Let’s eat Grandma! or Let’s eat, Grandma! Punctuation saves lives.

tumblr_n8ax1mKPhG1r4dhkuo1_500Hi guys and welcome back. Thanks for dropping in.

Do you often check your stats?

I was humbled when doing my internet research and came across blogs that have a reported reader base of 300,000. I was so excited about my first 1,800. I went into the kitchen and told my husband. He was lovely and supportive. He said Julie, give it a chance, you have only just started.

He’s absolutely right.

I am reminded to thank God for my many blessings.

I spend a lot of time figuring out the basics, how to choose a picture, how to get my categories and my archives visible.

There’s a lot of behind the scenes work going on that I don’t know if my reader is aware of.

Here’s a little appreciation going to the behind the scenes workers at this blog. Someone needs a little love and a hug today.

Some people added me to their lists of blogs they like to read — this brought new visitors. Thank you. It is a nice friendly surprise — sort of like a present you didn’t expect.

More Readers Comments.

Be young. Go ahead do something impossible. Could anything be more sweet?

Most comments are super supportive and positive. Thank you! A guy left a comment saying anyone anyone writes their biography in the third person is a dork.

I deleted it. I reserve that right for people I truly love like my sister, my husband and my best friend who call me Mutt, Monkey, Jules™, JulieBulie™ and JB™.

Each Word You Say Represents Who You Are

Often when my friends use questionable language. I sometimes give them a tiny note, a wink and a smile.

You can do it!

They say, It’s not my fault!

I told the sweet and smart people I’m going to buy you a shirt and write It’s not my fault on it for the amount of times I’ve heard that.

I love that they have added me to their facebook accounts and include me in their lives. Hi guys! 🙂

They gave me a couple of toys to play with at school: a spinner top, a stand up figurine as big as my index finger and a poofy top pen.

Smiles. Silliness. Wonder.

Everything is going to be okay. Really!

Life is Participation.

I walked into class and some of my students noticed I got a new hair cut. They gave me compliments. I think were sincere. Although at the moment my hair is getting really long.

I’ve learned so many things from people and living lately. I would say the number one thing I have learned is how to be a nicer person.

I mean it. I surround myself by lovely people and I thank you for being here right now in this minute reading these words. Hi! Welcome.

I’m Still Smiling.

I received a ton of stuff from my loved ones. Thank you so much. They continue to spoil me. I don’t know what I have done to deserve such wonderful treatment but I try to be humble and thankful.

My kids got a lot of clothes, toys and candy. I get love.

We talk about health, not smoking and going the extra mile – and flossing, how knowledge will make you a better people. We talk about how making decisions now effect the rest of our lives.

Miro. Ha!

I feel privileged to be a writer and a teacher to talk to them and to you too. I’m also enjoying every beautiful minute of this glorious day.

Thank you.

I know I got through to my class because they got real quiet and started listening, eyes transfixed.

We talked about health we talked at length about existentialism, fatalism and Christianity and dreams. They get it. Kids are smart. They are our future.

As always, I hope this finds you well, happy, lucky and in love. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read and visit. Have a great day.

 by Julie Angelos

Be inspirational. Be inspired. Note to self: Try. And smile. Everything is going to be all right.


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10 thoughts on “Let’s eat Grandma! or Let’s eat, Grandma! Punctuation saves lives.

  1. Great post Julie. And I won’t call you a dork. Promise. Don’t you love those unsoliciated, obnoxious little comments people leave? I have only gotten one so far, and it was in reference to the fact that I used powdered spices in some of my recipes. Food snob much? I just deleted it and moved on. Next time I may consider blowing some garlic powder up their noses though.

    I love the start of your blog and the reference to punctuation. Something I am HORRIBLE at. But, I do know the correct choice should be “Let’s eat, Grandma”, I promise you I would have typed it wrong if it were me typing it.

    As for the brownie points, I don’t mind passing on this article and you don’t even have to give me brownie points for it. Just the brownie itself and I will be a happy girl.

    Glad your class trip was so much fun. I would have loved to have gone with you. I love that you have such an open and close relationship with you’re students. We need more teachers like you.


  2. And see, it’s not JUST punctuation that I am horrible at. I typed “you’re” when I should have typed “your”. Guess I’m not getting the brownie now, right?

  3. Julie, I just rewarded you with the Honest Award! Check it out on my blog, congratulations! I hope you accept it.

  4. Hey Julie,
    You are brilliant, sweet, smart and a “what you see is what you get” kind of person. It doesn’t get any better than that! Keep up the creative, loving and caring YOU!! XOXO Lisa

  5. Thanks for sharing why you are called JBulie affectionately. I was wondering about that…Julie Bulie sounds so cute 🙂

    Love your title about punctuations saving lives….good one!

  6. Julie, Julie, Julie! You are my most favoritist Julie to read online! You are honest and humorous. Who cares if you are a dork? lol…wink wink.

    I wonder if you would guest post on my blog? Email me if you are interested.

  7. It’s wonderful that you love your job this much, not many people get that, you know. You’re real lucky. 🙂
    Oh by the way, what do you teach? 🙂

  8. Julie,
    I love reading your words and about your teaching and students. My daughter is hoping also to be rehired as a librarian at her school – full time and not just part time so I will add you to my prayers for her also.

    How lucky are you over 1,000…after 3 + years of blogging I have a solid 300 readers a week, but only 16 subscribers…it’s true….That should make you feel happy
    and I do think some of those that list 300,000 are playing with the numbers.
    Several bloggers I know have had to close there comments because there are so many and so many spammers that ruin it for others.

    Yes feel lucky and enjoy the summer sunshine. It is fun to come by and see what you are doing and painting.

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