13 excellent blogs for your reading and viewing ♥ pleasure

иєω σяlєaиs ¢ιту♥ Be lovely. ♥ Be inspiring. ♥ Be generous. ♥ Be kind. ♥ Have integrity. ♥ Believe in love. ♥ Believe in yourself. ♥ Never give up. ♥ Be the change you want to see.
иєω σяlєaиs ¢ιту♥ Be lovely. ♥ Be inspiring. ♥ Be generous. ♥ Be kind. ♥ Have integrity. ♥ Believe in love. ♥ Believe in yourself. ♥ Never give up. ♥ Be the change you want to see.

Hi guys, welcome back. Good to see you. New visitors, welcome, join, comment. Grab a cup of fresh brewed blog copy. Sugar? Milk? Beuller?


Today I’m talking about what makes a good blog based on scientific evidence also known as my opinion. OK OK, I’ll throw in some scientific evidence.

Here are the 13 best blogs who have gotten my blogging bum in gear and motivate me to be a better blogger. Try saying that 10 times fast.

1. BJ at Tiny Island This blogger lives in Singapore. She has a nice style of writing. I go back to her blog because not only is has she become a blogger friend, she has great information on living in Singapore. I feel like I’m travelling without leaving my home when I visit her blog.

2. Ducks @ Counting Ducks If you haven’t read about Peter, my friend from blogging who is so creative, then now is your chance. Pter tells awesome stories that will have you laugh and cry, such a talented writer, so creative. You’ll love his blog.

3. Michelle @ Bleeding Expresso The Godmother of blogs. I kiss her ring. Based in southern Italy, when I got the nod from Michelle my visitor hits soared. Her blog is FULL of useful information, wit, charm and pictures. She captures the spirit of Italy way better than I can. But best of all, she’s got a goat. Actually three goats.  I’m telling you I have yet to see a cuter goat.

4. Matt @ ma.tt This cool blogger who designs blog platforms likes to play jazz in his free time. DID YOU HEAR ME? He’s young, talented, traveling the world and has provided half of the world with a FREE place to write your words. We bow down to our youth.

5. Chris @ The Art of Non-Conformity This guy is AMAZING. I admire him. I came across his blog when doing research for my ebook Zero to Blog and saw the fantastic headline 279 days to overnight success. His ebook is FREE and downloadable now.

Chris’s mission is to travel the world and share his stories. Let’s see if he will dominate the world with his World Domination Manifesto. I found his blog absolutely packed with valuable information – for bloggers, travelers, doers and dreamers. Not only THAT, he’s making this world better place. Five star blogger.

6. Anne @ Anne on Life http://anneonlife.com/ – This lovely mom gets an A in my book for being excellent. She does it all, the mom, the blog, the math, the homework, giving her kids the jeep, but what I love about Anne is NOT only did she go back to continue her education in the later part of her life, she got outstanding grades. When she commented on my list of 7 killer buzz words, she got me to snicker when she wrote:

I love ‘hiney’. Uh, that didn’t come out right.

7. Barbara @ Blogging without a blog I can NOT emphasize enough how much I love clicking and going back to Barbara’s blogging without a blog. She and I have similar tastes in books and motivators such as Wayne Dyer, Byron Katie and Tony Robbins. Written in a classroom like setting, when you click over to Barbara’s blog you a guaranteed to learn something new every time.

purple flowers
I smell spring.

7. Pam @ bored cook Good recipes, good stories and a good blogger. She’s actually gets you cooking delicious food. I love her stories about being young and visiting Italy hoping to bet pinched in the bum.

8. Linda @ Lindaloumac This nice English lady moved to Italy after she raised her lovely girls. She keeps us up on her adventures at her blog. She’s also an avid reader and shares tons of information and book links.

9. Katie and Krystyne @ Tres Chic – Two newly graduated high school students embark on their journey to France to study abroad for four months. Read about their adventures and share their journey.

10. Dr. B @ Dr. Tom Bibey Blue Grass Physician I love love love love going back to read Dr. B’s blog. His visitors are like his patients and he takes good care of us all. His mom was an English teacher and his best friend passed away. He keeps his soul alive telling us what it is like to grow up in a small town where you get to the local diner by turning left at the oak.

