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Hello friends. New visitors welcome. Just for fun I’ve decided to give away one of my paintings.

To win a free original painting signed by me the artist please:

1. Choose a painting you like, Number 1, 2, 3 or 4.

2. Leave a comment below or click on this text.

3. Share on facebook if you have it.

4. That’s all. Easy, right?

I’ll choose a winner by a random drawing. You may enter more than once but not more than three times.

Painting Number 1 ~ Pastel Flowers

Number 1 | Original painting of soft round flowers in a light jade vase on thick Italian watermark paper. 😉 25×34 cms.

Painting Number 2 ~ Floating Roses

White Washed Bulbs of Big Red Roses and a Blue Tulip
Number 2 | Floating Roses ~ original watercolor painting signed by the artist on Watermark Paper 32×45 cms.

Painting Number 3 ~ Coffee and Flowers for a Friend

Flowers and Hot Coffee for a Friend
Number 3 | Flowers and Hot Coffee for a Friend | Here I like the idea of having coffee and flowers with a friend. This painting is watercolor on thick watermark Italian paper. 32×46 cms.

Painting Number 4 ~ Two Vases of Flowers with fluffly Curtain

Love this one. It's two vases of flowers and some fluffy pink drapes as seen from outside. This is made just to hang as a gift to yourself or a friend. I think it would look nice either over a bedside table, in a restaurant or over a lamp next to a sofa. Also, I would love to look at this painting in my office to cheer my spirit.
Number 4 | It’s two vases of flowers and some fluffy pink drapes. This is made just to hang as a gift to yourself or a friend. Original watercolor painting signed by the artist, me.  32×46 cms. on thick Italian watermark paper.

Frequently Asked Questions:

This is what the painting looks like framed.
This is what one of the paintings looks like framed.

Is the painting shipped framed? No, the painting comes in an envelope sent from Italy with cardboard to protect it from bending. If you win this contest you do NOT have to pay for shipping. Shipping is free.

How can I buy one of your paintings? I currently have six paintings for sale that you can see on my side bars.

They are called

My Cup is Overflowing, Russians in Paris, Blue Tulips, California Dreaming, Waves and Coffee and Flowers for a Friend. Prices range from $79 to $1,000.  Write me at jangelos1@gmail.com for pricing.

How do I frame my painting? If you guys know me by now or even if you don’t I am a huge IKEA fan. No, I am not a HUGE SPINNING FAN, I am a fan of Ikea. I am there usually about once a week with my kids.

I’ve also seen beautiful frames at Walmart, and Target. Frames that work well with these paintings are here. I also came across a super cool online frame shop here. Also, you should see how creative my friends have been framing. I love to see what ideas they come up with, like this or this.

If you need help or advice let me know.Most of you contact me on facebook but my email is jangelos1@gmail.com

Close up of flower from Number 1
Close up of flower from Number 1

Julie, I love your paintings, but I don’t know much about art. Me neither! I just like pretty pictures. There’s really not too much of a mystery to it. You just put a nail on a wall then hang the picture and enjoy.

Where do you think your painting would look good? I think these would look cute just about anywhere. You could hang it in your living room, bedroom or even kitchen.

What I would love to do is give one to a friend who isn’t well to cheer her up.

That’s why I particularly like flowers. I think these would look great in a restaurant, lobby, doctor’s office or hallway. Where do you think these pictures could be shown? My mom says in an art gallery or restaurant. She says I need to organize an exhibit.  I agree.

Thank you for visiting and participating. Good luck.


This contest has been organized by jbulie’s blog and bears no affiliation whatsoever. It is a non profit contest to played just for fun with readers of jbulies blog. Winner will receive his/her painting via mail as long as there is post within a timely manner. If postage exceeds US$10, the winner must pay for additional postage. Winner will be contacted after June 16th to clarify mailing instructions.


24 Replies to “♡ Original Painting | | x ♡ o”

  1. I love these paintings. They remind me of a great friend that I miss and adore.

  2. Dear Julie, I would absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to >WIN< your perfect painting of Coffee and Flowers with a Friend and place it on the wall by my piano!!

    I admire the rich color scheme and the friendliness it expresses.

    I will keep my fingers crossed!!

    Debra S.

  3. 10 June 2011

    Great idea for blogging and great give away…..my step daughter is furnishing a new apt and the flowers and coffee would really work well.

    Keep blogging and thank you for being you.

    Love and Light
    richard curtis
    aka ezduzit777 on twitter
    Blogging at”
    “Is there more than the 12 Steps?”

  4. I love Flowers and Hot Coffee for a Friend. Last November I started to take lessons in watercolors and, although I have much to learn, it has been a rewarding experience.

    I am in awe when I see work such as yours and would love to own one of your paintings.

  5. Hey sweetie, I just got home and thought I would make sure your comment issue was resolved and VOILA! It is!!!

    You know what I like 🙂

  6. Hi Julie! I adore all four of these but the one that catches my attention most is #2, floating roses. Gives me a whimsical fun loving feel, makes me happy when I look at it.♥

  7. These are lovely. I particularly love #4. Now, I’m off to “like” on FB. Thanks so much for the chance to win a painting. (I was sent here by Michelle of Bleeding Espresso).



  8. They’re all beautiful! Number 4 would look great in my living room though!

  9. Oh! Oh! I am so excited at the prospect of owning one of your paintings. They are all s wonderful that I am having a hard time choosing! I will have to think on it. Decisions, decisions! They are all just beautiful!

  10. Great showing Julie!
    I love them all but I have to say that #3 and #4 are my favorites. I love the composition of Flowers and Hot Coffee for a Friend, but something about the rich vibrant colors and whimsy of Two Vases of Flowers with Fluffy Curtain just sings to me.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  11. Woe is me. I would have loved to have any one of your paintings adorn my walls here in far distant New Zealand. Then you would instantly become WORLD FAMOUS. But I didn’t read your post in time so maybe I will get lucky another time.

  12. I wouldn’t be so greedy as to accept another painting from you if I were to win again, but I *would* willingly gift the one with the coffee mug to someone if I were so lucky 😀 LOVELY work once again carissima xx

  13. I keep vacillating between 3 and 4 as they both draw me in, but I would have to say #3 as I look at it and have a moment of serenity, that I could be sitting there, sipping that coffee and smelling those flowers. So, if you could please put my name in the hat for #3, that would be most appreciated! I know right where I would put it!

  14. And the winner is!

    Pat. Congratulations.

    She will be receiving her painting in the mail in the coming days.

    Thank you all for playing. We so appreciate your comments and your support.


  15. isn’t it wonderful being an artist and loving your work. Each creation is like giving birth. So wonderful.

  16. Usually I don’t read post on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very compelled me to check out and do it! Your writing taste has been surprised me. Thanks, very nice article.

    1. That’s great news. Good luck with your blogging journey. I can highly recommend using wordpress as your blogging platform for their great support, people and themes.


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