Is your blog bloggalicious?

I saw a friend the other day. She asked me how I was. As a joke I said,

Haven’t you read my status update? Ba da bum.

We know we are lives our changing when every real conversation we have ends with I’ll send you a link.

Are bloggers the new journalists?

Now that I’m a blogger, I approach life a little bit differently. When I go out and about I notice more details.

I talk to people and I’ve started listening more to them as well. Maybe I’m just scouting for stories so I don’t run out of things to write about.

Goodness knows it’s hard to get me to be quiet so I don’t know why I would run out of ideas. The point is it’s time for me to zip the gab smacker known as my mouth and start listening.

I’m learning this from a blogger friend of mine. The way it works is this. You offer your story and then you ask to hear theirs. So, letting caution to the wind, I say, hey, why not? I’ll give it a shot. Is your blog bloggalicious? Is your life life-alicous? Is your booty bootilicous?

Do you start every real conversation lately with I read your blog post or I saw your video on line?

Here’s a good one. When someone says they read your blog, do you sort of smile inwardly and think yeah, but did you leave a comment?

What do you think? People are reacting to me as if I were a writer. Now because I’m publishing a blog all of the sudden I’m a writer?

I’ll whip out some stories in the garage that I’ve kept for the last twenty years if you want to know that every day I’m a writer. The difference is that I’m now ready to share.

Did she just write what I think she just wrote?

Where’d I put the darn answer?

I’m thinking Oscar buzz peeps.

I’m thinking Oprah’s on the phone spectacular.

I’m thinking out of control spectacular.

Did any of this make sense? Beuller? Beuller? Am I writing to myself again? Where’s my editor? Where’s my teacher? Anyone checking this for factual information?

If any of you are returning visitors here to my site I’ve been working hard updating it. If you are new here, well then *welcome*.

I’ve learnt a ton doing this blog about peer to peer marketing and overcoming fears. It’s actually increased my confidence as a writer. What do you think? Leave me a comment.

My friends have texted me that they find my blog and what I’m doing over here inspiring. If I had a dollar for every time.. ha ha ha.  That’s a good one.

I keep thinking about my friend who told me in a comment she thinks I’m technically gifted. It just makes me laugh.

I’m super satisfied that I linked to five awesome charities. The one I hold dearest to me is for my high school friend Kelli, Living in Grace.

As always hope this post finds you lovely, lucky and in love.

26 thoughts on “Is your blog bloggalicious?

  1. For me blogging is about connecting and sharing our thoughts and experience to others. Also, it an expression of our creativity. 🙂

  2. I agree with you on how much more aware you become of things when you become a blogger. I absolutely pay attention to more of what is going on around me.

    Something else I have found out about blogging is this; it tends to make people nervous. I find my family members and some of my friends saying things like “You are NOT going to put that on the blog right?”

    I was taking a picture of a dish we had at Christmas (it was a rib roast) and my brother-in-law was slicing it. I ran up to take a picture for the blog and he immediately said “Wait! Let me get the right knife.” I thought it was hysterical. He was actually nervous that if I posted the photo of him cutting that meat with the “wrong” knife, someone out there would comment about it.

    It makes me laugh.

  3. Isn’t it something when you can’t get online for a few days and you feel compelled to attempt it anyway just so people know you haven’t dropped off the face of the earth? I managed to eek out a post between DSL failures to connect and tissues up the nose [literally]. So happy to be able to be online and to breathe again [not necessarily in that order].

    Did I read something about gobstoppers? Oh, wait, eyes are still a bit fuzzy. Guess a big ol’ gobstopper would keep the gab smacker zipped for a bit, too. Mmmm, tasty. 🙂 I guess I should lay off the NyQuil now.

  4. Writing is fun!!!!!!!!!!! oh YEs! You get that across!

    Peace…and I like that you asked for comments…
    Right? HOW great it is to admit…we write to be read, to be in communion with the world around us!
    To make contact, to give, to take to share to grow to know to believe to disbelieve…to have the freedom to say…nah I’m going to click to the next page….

    You asked for comments.
    How human! My blog has no comments but ya know what?
    I just started!…I’ll write write write write write.