Plus, he does it with grace, beauty, dignity and love for his wife and family.

There was not a whit of culture or refinement in me or my brothers.  We were just wild sunburned boys who ran all day and stayed covered in red clay dust.

11. Jeff R @ The Anti ignorance Blog
This young fellow is discovering the world through his words. He’s not bothered by visitors or by growth. He’s just writing. Isn’t wonderful that we have the opportunity to read about what our youth think? Give him a visit and let him know we aren’t all bad.

12. Miss A. Topp @ Love, Literature & the Pursuit of Happiness Enthusiasm, smiles, friends, a big family and willingness to tell the truth. Miss Topp is a young teacher and a lover of books. She’s working on her latest novel. In the mean time, feel free to follow her blog at http://msatopp.wordpress.com/

13. Julie @ local food.

One of the perks of coaching our 13 year-old son, Jack’s soccer team is getting to know the parents of our team members. Disclaimer: Joe does the coaching, I do the Starbucks run and cheering. One of the families we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know is Vince and Denise Brigantino. As a thank you gift for coaching (and cheering), they gave us a lovely bottle of their family grown Cabernet Sauvignon. We uncorked it tonight, let it breath for about an hour, and served it with Baked Ziti – yum!

When Julie writes you enjoy the northern California lifestyle along with her.

Thanks for joining me. Leave a comment. It’s how we little blog writers get paid. : )


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22 thoughts on “13 excellent blogs for your reading and viewing ♥ pleasure

  1. Thank you so much for the mention, Julie. 🙂 I’m going to have to check on all these other spots and spaces on the web and see what other great things come of it all.

    1. You are most welcome Anne. You have been an inspiration to my since I have started my blog. Your clean living and number crunching ability combined with your down to earth soul makes you a welcome visitor to my blog anytime.


  2. I want to thank you for including me on your list, Julie! I feel very honored! I can hardly wait to read more about your adventures! You are a blessing to a fellow writer! 🙂

    1. You are most certainly welcome. I’m proud of your achievements young lady. Keep your bloggin up, you’ll see that writing will stay with you where ever you go.


  3. I do manage to get a period at the end of every sentence, including most of my headlines that don’t even need them. Look at my clickameherey’all. button. I’m a nut. You’ll see. There’s no stopping me. Thanks for your good info Jeff. Now see why I say our future is bright? Even teachers make mistookes.


  4. Yay! You changed it! That makes me feel a lot better lol.

  5. Hi Julie,

    I am humbled and honored to be included in your list. Your words warm my heart.

    And I must say, you’ve been busy. It seems like I was just here checking out your latest post and now you have more for me to catch up on.

    It’s late (or early morning) for me, but I”ll be back.

    Until then, Happy Blogging!

  6. Well thanks so much! It’s nice to feel liked. I enjoy your blog as well, although I have missed a few days of reading it with my current work schedule. And I see you made a video! Missed that too, but will be checking it out! I’ll have to check out some of your other favorite blogs.

    1. @ Jeff, Thanks for being an awesome visitor and for your help. It’s nice to know our students are bright.

      @ Michelle, You too. You have inspired me. I’m only six years behind you, but you’ll see, I’m a quick learner.

      @ Pamela, We started out together, we can make this work. Happy ccoking. I’m looking forward to your newest recipe and story.

  7. You’re welcome. Glad to help a young fellow blogger. Thanks for sticking with me from day one, Jeff. We can make positive changes in this world through our words. At least I hope so.

  8. “Young fellow,” a perfect description for me. Thanks for including me in that list.

  9. I used to read Jeff R, but he moved blogs and I couldn’t find his new one. The link you listed links to a deleted blog also. As does his name. Unless it’s a private blog?

  10. Hi Julie, Barbara’s ‘Blogging Without A Blog’ is a regular visit of mine, along with your own blog. I love it. I am going to visit all of your other favs now!

    Enjoy the journey.


  11. Hey Jules, Thank you so much for mentioning me! You are an ‘Angel’ as I have always said. Lots of Love, xxx

  12. So many new and interesting sounding blogs amongst this list for me to go and check out. I will never get anything else done now today!

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