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Art Contest
That’s my picture on the right. I participated and won fifth in a local art contesHi. How do you know when I’m going to post? I don’t even tell anyone on facebook when I post but I tell you my stats went up five times when I got back from my vacation.How do you know? Isn’t that weird how people know when you write and then they come visit without me telling anyone? hmmm.

Big news!

I participated in a town event. It was an art contest where you have to paint a picture. The way it works is you go in the morning with a blank piece of paper, pay the entrance fee, about $10, you get a coupon towards dinner.

Then you have until 3p to paint your picture, turn it in by 4p max and judging takes place at 5p. It was a nervous exciting day because I get scared to paint and be judged although I am learning to overcome those fears. It helped to have children in the garden with me as I painted and my ipod playing music.

What the mind can conceive the body can acheive.
There’s my painting.

Music rocks by the way. Amazing how it can transport you.

So, I’m painting in the garden, I finish the piece when three of my friends decide to write nice things about me. I tell you, they came in as rockstars because it was just what I needed at the moment where I literally was flipping out over colors.

I mean I have no idea what I’m doing painting. Especially a landscape.

Still, I did it. I framed the picture using a frame I had on the wall. I took it in and they put it up for display immediately with a number on it.

Then this guy walks over and starts taking pictures of it. I hid in the background on a chair. I ran into a friend too, thank goodness. I didn’t tell him I was competing whilst we were chatting.

The judges come by and confer. Then as they were putting up the nine awards out of 25 entries, they came right next to mine and attached a number nine on the painting to my left. Then these two ladies sifted through the numbers looking at my painting and looking back at their list, then they walked away.

I wanted to grab my painting and run out before anyone recognized me.

Then they came back and stuck a number five on it! I was thrilled. I won a bunch of stuff, that included a huge salame! ha ha ha. We are in Italy!  A salame. How classic.

Better light.
Better light.

The HANDS’ DOWN best part was as I took my painting to go home when a man nearby stops me and asks me if I was the author. I said yes.

Then he introduced himself as one of the judges and he said to me the magical words:

I thought this should have won first prize. I tried to convince the other judges. He said to me, The others are good work, what to expect in a contest, but your work had that something extra.

He called it a ‘hand’ in Italian, or mano. I think I get that from my mom. I am sure of it.

I came home and celebrated with family and friends. Great day. Yay me.

20 thoughts on “Blogging ☆ Painting ☆ Comments ☆ Thoughts

  1. No big secret I know you have posted as Google Reader Tells me. 🙂

    Thankyou for showing your appreciation by leaving me a comment on my sunset skies post.

  2. Congrats Julie…that’s so wonderful. The art contest sounds like such an enriching thing to do and I’m glad the judge told you how he felt 🙂 Italy is definitely the place to be for artists 🙂

  3. Thank you! 🙂 Maybe God brought me to Italy to paint! I do love being surrounded by art. My year abroad when I was 20 was certainly eye opening and life changing.


  4. I LOVE THE PAINTING!!! Especially what we talked about. It is ART!!!. Grandma did one very similar of some houses around a square. Perfect perspective. At least from my perspective it is

  5. What a wonderful, wonderful story!! You really should put the salame in a shadow box and mount it on the wall. :0) Silliness aside, I agree with the judge that you work has that something extra. I really love this piece!

  6. I love all your paintings. They move me. Something I always look for in paintings and rarely discover. The use of color and movement within stillness, the feel. Ahhh.

  7. Ohhh! Thank you. I actually did feel chills from your comment, so thank you for that. My mom is a really good scuptress so I think I get it from her. My talent lately seems to just want to come out.

    I can’t describe it but I do get into a trance when painting. I’m super happy to have sold some paintings too.


  8. Ah! Ahhhhh! 🙂 Now I know who Julie is who won! It’s you. I didn’t know it was you! How sweet. How very very sweet of you to bid and win. I know you are going to love it. I hope so at least. Thank you for bidding. Julie

  9. You are such a wonderful discovery and I’m honored. Already visualizing how I’m going to work a room around your use of colors. I wonder who will get there first, my new wonderful painting or me? Thank you, Julie. I’m delighted.

  10. This is a great story, and I agree that “Music Rocks” by the way. You had me gripping my seat, and I’m so pleased that you got a prize, and by the remarks the judge made about your effort. Among other things, I am watching the Olympic rowing at the moment, and your story made me feel as though I was cheering you over the line as nerves and other opponents tried to derail your efforts. Well done you

  11. what a great idea for a contest! I love how everything takes place in one day. Could people watch you while painting?
    I totally agree that music is a great energizer to work and to be creative. and I love to read what stands out for you in the Italian culture as I always wonder why my Canadian man notices exactly the one or the other peculiarity.
    The salame incident made me laugh out loud, it’s just SO Italian to involve food in a prize in general and then especially a salame. not chocolate or champaign. A salame!!

  12. … and again so true, kids are honest judges. I can’t paint (unlike the other half of the mashup mission, she’s great at it), otherwise I would love to take part in a contest like that. As you wrote, scary but satisfying.
    We are collecting ideas for charity events related to our men’s work at the moment, in every season at least one is organized and maybe we could include the kid’s version of what you participated in.
    Thanks for your reply and keep up the painting, with or without the salame-award, hai la mano e l’occhio!

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