How I got 3 shiny and sparkly brand new consultants to sign up with me in less than 3 weeks.

Hello hello hello.

This is going to be super super quick.

Since the day the new company launched in Italy it has been non stop sale and sign up.

Literally we have been up to 3a sometimes 4a for this launch, totally done out of passion.

Everyday I learn something I like more and more about the company.

From the support I get, to the people I have met to the confidence I never knew I had, to the opportunity to be and become a leader.

Sure, you can laugh at me and say, hey that girl is selling mascara. But ha! Jokes on me.
I will tell you why. I am well into my fifth decade earth bound and anyone will tell you I hardly wear make up.

I will tell you why. Because I am a mom and a wife and I am waking up early to take care of my house and my family and I do it out of LOVE for them.

I am blessed.

I don’t have a minute it seems ever to just relax and write or have tea or go shopping. Instead, I squeeze in a minute here and there just like I am doing now because pretty soon, I get to take my kid to baseball practice.

I just wanted to tell you the EXACT steps I did to get people on my team.

I read about the offer and did my research to make sure it was a decent offer.

I called one of the reps and asked questions about the company and about the products.

I waited at my computer until the doors were open.

I was the 85th to register within 20 minutes of that flood gate.

I got swamped with groups, texts and welcome letters, mostly love.

I called my sister and my mom and they gave me ear full suggestions of loving advice.

I told my immediate family and they were like, cool, if that makes you happy.

mind you I haven’t had time to barely geat a hair cut!

8. I posted about it in facebook and again read as much as I could.

9. I went out of my comfort zone and publised like five or six facebook live videos on my wall.

10. I added anyone who said they were interested into my facebook group and my sponsor Emma’s group too, being polite and saying my friend is having a look around.

11. I opened my gift I did to myself in front of everyone in the world on my facebook wall with my knees a knocking, hands trembling, no matter what, I can do this attitude and laughed at myself the whole time.

12. I asked if there were any questions and I answered them.

13. My mom signed up first. I was on the phone to her and we did the order together, one thing at a time, just log in, create a password, ok, done.

14. My high school rocking beautiful friend Jenn saw me and said, that looks great, where do I sign up, so she did.

15. My sponsor, Emma told me about a woman in Italy who didn’t speak a bunch of English and if I could help her, and wouldn’t you know, she and I totally clicked and she is now in out growing family.

Have a great day!



I am on the leadership board today for top sales.

Just got back from Milan! Whoosh! That was amazing. Who knew that getting pandora’s box I would be shot to a team leader position with a growing strong beautiful team.


That was amazing.

I will never forget speaking with one of the top corporate reps, nice young man, with a kind smile, who said, I think you are going to do very well here.


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