Alice in Paris is a delish show on #Tastemade.

If you haven’t watched Alice in Paris on Tastemade’s YouTube channel, then you should, it is delicious.

Check out beautiful Alyssa, the star of Alice in Paris
Meet Sweet Alysse, the star of Alice in Paris, a show on the YouTube channel called Tastemade.

I met Alysse, the shooting and sweet star, last month through a mutual friend and she was gracious enough to grant me an interview.

We met on Skype and clicked immediately. You can see the full interview at the bottom of the page.

Julie (me): Thank you so much Alysse for meeting up with me today.

Can you tell me about your series? We absolutely love it. How did you start. Did you say you won a competition?

Alysse: Yes. We won a contest yet it had nothing to do with Tastemade.

We started doing the series in January. We used that little first episode for a contest to serve as a pilot episode for the rest of the series.

I think it it was three pilots for Tastemade and then we had a 25 episode series order.

Julie: Wow! So your first order was 25 series?

Alysse: Yes!

lovelaughsmileAlice in Paris is made with another guy, his name is Thebaud.

Thebaud Paul Martin

It is just, Alysse tells me, the two of them who have co-created, co-written and produced the series.

She says, He is a genius at the camera and directing. He does the editing, the designing, the color. We write together and we discuss the places we want to shoot, then we work on the episode.

They took two weeks off in July before shooting. She says, We didn’t want to do anything.

Then they got to work.

Now he works on his stuff and I am back to school for one year. I am working on a TV programme called C’erait della :::(chance?)  a then we got our series order for the second season.

Julie: It is really taking off! I see your audience loves you.

Alysse: Yes, really. They are so nice. She offers a smile.

Julie: I think what you give them, is like, you give them a very small bite.

It’s a taste.

That’s what I love about it. It is like you are having a taste of you and Paris.

One of my favorite episodes is the chocolate one you cut right in half of what is maybe a beignet? It was amazing inside, a chocolate. I will find a picture.

What would you say is your favorite episode?

Alysse: My favorite episode is La Prendre du Grande, which is the episode where I run to get the train.

I am wearing a marine sweater, I love this episode, we made that, was episode 7.

The five first episodes were just chaos! We were running around and we didn’t understand what we were doing.

We had thee weeks late, where we were shooting and everything was chaos.

Then, there was this first episode was the first time I felt a sense of, ok, I know what we are doing, we are going to do this, to go through our 25 episodes.


That episode, everything clicked. We were on schedule.

The production was good. It is full of humor at the same time.

Also, I loved the episode with my little neice where I put the little candies — because she was so nice and so good at it.

She was very sweet.

Julie: I loved the one episode with your friend on a rainy day where you both try to cheer each other up.

Do you know what I love about it? That it is just a minute and a half.

In a minute and a half you can convince anyone to watch it.

Just give me one minute.

Alysse: That is it! Great, just great.

In June in Paris, there were the floods in Paris and the Seine river went up so high.

We had planned on shooting the sunny, warm, summer episode written upon the premise of sun in June in Paris.

We had to cancel three episodes!

Instead we had two weeks of pouring rain.

Everything had to be cancelled.

Thebaud and I decided to rewrite everything and capture the real atmosphere of rainy Paris.

Then, the day they shoot, the sun decides to come out again. 🙂

Luckily we had one final aggressive rain pour down.

We filmed that one so we chased it and caught it on film. That was one of the most difficult episodes to shoot to get the rain and the shot under the rain.

Julie: How is the weather today?

Alysse: Beautiful!

We thank each other for sharing our information and sharing the love as two lights passing in the day.


En plus.

  • Alysse is the star + one of the two location finders, co creator and a also a student.
  • They started filming the series in July.
  • Her audience absolutely adores her because she gives them a taste of Paris which is part of her goal.
  • Their team has been green lit to film another 25 episodes starting in early next year and we cannot wait.