    Your personality comes through in a large way!
    Nice to read someone who just seems happy to have fingers that can press these funny letters on a keyboard!

    Keep it up! (as if you could stop?!)

  5. Julie, this post is filled with thought, humor and witt. I have to say that we do blog to be heard, don’t we? I first started blogging 5 years ago as a personal journal of a personal issue. Some friends wanted to read about my journey so I allowed them in. That blog is now over. I have moved on or morphed into two distinct blogging categories-cooking and crafting.
    As for the status update line, I have a story of my own about that. As I was leaving church yesterday morning, a gentleman asked me what pasta I was having for dinner that night! Apparently his wife is my FB friend and relates my statuses to him. They follow my cooking blog as well.

    And I am guilty of saying “I’ll send you a link”.

  6. Hi Julie, very funny. I actually don’t mix with people socially who are in any way interested in my blog! None are bloggers, they can only just about open an email, and mostly go to the local library to do that!

    Enjoy the journey.


  7. hahah I actually got your Beuller reference! I notice more details too and am scooping for stories. Makes life more lifalicious like you say ….cool new word Julie 🙂

    1. I bet we were born at the same year, we almost always blog about the same things. I think the newest word I hear about is ‘tool’. I don’t think I like it though. I couldn’t imagine using it. Thank you though.

  8. Julie! Your blog looks great. I love what you’ve done with it.
    I like that blogging daily makes me a writer! When I’m out for a walk or just talking with friends my brain is always thinking about what I should blog about next. Call that obsession or just an eager writers mind 🙂
    I’d love for you to bring out some of those stories! Come on Julie. Share with us 🙂

    1. I so know what you are talking about! I go through my day and think, oh, that would be a great blog post. \ I like reading about Ireland too, so please keep writing.


  9. Julie– you’re awesome! Love this post (and the captions on your pictures). 🙂

    1. Thank Jay Ray, If I had a million dollars for every time you’ve said such nice things, well, gosh darn it, I’d be a billionaire! I’d rather have the compliment though, so thank you.


  10. Well we don’t get paid for our efforts so thats one difference, but it has helped me organise my daydreaming and meet some very nice people. None of that has much to do with journalism though. My Dad was a Journalist. Perhaps I should have been one as well

  11. Yes, you are so right. I particulary love sharing my art work with friends. That was a bonus I didn’t expect when I started blogging. It shows that your dad transmitted something to you. I think you are a journalist.


  12. Found your blog by following a link on a comment you left over at Hoping to start my blog this month – explains why I jumped over to this post I guess.

    Don’t have much to say since this is the only post I have read since landing here.

    Just keep on doing what your brain and heart loves.

  13. Well now, Ms. Julie, we both know that my blog cannot quite be described as blogilicious, per se. But I’m working on it! I agree that you are technically gifted. I’m still trying to figure out what all of the “stats” mean over on my blog.

    For me, it’s sort of just an outlet. It’s hardly even anything now, but maybe if it becomes something, I’ll have the opportunity to actually create something out of it. Until then, I’ll keep visiting and being inspired by whatever you’re doing over here. =) BTW – love the new look! And the purple!

  14. I don’t think I’ve read this post. I remember being amazed when I realised I’d already red one of your posts sometime before. Having said that I’ve always loved your blog and its one of my top favourites as you know. I have developed an affection for the bloggers I met when I first came on line, and you are firmly in that character, so keep blogging or re-blogging as long as you like. I will always come back and treasure them

  15. Actually I’ve just realised I have already commented on this post but its still nice to say hello.

  16. You rblog is Great Jules! I find people arenb’t here to critique or judge so much. People just want to find out about you and what you are doing and where you stand on some things to some extent. Its not for a grade or a paycheck. have fun! The Jules I have gotten to know via your blog seems like a great gal and one I look forward to getting to know better…via her writings. But you are right, when we end with, “I’ll send you a link’ instead of doing a conversation it had become sad. 🙂

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  18. Julie, Mademoiselle, You’ve a peppy blog-line & a perky writealicious way to communicate & connect with one & all…! Keep up the good work…! God bless you…!!

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