Children’s laughter ☆ shooting stars ☆ fresh sheets ☆ the smell of cut grass ☆

Writer’s block. Writer asleep. Shout out to returning visitors.

Things we love.

I probably shouldn’t be writing a post right now out of sheer exhaustion. I didn’t think people could get this tired. Or so I thought. So perhaps I am writing with what is left of just pure nervous energy.

There is so much on my mind that needs to get out through my fingertips.

We have no limitations. ♡
Number of times someone has smiled while reading my blog? 1~? ♡

This is the second post I have started and was not able to finish. I have little faith that I will actually be able to get a decent thought on the page. I wish I could gather all of my scattered thoughts and put them into a nice little box and tie them with a pretty bow.

Only they aren’t logical.

It’s sort of like dressing a child. Or trying to get a net around an octopus not that I have ever tried.

Heck. I should just hit publish.

{The way most people have found my blog? By googling the sentence Let’s eat Grandma. I’m not joking.}

Dream a little dream for me.
Dream a little dream for me.

What’s stopping me? Thoughts.

{Later} Three Strikes and You’re Out

This is my third time back to the drawing board and back to the keyboard to get my post published. I’m quite convinced in my ability to hit that publish button staring at me. It is just taunting me, looking at me, saying to me, Come on, Julie, just push me!

It would be so easy, wouldn’t it? Easy to write a blog and express your thoughts?

Today yes. Today no. People can change their minds, can’t they?

What people are saying about my blog.

To be perfectly honest,  I have a lot of doubts that people are saying much at all about my blog. I think for the most part a lot of people have forgotten I publish a blog.

Checking your stats

I like checking my stats to see who is reading this. It has to do with being a seeing you. You walk into the room and the first thing you do is make eye contact with your the people in front of you. When you are a blog writer you have little idea who is reading this except for the people who leave comments.

Surprise someone with a smile.
Surprise someone with a smile.

How I wish I could see your eyes. I bet they are beautiful!

God bless you for not giving up on me. It isn’t always fun. I am not always funny. Although I do admit my favorite comment has to be the people who say I make them laugh. What a wonderful ability it is to make someone laugh.

I also love hearing my mom tell me she is proud of me. And my dad too. And lots of supportive loving friends. It’s nice to hear.

I think maybe that is why I keep putting my thoughts out there. I keep contributing because I love hearing Julie, I love your blog.

There’s a strange phenomenon attached to comments. It’s hard to explain but some of us blog writers base the quality of our content by the feedback we get from our readers. I’ll be more explicit. I’d like to think that most blog writers LOVE to receive comments. I think this is because we want to know our words count.

At the same time, a lot times when I am in front of my classroom, I’m happy if everyone just stays quiet so I can get my lesson done. What I am trying to say to you here now is that I like comments and when I don’t get any I feel like I am not connecting with the reader.

Connecting with the Reader

At the same time, I haven’t been writing as much as I used to so I have no qualms in saying I’m not getting as many visitors as say in the first days. I do have a steady stream of lovely people however who continue to wander on by and read my thoughts and for that I am truly thankful.

Yes. You. I'm writing to you.
Yes. You. I’m writing to you.

The craziest thing about my readership has to be the fact that my blog readers are TRULY from all corners of the earth. Every time I check my visitor stats, I see clicks from all over the world. I wish I knew how in the world you guys found me. I’m glad you did!



Once again.

Thank you for stopping by and having a chat with me. I appreciate your silence. I appreciate your words. I appreciate that you are sharing this moment with me here now.

Have a wonderful day.

7 thoughts on “Children’s laughter ☆ shooting stars ☆ fresh sheets ☆ the smell of cut grass ☆

  1. I can so relate to this. I am totally a stats addict too. Sometimes I tell myself…just stop checking. It’s not healthy. I should write from the heart and not based on what makes the counter go up. And also I should not get discouraged when it goes down. My partner keeps reminding me…don’t forget my original intention for writing…a creative outlet…write for myself….write what I like…or feel like at the moment. Julie I think you’re doing just that and it’s wonderful 🙂

    1. Thanks BJ for stopping by and commenting. I regularly visit your blog. I’m presently enjoying your trips around the globe. It’s so much easier and cost effective to sit here and read! I’m only partially joking.

      I’m on my one year blog anniversary and I have to say, stats become less important as time passes. I have lost the initial thrill of starting a blog yet I still find it a learning and challenging process.

      Hope you are well.


  2. Hi Julie,

    First, congratulations on celebrating your first year of blogging. That is truly an milestone many bloggers do not see.

    I know exactly what you’re saying. As bloggers we put our thoughts out there and at times haven’t a clue if what we’ve said is even being heard. And when we begin to think we’re speaking into an empty hole, we can easily become discouraged. Even though I get my fair share of comments, I still remember those days when I doubted myself; wondered if what I shared was helping anyone. Hoping *someone* was at least reading, even if they didn’t comment.

    You’re doing a great job Julie. Even though I don’t comment on each post your publish, I know you’re just a click away. 🙂

    Again, Happy Blog Anniversary!

    1. Thanks Barbara for the well wishes.

      Whenever you stop by my blog I can’t help but feel like I’ve been visited by a blogging star. You are an excellent teacher and I have learned so much from visiting your site.

      I appreciate your encouragement because some days we don’t know exactly who we are talking to. I do think that building a blogging community takes time.

      Have a nice day.


  3. “Let’s eat Grandma”… how wonderfully celebrational in a “Stranger in a Strange Land” sort of way, almost complimentary… unbelievable, but not bad by a long shot.

    You can’t worry about what others think, or receive, or read into it. I enjoy it, but that is me. But I don’t often write “hey, that made me chuckle contentedly”, even if it did. If you don’t enjoy writing it, that is another story, and that is what you need to worry about, probably, if you don’t get a little chuckle (or “Oh, that felt good to get down black on white”) out of hitting the publish button as often as you feel necessary.

    But there are those of us that *do* enjoy reading it.

    Be patient. Have fun. Godati quello che fai…

    1. I agree with you that we can’t worry about what others think as we write although I think we all care what people think about what we say. It’s just my feeling.

      I try to make my blog reader friendly and hopefully my visitors leave feeling as if they have learned something. If not, I’m happy if I have made them think or smile.

      Thanks for you comment.


  4. I agree about the stats. My viewing figures seem to climb and slump without much reason. Most viewers don’t seem to leave a comment, but the ones that do, like your good self, become one of the main pleasure sof blogging and sharing

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