Things my kids teach me.

I will.
I honor my needs even when it's unpopular to do so.

The first thing my kids taught me about being a mom was that I knew absolutely nothing about being a mom.

First thing I learned when they were born was that they are separate from me. I felt so close and attached to them that I was surprised that when I touched them I couldn’t feel it. I was surprised that I couldn’t feel if they were cold or not so I had to learn to touch their little ears and noses to see what their body temperatures were.

Lovely Cruz

My kids taught me patience when I didn’t want to be patient. They taught me I had no other option but to sit and hold them.

They taught me to laugh and be silly. They taught me wonder.

They absolutely taught me what it’s like to be a kid to relive my childhood through kids eyes. Like when we watched Peter Pan. I could watch that forever. I relate to Wendy. I love the part about the fairies, the magic, the choice to believe that something is there.

My kids have taught me the silliest lessons. I love them with all of my heart. They have taught me unconditional love and warmth. They have taught me about my limits too. I was surprised to see how with my kids how many times I was willing to go past my limits.

I think lately the thing they have taught me the most is how important it is to take care of myself first. I have found that by giving as mothers do we allow ourselves unjustly to become second, so I have learnt that in order to save a ship, the person driving it, must be the healthiest.

For these lessons, I’m thankful.

3 thoughts on “Things my kids teach me.

  1. I agree, taking care of yourself means you’re in prime condition to take care of them. That’s a great lesson!

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