Reach for the moon. ☆ If you don’t make it — at least you’ll be in the midst of stars.

When they say you can't, show them differently.
10 x No = YES!

Here is a story I learned when I was young.

There are a bunch of fleas put in a jar. They keep jumping super high. In fact, fleas can jump 60 times their height! The fleas are now in the jar jumping so high so high.

Then someone comes along and puts a cap on the jar. Bump bump bump. The fleas hit their heads. Ouch. They change their behavior and say in a tiny flea voice I will only jump as high as this lid. Ouch ouch ouch.

Then someone comes along and opens the jar. What do you think happens? Do the fleas jump super high or do they jump just as high as the lid?

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. ~Friedrich Nietzsche
And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. ღ ॐ Friedrich Nietzsche ♡

Unfortunately they only jump slightly lower than lid. You know why? They learned they couldn’t jump any higher.

The point of the story is that we are all little fleas that can jump 60 times our height.

You can jump higher.

Please don’t let ANYONE ever tell you that you can’t do something that benefits yourself, humanity, your team or someone you love.

Even better do something for an enemy. Forgive them.

More Peeps?! WT~@#?


Surely a vanilla green tea with honey day today.

Tell me when you want me stop talking about this but I have a good number of visitors here. I think that’s unbelievable.

I just don’t know when I am going to get used to thinking I’m talking to more than my husband or children. Still it just floors me. I googled the question How many people visit your blog?

I keep getting referred back to one site and I found an interesting chart saying they get 20,000 visitors per week. I’m not buying it. Maybe they are. I just don’t know of any personally.

I am sure somewhere someone is. If so be brave, come forward, leave a comment. One guy said he got like I don’t know 250 per week when he wrote an iphone review. Probably.

Cough cough cough bull…bull. bologna.


Keep Calm and Carry On

Welcome new readers. I hope you become a regular visitor.

The bottom line is I am completely satisfied with the positive feedback I am getting and the steady increase in visitors. Thank you.

Do you like email? I don’t like it so much.


What do you think about the box that reads: If you are new you might want to consider adding me onto your email subscription? I wish someone would explain that to me. I personally don’t like email so much.

I do all of my communicating between my friends on facebook. What am I going to do with a HUGE list of emails? Sell them to marketers? No. Why? So they can send me junk mail that I trash?

I’m not going there. Am I wrong in thinking if someone wants to see what I am up to they can go to my site or drop me a line? People know how to bookmark, don’t they? Argh.

The first week I was blogging I added myself as a subscribe to my newsfeed by email button. I kept getting letters from myself and it was awful.

Reach for the moon. If you don’t make it at least your are somewhere amongst the stars.

Have a great day and thanks for visiting.


6 thoughts on “Reach for the moon. ☆ If you don’t make it — at least you’ll be in the midst of stars.

  1. Julie, your post made me laugh and reminded me of something really stupid I did. Which, if you knew me, is pretty much normal for me.

    I began my blog in November. After the first maybe two weeks of blogging, I would excitedly check my stats several times a day and they all read a big, fat 0! I was crestfallen. I didn’t expect to have the amount of traffic some other huge bloggers have. And there truly are ones out there that get thousands of hits in a day. You can tell this alone without seeing their stats. Just look at their comment sections and see the several hundred comments left per day.

    Since I was totally new to blogging, I realized why not even ONE person had read my blog. Because I had it set to private and never realized it. So I set it to the proper “Open to the public” setting and the first day I had I think 3 people visit. How fun I thought.

    But being that I do post recipes, I started submitting some of my recipes to a few different sites who published them with a link back to my blog. This was on the recommendation from another blogger, and I thank her for the suggestion. Imagine how surprised I was when I clicked on my stats after submitting a recipe that was published on another site and saw my visitor counter at almost 30 for one day. I was amazed. And believe it or not, the biggest day of hits I have had so far has been on Christmas Day. I had 68 people view it that day. What? Of all days, this is when people were online reading blogs?

    Since then I have been averaging about 28 to 30 hits per day. Most people don’t comment, but they are visiting, and I do see that a lot of my visitors are coming from two other sites where I have posted pictures of some of my recipes, along with some people doing a search for a particular recipe.

    I didn’t start blogging to become famous, I started it as a way to motivate myself to begin cooking more varied dishes for my family, out of the sheer boredom of finding myself cooking the same thing over and over again. And also as a way to share some of the more embarassing things that happen to me, as an outlet to get those thoughts out of my head.

    It has also introduced me to some other fellow bloggers, like yourself, who I enjoy checking in on and hearing a little about their daily lives. I enjoy the comments that are left by those fellow bloggers. They always make me smile. And I love when someone new finds my blog and leaves me a message.


  2. And since my previous comment wasn’t long enough, and coming it at the length of a short story, I’ll add another comment.

    In honor of you Julie, I added the Blog Stats counter to my blog. Now you can see that you are still ahead of me with visitors. LOL


  3. Just saying Hi!! Have you seen Avatar.. Great movie we saw it on Christmas are new family tradition.

  4. To jump high you have to lift weights, eat a clean diet and jump just about everyday. That is how you become a high jumper.

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