The week I met Tom Cruise — before he was famous.

If you look really closely you can see me walking in the background.

My husband is impressed by the fact that I worked with Tom Cruise in a film in 1980 called Losin’ It with Shelly Wintors before Tom made Taps when he was still unknown.

Not  only did my husband ask me to buy the dvd, he took out all of the connector cables from the garage so we could watch me up close on our wide screen TV.

When Tom and I met on set, he told me that a friend had got sick so they called him in as a last minute actor, that it was his lucky break.

He told me he had recently moved to New York to get into acting. The film we made was his first film although it was probably his worst film ever. It was a really bad movie.

On our paycheck stubs the production company was called Tijuana Summer. Ha!

I think I was 16 and he was 18.

I was called through an agency for a film that was being shot in the valley and my mom said I could miss school and work. I met Tom on set because we were a bunch of kids hanging out from 6a to 6p. We later became friends while he was in Los Angeles for seven days and hung out.

He told me he had quit high school to act and his name wasn’t Tom. He told me I could call him by his real name, Mapathor or his stage name, however I wanted.

He is really nice and down to earth, we hung out in his trailer too. Wikipedia says his real name is Thomas, but he introduced himself as another name, trying to remember.

Even my two kids were pointing: Look there’s mom.

My girlfriends in high school can attest to this, although I continue to have a hard time believing the story myself!

I’m going to get the video up of it so you can see it and laugh with me and if you’d like. I will take a picture of my diary I wrote on the day we met by request.

Tom and I worked five days together.

Usually, when I tell my Tom Cruise story people are surprised.Now unfortunately, I think the kids in school like other actors too although I’m convinced Tom Cruise has a fan or two out there.

There’s no doubt in my small mind however he is incredibly talented. If you caught him in Steal Magnolia’s I think you just might agree.


7 thoughts on “The week I met Tom Cruise — before he was famous.

  1. So what was the name of the film? Did I miss it? I want to rent it and look for you. So far the ebook is great, lots of great tips for those wanting to start a blog and those still trying to fine tune the blogs they began.

    Now is it ok if I eat on my couch? Will you still love me? lol…

  2. WOW! Almost famous, meeting now famous people, and getting kids to learn through homework and eating in a room made for such things [kitchen/dining room]. I love it! I will definitely have to check out the movie.

    By the by, I didn’t see a twitter button to tweet this out, but never fear, I have a nifty little bookmark called ‘twitthat!’ on my toolbar and I directed everyone here posthaste. 🙂

  3. How can I watch the Julie and (“what’s the name?”) Tom movie???

  4. You have to tell us when to look for you (what the clock reads). And I’m curious what you mean about Steal Magnolias? I know there was the movie, “Steel Magnolias” and I can’t remember Tom in that one. As for “Steal Magnolias” — maybe that’s an X-rated film that we’re not familiar with (wink wink…what are you watching, Julie?).

    P.S. I’m glad you posted this! I knew you were an extra in that film but I never saw this movie…or I can’t remember seeing it. And heads up! Halle was just watching this when all the naked butts came on in the locker room! Oops!

  5. that’s amazing Julie….i am a #1 Tom Cruise fan 🙂 I think he’s much better looking than Brad Pitt.

  6. Neat story! The closest I can come to a meeting-someone-famous story is that I went to high school with a couple guys who grew up to be country singers. Anytime Luke Bryan comes on the radio, my kids yell “Our Mama went to high school with him!” LOL! But, I’m still waiting for Tom to come out of the closet! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

  7. That’s one amazing story. I wish you had the clip up with you in it now. At least I can say I half know a girl who got to act with Tom Cruise when he was only eighteen. Great story

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