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I am absolutely fascinated by beautiful Kate Middleton. I ask myself what role she will take on as the future Queen of England.

Is there anyone out there who knows what that entails?

I think I read somewhere that the Queen’s wealth is the highest in the world. Is that right?

Ive also heard the queen is the most powerful woman in the world.

Is that true?

I think Kate is just beautiful. Her hair is just gorgeous, her eyes shine. She has those eyes that smile. I also love the way she speaks.

Like many of my readers, and probably most of the world with access to news, they watched the royal wedding.

I loved so many things about Kate and Williams’s wedding — the crazy hats, the pomp and circumstance, the flowers. I think it all is just fun and wonderful.

Britain has every reason to be proud.

Here are 30 things that perhaps you might not have known about the lovely Mrs. Mountbatten-Windsor:

1. Her official title is Catherine, Her Royal Highness, Duchess of Cambridge.

2. She is the future Queen of England.

3. She was born Catherine Elizabeth Middleton on January 9th 1982 in Bradford, England.

4. In April of 2011, Prince William, born in 1982, the eldest son of the Princess Diana, married Kate, or Catherine Middleton, in a highest ever ranked in person, television and internet viewing audience, 24.5 million people.

Flags at Royal Wedding
Flags at Royal Wedding

We all remember Kate and William’s balcony kiss at their wedding. Does anyone remember the sweet little girl on the balcony holding her ears due to all of the noise? It was precious.

5. Her mom, Carole, was an airline hostess and entrepreneur and her dad, Michael worked at the airport.

The Middleton Family

Kate’s mom, Carole, is absolutely beautiful too — as well as the rest of their family.

In fact, what strikes me about their family is how downright lovely they are to look at.

They seem so approachable. The Middleton’s have three children; Catherine, or Kate, Pippa and James.

6. Kate is a runner and liked to run around her palace in Kensington.

7. Kate likes photography. In fact, she had some of her own photos on her walls at University.

8. There was an untrue rumour that Kate had a picture of Prince William on her University wall. If asked, Kate smiles and says the picture was of the Levi’s model.

9. When Kate was younger her mom ran a successful online business called Party Pieces where they sold assembled party bags.

Pippa attracted quite a bit of buzz.
Pippa attracted quite a bit of buzz.

10. Kate and her sister Pippa attended Saint Andrews, a private girls school for girls aged three to 13.

11. Kate was good at high jump.

12. Kate’s sister is so pretty too.

13. Kate later attended Downe House where she was teased for being a good student.

Later her mom took her out and enrolled her at Marlbourough College.

14. Kate was thin and shy when younger but so pretty.

15. At Prince Andrews she first studied Art History then changed to Geography.

16. She met her future husband Prince William at a party.

17. She and Prince William were friends for a year before they started dating.

18. Kate met Wills at Saint Andrews in Scottland while she was studying Art History.

19. Prince William’s last name is Mountbatten-Windsor or is it Wales?

20. When Kate first saw William, know to friends as Wills, she reportedly got flushed and walked away. People say she went to Saint Andrews because she had a crush on him.

21. Kate befriended an American called Warshauer who says on November 1st, they friends met at a Harry Potter Castle Party. They say there was a 200 quid challenge to for Kate dance with William.

Apparently girls would relentlessly flirt with him.

22.  In 2002, Kate’s sophomore year, Kate and William moved into an apartment together after a courtship, where they led a easy life that included cooking.

24. Prince William was the guest of honor at Kates 23rd birthday party.

25. They were first photographed together skiing in Switzerland at Klosters.

Wills and Kate

26. In 2005, they were young and love. They split and then later got back together through a defining period.

She says she wasn’t happy about it but she learned something about herself and grew in that period.

27. Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge graduated with honors in Art History.

28. After University prince William joined British Royal Naval Academy and Catherine worked for her parents.

29. Kate briefly worked at the high street store named Jigsaw as an accessories buyer but it didn’t work out — maybe because of being followed by paparazzi.

30. She is currently a chic stylish woman with charming hazel eyes and grace that are certain to win over fan after fan, just as she has done with our blog readers here.

The Lovely Kate!

6 thoughts on “Kate!

  1. I don’t know whats up with me today bit it took me forever to find where to place my comment. Couldn’t see the box for love or money. Still, never mind all that, as I always say. I agree that Kate has been a refreshing breath of fresh air to the monarchy and the country and we all love her

  2. She’s pure class and so down to earth… it is no surprise William fell for her. She has the same essence as beautiful Princess Diana!

  3. Actually William’s surname is Wales. Royals and blue bloods take their surnames from their estates. Oddly enough they actually have a choice of one of three surnames for the baby; – mountbatten – windsor from the royal household, wales because charles is the prince of wales (and presumably william will be once the queen gives up the ghost) or cambridge as william is the duke of cambridge. All sounds very aha.

    Sorry for sounding like a pompous t**t. Just had to make a bit of a correction on your post.

  4. hey Julie hi, you’re back but this is unexpected trivia 🙂 You missed out on who I think is the best royal today: baby Prince George looks like a perfect ad for baby products (…written tongue in cheek)..

  5. I believe not only British like this elegant lady but people all around the world. Looking forward to see her becomes a queen~

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