the ghostly pine tree, star studded night sky!

    It was a wonderful 5 night stay and not one complaint about our sleeping accomodations or sitting at our picnic table shivering, huddled together eating dinner our last night.

    Next time we made sure we had the “tent” in tow and enjoyed another 5-6 days camping in our favorite coastal town, chasing tiny crabs along the rocks, visiting the mercantile where I found my magical ALLADIN(S) OIL LAMP and searching through the various novelty/book/antique stores along the main street.

    Tent or no tent, I’d do it all over again, and we did!!

    Thanks for sharing your story Julie as I have not yet had the pleasure of camping in Italy but one day I hope to, I really, really hope to!

    Isn’t it time for a mochaccino about now?

    God Bless You~
    Sincerely Yours, Debra

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