Inspiring day — Country walks, a jog and a new bike.

♥ Good day, sunshine!.♥

It’s like when you shut your eyes, then you open them and see your kids are grown. Time flies so fast. We want to capture it and hold onto it. Especially the kids. I want to hold on to every smile they make.

They are so happy go lucky, true boys boyz. Yesterday was a big day for us in growth. My littlest found his balance on his new bike.

I watched him learn with a happy heart. He got the glow in his eye and looked at me with big smiles as he propelled himself forward wabbly and all.

{After school}
Students to me: Prof, where are you going?
Me: To get something for my son’s birthday.
Them: But you said that yesterday.
Me: For my kids every day is their birthday.

We cross the street and we are in the middle of the most beautiful Italian countryside and orchards. It makes my heart stop. I try to capture it with words but it’s bigger than me. Sort of like driving with rows of seedlings.

Violet sunset sky going down across golden hay.

It seems ridiculous to even attempt to describe the beauty.  Take a cool deep breath and close your eyes. You can feel the cool air in your lungs and the warm embracing sun over head. Coolish in the shade.

Nature’s beauty restores our souls.

I’ve been running lately a big more than usual. Last night, my boys were invited to come with me. They out ran me ~ boy are they fast. It was so cute though running side by side with my six year old, him looking up at me smiling. It truly warms my heart. My big guy going off ahead ’til the farm house.

Dinner ready, table set when I come home. Hot bath. No bubbles today.


I try to catch the beauty with words but we all know it’s futile. Still, if I close my eyes I can see and breathe the fresh air and know it’s all good, it’s all beautiful, pretty, sweet, and for us to behold.

15 thoughts on “Inspiring day — Country walks, a jog and a new bike.

  1. Thanks for the swoosh of country dusk spring air, could have done with it being a little less cool though 🙂

    1. Swoosh, sent with a magic wand. I’m sending you perfect weather exactly like you like it, not to hot and not too cold.

      Have a nice one. Thanks for visiting and commenting. You always manage to get in one of the first comments. Thx!


      1. That must be because I spend far too much time online then:(

        Dare I say weather marginally better here today. It can never be too hot for me, I hate the cold so much!

        1. Me too! lol. Got to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. I like the brain freeze aspect of blogging though. It suits me. 🙂 Glad some good weather came your way.

    1. As I’m sure is Singapore, BJ.

      My motto is to find the beautiful or at least aspire to find the beautiful in every situation. It probably helps that I’m writing from one of the world’s most beautiful countries.

      Thanks for visiting, and happy blogging.


  2. Loved your blog today…. it was so ‘peaceful’, if that makes sense? It made me smile. Thanks – great way for me to start my weekend.

  3. Thanks Tish. You’re such a nice person. I love that you are following my blog and that we have reconnected lately. I hope to have transmitted a bit of what it’s like out here. Next time, I’ll bring my camera. 🙂


  4. What a great entry to read today when I was feeling cranky. (Along with stuffy from my head cold and scratchy from my sore throat). My husband told me last night that my voice sounds sexy because it’s scratchy. Maybe I’ll stay sick? I’ll think about that.

    Sounds like a beautiful moment with your children, Julie!

    Funny thing is, tomorrow is youngest son’s 8th birthday and we promised to take him out so he could pick out a new bike.

    Just got back from his school where I brought ice cream in for his class for his birthday. I was chatting with the teacher and she said “these kids are so ready for summer!” I looked around and could tell just what she meant. The year went so fast!


  5. Pam,

    Hey. Great to see we are going down similar paths with our kids growing, bikes and ice cream. Hope you feel better soon. I like that you have a scratchy voice. Thanks for visiting and always leaving a comment. You have always been inspirational to me egging me on. Get it? Egg?

    And keeping me writing.

    Have a good one. Looking forward to dessert. What’s on the menu?

    1. I’m going to ignore the “egg” remark because I like you. 🙂

      The menu for tonight? I always let my kids pick their favorites for dinner. Of course he wanted to do a “Make your own pizza night.” So I bought what I needed and the pizza dough is rising as we speak. The kids will choose the normal, cheese and sauce, but I’m grilling mine. Maybe with some bacon and onions.

      For dessert? This year he chose a “Make Your Own Sundae” bar. Not cake. So I picked up a couple gallons of ice cream, whipped cream, caramel, chocolate sauce, etc. and they will have at it.

  6. Just on a sort of friendly note, it was really nice to see you on the screen and get a better sense of you. I a,ready agree your paintings are vibrant and full of life

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