Hi guys and welcome back to my blog.

It’s March 18th, a Friday, marking seven days after the Earthquake and Tsunami hit Japan.

I have a hard time understanding how anybody can talk about anything else. Although, from a certain frame of mind, I can see how necessary it is to find a balance.

I just find it enormously sad.

I wish there was something I could do besides prayer and donate. I try to find useful information to pass along. It’s just seems hopeless. I don’t know why this disaster hit a soft spot for me in my heart.

Actually I do know why. It is because I lived through a horrible earthquake in Los Angeles in December of 1994 before moving to Italy. It was called the Northridge earthquake. It was terrible. I was living alone in Santa Monica in a nice apartment. The quake hit so early in the morning. I remember the heat.

I remember waking up about five minutes before it hit knowing something was wrong. It was a horrible experience that I still have a hard time talking about.

I looked for a safe place to wait for the shaking and noise to end. Dogs were barking. I went in the doorway. All of my grandmother’s plates fell to the ground in the kitchen. The bed moved a foot, a framed picture dropped, the glass broke. The stove moved too. The fridge moved too. The trash fell over.

I wondered if my car had moved or had hit the side of the garage. I made a call. My mom was sleeping and hadn’t felt it, lucky for her.

I got in my car and drove southwest following my instinct towards my mom’s house. I wondered if the roads were still there. At Fifth street and Broadway I nearly hit a downed power cable.

It was the first time in my life I had seen Los Angeles without lights. It was sort of nice. I made it to my mom’s house, parked the car and someone yelled at me. A siren spun and passed. It was a firetruck.

After my mom calmed me down, we went a surveyed the damage taking pictures and praising God we were okay.

An earthquake truly shakes you up and makes you feel like you are an ant in the world. God is an amazing power. With the sweep of a hand, He can create or destroy.

It’s a sad sad day, however, when so many people are killed. I pray for them.

I #prayforjapan.


Author: Julie

Blogger. You can find her at @jbuliesblog on twitter.

5 thoughts on “#prayforjapan”

  1. I have never experienced anything close to a natural disaster and I can just count myself as totally lucky so far. From all the descriptions I think I would just freak out. Just thinking about it makes me nervous. I can’t imagine the ground shaking around me and not knowing when it’s going to stop or whether it’s going to get worse. That alone scares me. I can’t even begin to fathom being trapped…..let alone those brave workers who stayed back at the nuclear plant….at risk to their own lives.

    1. Yes BJ, you are lucky that you haven’t had to live through a natural disaster. I think your compassion towards other people. I know you suffer from claustrophobea. It’s not like that. It’s just that at that moment you realize the immensity of God. Our little dramas seem to fade.


  2. I am with you, Julie, having lived through the ’71 Sylmar (which tore our house in two) and the ’89 and the ’91 in Northridge (which almost brought my son a month and a half early due to the pre-term labor it brought on). I cannot imagine for a moment what the people of Japan are feeling, but for a drop in the bucket. I pray. That is the best I can do. So, I pray. And donate to Samaritan;s Purse for the relief work they are doing in country. Thank you for your words. Keep it up, girlfriend

  3. Kelli,

    Thanks for commenting. You are such a sweet woman. You know you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I forgot about the one in Symar in 71. I know we were hit in Canyon Country. I remember that people continued to talk about it for the next 10 or so years. Scary stuff.

    It’s nice to know wer are both praying together. I do believe in the power of prayer.


  4. Fortunately I have never experienced any thing so devastating but like you I find it all so incredibly sad. The world is in such turmoil not just the natural disasters but also the fighting. 😦

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