Introducing guest contributor Tammy Wells

I have an illness

They told me is life long

It made me think about life

Enjoy every moment until the times gone

Take advice from opinions

Listen mainly to yourself

You’re the wise one

Back jumping is not a sport

It is not a place for you to climb on

You’re a star

It is hard to see stars

But you are a bright one

Stay positive

Turn on the lights in your mind

Shine on

Priceless thoughts

You can’t buy one

Like testers

All you can do is just try one

Thoughts in my mind run a mile long

There’s a jungle on this earth

I’m a lion

When I leave this planet afterlife

You will see me as apart of orion

I’m a bright star

Beautiful poem graciously contributed by the poet Tammy Wells. You can read more of her poems linked on twitter at @honeyshockk

6 thoughts on “Introducing guest contributor Tammy Wells

  1. Julie,

    We need more people like you.

    I believe we write to help us sort out the truth in a complex world.

    As Indie said, “Anyone can be wicked. It doesn’t take any special talent to do that. But to be a decent person requires creatvity that borders on art.”

    Writing is our art that allows us to be decent and not be taken advantage of; often a difficult prescription in this modern society.

    All the best and take care young lady,

    Dr. B

  2. Thanks Dr. B,

    I suppose writing this out was just what the doctor ordered. I’m so certain that things will work themselves out for the best just as they always do.

    I like what your friend Indy said. Those are words that need to be heard. Here I’ll write them again.

    “Anyone can be wicked. It doesn’t take any special talent to do that. But to be a decent person requires creatvity that borders on art.” Indy.

    Thanks for your support Doc and keep up your good work.


  3. Dear Julie, this is such a deep feeling missive your words brought tears to my eyes. It is the power of words that enter our interpretative minds that impact us and our reactions in situations.

    I find that what I had taught my children when they were young and the specific point I concentrated on was NOT the meaning they perceived and sadly enough it was not recognized until many years later. So it seems we must speak the language the “unworldly” innocents only know and be ever so gentle.

    I remember giving my first son large words to learn to spell because I wanted him to have an extensive vocabulary, know the words and be ahead of the curve. Poor kid was not old enough to really understand such 4-6 syllable words in the 3rd or 4th grade let alone High School. So much understanding comes with time and experiences and no now I am more patient with our grandchildren.

    I have two sons who went into this war! One is more devastated than the other as the one was placed in the more violently physical aspect of the surreality and has lasting anguish he is attempting to release, but he struggles because he was raised to love all people, do only good for others and live a healthy vibrant life with his lovely wife and two little children that he returned home to in our esthetically visual world of green lawns and colorfully painted neighborhoods of friendly neighbors we b-b-que with each 4th of July!!

    He feels a pain I could never imagine but I feel HIS pain and it hurts deeply being his mother and responsible for bringing him into our world of good versus evil. We can only continue striving more each day to make the world more good than evil anyway we can in the most minute of way of every moment we breathe!

    Thank you for letting me share my dear SMILES-ACROSS-THE-MILES friend. Please keep writing!!
    Love & Friendship~

  4. “…you are the one who has chosen to give importance to their words” really resonates. Great post, Julie!

  5. Wow Thank You Julie bringing tears to my eyes 💋
    You Beauty Thank you all xxx

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