I’m painting pictures in the garden

Follow your dreams. ॐ
Follow your dreams. ॐ Here I won at a local competition for this painting I entered : )

Hi friends. New visitors welcome.

I’ve been busy in my garden making more paintings. I love them. I found a program online that shows me what they will look like framed under various settings. I’m sharing only one today as I find it’s fairly time consuming.

The painting you see is the one that I entered the contest in in our local town. It was a funny day actually. The way it works is you have to stop by in the morning with a piece of paper, pay the entry fee, I think about $10, and the nice people put a stamp on the back showing it’s a new paper.

Then you have until 3.30 to turn in your finished piece.

The only problem I encountered was time. I had lunch plans that day with my family out of town. At 2p I said I had better get busy.

I flew into my garden, grabbed my paints and started painting. The blank canvas was TRULY overwhelming.

I loved what I painted however. It’s just Italy, porticoes, wine, a table, you know, a swimming pool street.

I won a prize and was honored. When I turned in my painting, it was still wet. I drove to the center of town holding my painting up to my car heater. I signed it right after I parked.

The only catch was I had to give it to the city hall. I’m happy to have done so. I hope you enjoy it.

This is my idea for my flower painting give away. I’m going to make a little video when I get my hair decent, and show you four new paintings I made. Then you will just choose the one you like, leave a comment and I’ll pick a winner. That should work, right?

8 thoughts on “I’m painting pictures in the garden

  1. What incredible fun and to enjoy a family visit and lunch in between – that is art.

    2 Christmas ago we organized share your gifts day and did not share presents with each other…one worked on a computer skill, another shared how to scrapbook, and my husband shared his love of painting…I did a rose in pastels for the first time…it was so fun…then on to mask making and finally making designer pizzas..

    a very satisfying day and I was surprised how much I enjoyed drawing – renewed me
    I like your style and the garden drawing

    1. What a sweet idea. I like to think there are more ways to be generous than only through monetary exchanges. Giving of oneself is a fantastic Christmas gift. I think that could be said for every day too.

      Thank you for sharing that idea and for being such a charming blog commentor.


  2. Congratulazioni! I’m totally jealous – that’s a really cool piece. I do hope you’ll make yourself another 🙂

    1. Hey Guyanne, like Dianne but with a G!

      Just wanted to say I’m working on finishing five little flower pictures at the moment and will be hosting my second give away in the coming days.

      Hope you win. All you have to do is say which one you like to enter, then I pick a name.


  3. Wow very pleasing to the eye – I can see why you like this painting and I like frame #1 with it best, but they are all lovely.

    I put this up on facebook too…but I had trouble getting to your page – got the 404 error message several times.

    Thank you for the nice words on PW today – delightful treat to see that you dropped by.

    1. Just to let you know the reason you perhaps had trouble reposting this is because i had posted it twice then deleted one of the copies so perhaps the original link is not linking. Hope you can link now.


  4. Just found this – it was sitting in the junk box.
    Love thre idea of painting pictures in the garden. Have fun.

  5. Lovely piece and I like your idea. Congratulations on the award! here in the U.S. We call this type of competition a “Quick Draw”. Is very popular in the Western states especially!

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