Facebook ► the good, the bad and the unexpected.

I like to see you on facebook.

I like to see you on facebook.

With 1.2 billion active users, it’s no wonder that facebook is touching many of our lives in ways that are good and bad and unexpected. What do you think? Like it, love it or leave it?


Sharing pictures of my life with friends and family.

Don’t Like
Choosing a profile picture.

Reading and seeing pictures of your lives.

Don’t Like
Political threads.

Unexpected laughter from funny stories.


Seeing the name of an old friend after many years.

Meaningful contributions.


Links to cool articles and videos.

Don’t Like

Mean sprited comments

Don’t Like

Swear words especially first thing in the morning.


Status Updates.

Don’t Like
Too many status updates in a row.

Chatting on line.

Don’t Like
Chatting on line when I’m trying to get out of the door.

The love and support people give.

Don’t Like
To read about sad things happening in your lives.

When I write a status update and people hit the ‘Like’ button.

Don’t Like
Certain sentences such as I’m just saying and bad use of punctuation, such as all caps, overuse of parentheses or more than three dots on an ellipses.

Acronyms such as LMAO, LMFAO and lol. Parenthesis and dashes like this {hugs} and this — or this — instead of this -.

Don’t Like
Certain games, some invitations, and farmville.

Long personal letters from friends.

Seeing you smile.

Double Like
Long threads with many participants.

Having a look into your lives through pictures.

Like Like
Facebook birthdays.

Instant communication, sort of like instant gratification.

Being connected to the world. Paying it forward.

Like Like
Compliments and thank yous. Love to hear thank you. 🙂

How about you? Facebook ~ Like it, love it or leave it?

21 thoughts on “Facebook ► the good, the bad and the unexpected.

  1. Dave Doolin says:

    Can’t say I much care for Facebook. I’m on it for several reasons, but not really by choice. More along the lines of making sure I reserve the real estate.

    Then again, I was on twitter very early, and didn’t warm up to for a couple of years. So who knows?

    Thanks for stopping by over at my place. Have a great day!

    • Julie ~ jbulie's blog says:

      Hey Dave.

      You have a point there, as a blogger, you did well by reserving your space. It’s also a great way to share pix. I see you do much better on twitter. I’m still learning though.


  2. LindyLouMac says:

    I think you have said it all Julie!

    I love being able to keep in regular touch with family
    and friends from all over the world so easily.

  3. gn says:

    Well said, I have diffidently experienced some of the drama. Like I tell my kids if you don’t have anything nice to say remain silent. Reconnecting with family and friends by far has been the best part!

  4. bookjunkie says:

    hey Julie…great list…..i love looking at pics of my cousin who is far away from me in Australia….its a great way to connect with her 🙂 but i don’t like when facebook zaps my energy as a timewaster….at one point it was becoming too addictive so these days i don’t log on much.

  5. bookjunkie says:

    I am guilty to say i used to be so addicted to petville and after I beat that farmville! It was awful. All my cousins and aunts were addicted too, so it was a family affair.

  6. bookjunkie says:

    I meant pet society, which came first. Now Zygna has also introduced petville!…they are oh so bad! 😉

  7. J.D. Meier says:

    I like the fact that it’s been easier for me to keep in touch with some relatives and friends. I was surprised by how many people that weren’t good in email, suddenly were Facebook pros. I guess the little pictures and signs of life made it more addicting.

  8. boredcook says:

    Can’t say I like or dislike Facebook. I don’t have a Facebook page.

    People keep telling me I should, but it will be another addiction for me.

    My life will suffer, my children will starve, my house will look like a bomb site, and as my life is destoryed around me, I’ll be sitting at my desk on Facebook. This is my fear.

    So I don’t have a Facebook page, never have had one, and can’t say what I like or love about it.

    But…I have a blog and use Twitter, which means all of the above is already happening while I sit on the computer, so really, what’s one more addicition? LOL

  9. Mandy Allen says:

    Oh dear, I’m a FarmVille fan! It started as a bit of ribbing with an American friend who was quite accomplished and I said ‘I’ll catch you up’ and she said ‘No you won’t’, but I did, and overtook her too…

    Enjoy the journey.


  10. Tana says:

    I like it Jules, it brought you back in to my life and reconnected me so many other old friends and now new ones. x

  11. Ruth says:

    Haha, there’s so much that I like about Facebook! But then again, there are tons of things I don’t like. I actually deactivated FB 2 weeks ago and I’m still clean 😛
    I don’t like it how I spend WAY too much time on FB so that’s why I decided to deactivate it for some time…
    What I like most is how people write funny comments. What I don’t like is how people “pretend” to be happy on FB when they’re not…But yeah, there are many many good things about FB and a few dislikes! 😛

    Anyway, nice blog!

  12. Patricia says:

    I like your post very much and all your good points about face book. I clicked over from Barbara’s post today because I liked the title of your post.

    I am a … freak I am afraid. After having to write formally for over 30 years, it is like opening up room for a breath of fresh air and maybe getting a comment from someone else. It kind of relaxes me.

    I like all the news feeds on facebook and twitter because I just get wee small snippets and I do not have to engage, but still know what is going on. I heard Desmond Tutu speak about PEACE 2 nights ago and when others complained about the news, newspapers, and the negativity he said, “Oh I just think of it as God’s to do list!”

    Now I laugh every time a news feed pops up.

    I have not mastered pictures on facebook but it is the only place that I have a picture of me on line, mostly because my children put pictures up.

    This was fun – thank you for sharing

  13. LindyLouMac in Italy says:

    I just called by as on my reader no new posts from you recently, so was surprised to find you had been writing, it seems my feed has not been working properly. Not much changes two years on and we are all still hooked on FB despite Google Plus trying to capture our attention!

  14. countingducks says:

    I’m a bit the same with Facebook but I like the way I can kep in touch with family and friends with t, and see the updates, photographs and what they are doing when they are far away so that more tha compensates for any problems it might provide.

  15. countingducks says:

    I still feel the same way. I love the way you repeat some posts. It is endearing in a funny way. Thats why I’m commenting again, so you know I popped in to one of my favourite Bloggers

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