My love affair with Apple, Mac and highest regards for Steve Jobs. ♥ ❒ Check ✔

♥ Why is it called Apple? Mouse over this picture to see.
It just works.

It started when I was working in the 80s at ComputerLand. I was hired by my mom’s friend the year after I had graduated high school. She hired me to be her assistant.

We sold IBM PCs to banks. There were no hard drives or memory on computers in those days. We saved our data on something called a 5 1/4 inch floppy disc.

One beautiful day a cute square box with an apple on it arrived that changed our lives. I got to open it. That was truly an exciting memory.

This is the first Mac that came out around 1984 I believe.
My very first computer purchase ~ the Mac Classic. I walked out of the SJSU Spartan Student Store with this in a box in 1986. It seems like yesterday.

It was the 1984 Macintosh also called the Mac Classic. We opened it up and I saw my first mouse. I couldn’t believe it. It was like a dream come true, someone, thank you Steve Jobs, had revolutionized the computer.

We had three programs to play with: a version of Word called MacWrite, a graphics program called MacPaint and solitaire.

Do any of you guys remember Wordstar? It was pre-word and used on IBM computers. Basically, you had to type a command-U before underlining and a command-U after the words to stop underlining. If you forgot the second command, your entire page would be underscored.

Bwah Ha ha ha.
That’s nerd humor for you.

Here kitty kitty kitty.  That's me talking again to my cat. : )
Here kitty kitty kitty. Click here to see my S.J. picks.

I hung out with the technicians. We got to open backs of computers and change mother boards and printer adapters. Fun stuff yet thoroughly educational and enjoyable. One day my friend Keary programmed a tiny musical symphony.

Why I love Apple and Mac Computers.

In 1986, after working at IBM, I bought my first Mac Classic at the student store at San Jose State University. The price was US$999. It was a bit of a novelty among my friends but me and my roommate got all of our reports done and WE COULD EDIT THEM.

Does anyone remember using white out on paper on a typewriter?

After university, I got my first job at big company in Los Angeles. There again, it was Mac all the way. To date, I have had and worked on

For my younger readers: This is what a computer screen looked like before there was a MOUSE!
For my younger readers: This is what a computer screen looked like before there was a MOUSE! See the Alt? Hold that with the U to start underlining! bwah ha ha ha, nerd humor again!

Macintosh ~ 1984
Apple IIgs ~ 1986
Macintosh LC 1990
Power Macintosh ~ 1994
Powerbook ~ 1996
iMac ~ 1998
Macbook ~ 2007
iphone – 2010

Talk about brand loyalty. The most difficult time in my life is when I moved to Europe in 1995 and couldn’t get support for my Powerbook to get my email going. I survived through it though. Europe has only embraced Apple in the last few years.

What I love about Macs?

Design. Intelligence. Font choice. The smile when you boot. User friendliness. The cool factor. That I have another mac or Apple and plan on getting more.

Thank you Steve Jobs and God bless.

How about you? Just how much do you love your Apple products? Are you loyal to any ONE brand?

Plug this into your cockpit.
ipad will replace books, in my humble opinion.

Also, I’ve never agreed with people who say Mac is just used for designers. I think ANYONE would love a mac product. Also I JUST had a long conversation how the ipad will revolutionize reading. I believe it will. I see kids with backpacks weighing 20 pounds and I get it big time.

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12 thoughts on “My love affair with Apple, Mac and highest regards for Steve Jobs. ♥ ❒ Check ✔

  1. You and me both baby! Imagine us having affairs with Mac at the same time! I remember creating my very first Christmas card design in MacPaint on our very first Mac Classic way back in the late 80s! I became a true devotee when I joined the design department of a big company that only used Mac computers. I learned everything I needed to know about a Mac on the job and have never used any other kind of computer since!

    Its ease of use made it possible for me to become a freelance artist and eventually start my own business. For a five person household we own and operate 6 Mac computers, 3 iphones and 2 ipod touches. Sure I’m a designer, and it is a perfect platform for creative work, but my husband, who is a CEO of a small food company ditched his pc to go back to a Mac platform to run things because it was sooo much easier! WE LOVE MAC!

    1. If you haven’t visited Melissa’s site, please do so now. She’s a great designer and lives in the bay area. I love her values. She has a fantastic family, has just hosted a foreign exchange student for a year and has had the priviledge of being invited to meet the heads of the Nutella industry for a private tour in Italy.

      Plus, she writes her blog in Italian! She has the best resources over there if you are interested in learning.

      Meli, it’s nice to know someone who appreciates Apple as much as I do. 🙂


  2. I played around with a Mac about 12 years ago. I had never worked with one, but a co-worker figured if I could fix a PC I could figure out their Mac problem. I don’t recall what it was, but I did manage to get it running again. And I was intrigued. It was not until July 2007 that I bought my first Mac, a MacBook. It still works flawlessly today and my oldest got her very first MacBook last year and has no plans to ever use a PC again. 🙂 I know I will never buy another PC, but I may have to work on one, unfortunately. [check me out, a newbie Apple snob! 😉 ]

    1. Ha ha ha, Anne. You always get me to smile or laugh. Especially with the smileys. Anne taught me how to use them and believe it or not it took at least three emails.


      I had a brief time when PC prices were so low that I was considering switching over. Luckily my husband came through and convinced me. He said after 20 years of hearing how great they are, there was no way he’d let me go back to PC.


  3. I wrote the newsletter for a Toastmasters group using Wordstar. I wanted a horizontal banner on top with a large font. A smaller horizontal banner below that, 2 columns below that and then four columns below that with the left one stating the speakers, evaluators, etc for the next 3 weeks. The first column was stationary. the next 3 rotated.
    The developers of Wordstar told me that the program was not capable of doing wordwrap that I couldn’t do it. I LOVE being told I can’t do something. It took approx 40 hours, but SUCCESS!!!!

  4. Really cute Jaclyn Rae. I want one. I’m pretty simple though around here, but that IS fun. I love how you add fun to all of your posts. You are a stylish young woman.

  5. It was a real shock to me when I woke up and read the news. He was one of those people who really changed tings with his vision

  6. Yup. 1986 bought my “fat Mac” (Macintosh Plus) at the University book store in a giant box for giant money (for me) when I was 24. The campus security guard stopped me and asked for proof of payment! I toyed at buying some stock, back in the days that no one thought Mac would survive Microsoft (I didn’t, but my brother in law did). We loved MacPaint, Zork (keeping track of our progress on graph paper) and the original Lode Runner. I remember the darling Image Writer dot matrix printer too. My Intro Computer Science semester included how to use MacWrite and MacDraw. When we had toddlers (1992) we moved on to the LC (Carmen Sandiego, Thinking Things and a cradle modem that dialed up Compuserve through Red Rover). Do you remember EWORLD??? I loved EWorld.. I was there at the end. I have the transcript of the final hour and my comment lives in the cyber-graveyard. I inherited an iMac (1997) and and iBook (2000). Eventually bought a new G5 desktop (2003), a Macbook (2010, when I went back to university at 48). I have an iphone and a brand new iPad that I love. I mark my life with the evolution of these products. The joy of learning a new interface and continuing to be relevant as I age is part of the love I have for Mac. I love that I have been along for the WHOLE RIDE and that I was a believer in the power of Woz/Jobs design. I am still so sad that Mr. Jobs is gone. I have confidence in the people he put in place at Apple, but I despair at the things that might have been. Thanks for the chance to remember. Namaste.

  7. Its not a Mac as such, but I recently got an Iphone and I’m loving it. Facetiming people and trying to make the Aps work. Loads of fun

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