Meeting Intelligent People

Cappuccino? Yes, please!

I had a long talk with a friend of mine, Sofia. When I mean long, I mean about two hours over lunch. She inspired me unbelievably. We talked about politics, classes, teachers, we even joked. We talked about art and music. We helped each other out.

Here’s the catch. This girl was nine. That’s why I love youth. That’s why I believe in our future.

I mean it. I was stunned. I showed her one of my paintings on my cell phone and she said it rivaled Van Gogh. She says to me, you know, I like it because it isn’t all perfect and straight.

To make this world a better place.
To make this world a better place.

I asked her what her plans for life are. She has it pretty much figured out. First plan was to marry Justin Bieber. If that fails, she’s marrying rich. If that fails she says she’s going into politics.

I ask her why? She says because she wants to make the world a better place.


Makes my overwhelmed state of life seem so silly. Why do grown ups mess everything up? We talked so long about education and the importance of learning. I taught her how to do her multiples of nine on her hands. I taught her what Chinese Math is by singing and learning by singing. I taught her how to count her seasons on her knuckles.

I admire her.

And she me, I believe. It’s friendship.

I notice how people’s friends all sort of look alike. I mean, my best girlfriends and I are almost equal in height, coloring, etc. Same with my husband’s, sister’s, children’s, etc.

What I think is special is when you cross those boundries and the old man and the
young child hold hands. How black meets white. How a homeless can talk with a rich person and share their experiences hoping to make this world a better place.

I’m praying for you. I am. β™‘

I know I’m a dreamer. Aren’t we all to some extent? I just wish life were more simple. Too many problems to begin listing them. I am just thankful I have an outlet through writing, through walking, through painting, through participating, through helping and through friendships.

In the meantime, as always I hope post finds you lovely, lucky and in love.


9 thoughts on “Meeting Intelligent People

  1. That’s such a beautiful friendship πŸ™‚ Relationship knows no age, and the only age it knows it years of friendship.

  2. I love your best friend. Is she your daughter? Friendships that span the ages are really special.
    And hey, it’s OK to be moody – who’s perfect anyway?
    I too lose patience but I find it again so it’s only mislaid, not lost. I am not always nice either so we have that in common too.
    And there is much to be said for not being young again. Would you want those teenage years with all the uncertainty that accompanies them? I certainly wouldn’t.

  3. Lovely, Miss Julie! When I think of children, I think of transparency and candidness. Then we become adults and think we need to hide and pretend life is dandy, when sometimes it just isn’t. I’ve been considering that with my friendships lately, allowing myself to step out and trust them with information I’d rather stuff down and let be. But, it’s sure to be a long life if I don’t find people I can share life with :0) Glad you have a little friend to find perspective with!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. What a good post! I love how you lead us to believe your girlfriend was grown up…what a lovely surprise. It’s important to stay young by being with young people. They are the wisest people in our lives. Maybe that’s why the Master says in order to come to Him we must be as little children…

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