Sizzling Pretty

Seeing Pink EverywhereThere are few things I love more than the seasons that take me into the next month and today is one of them.

Based on scientific evidence also known as my opinion, 😉 seven out of ten people would like to write a book or start a blog without any knowledge of how to go about it.

I wanted to give away as much as I possibly can free for you nice people who continue to click on my blog day after day year after year.

So much is new these days. If you are reading this in your inbox, did you know that you can simply click on the REPLY button and I will receive your letter?

As I have said many times, I love the long letters. I especially adore the long letters when my readers open up to me because they know, like and trust me.

They have sent me videos, music, gifts, pictures of their lives, pictures of their families, you name it. They call me on the phone and we talk.

I get asked two questions most often so I am going to attempt to answer them here now. The first is if I make money blogging and the answer is yes. I will also show you how and why.

The second question I often get asked is how I ended up where I am and the answer is in these pages.

The third question I usually get asked is usually regarding events, times and places since I am known to organize them, also a habit that dates back to my sophomore year in high school. I organize summer camps, high school reunions, meetings, dances, parties, online events. At the moment some silly kiddos from high school are talking about an alumni ballgame. Also we have meetings in North Carolina on November 3rd. The launch event for Portugal is in Lisbon on November 16th and the 17th in Porto.

How I am making money passively blogging

I have got my blog divided into passive income sources and active income sources. What you do is click on the menu or menu bar and many of the items earn me passive income. I will give you an example, I uploaded my art to a website and I get a cut everyone buys my art printed on everyday items.

I don’t use funnels on my email marketing. I generally email one to one. I have an email sign up here but I don’t agree with politics where spammers write LAST CHANCE emails when everyone knows it isn’t really the last chance.

Also, my friends and clients ask me for help with all sorts of marketing tasks, like managing social media, or creating a website for them—so that is another way I earn $s.

Things I have tried and have sometimes worked for me include being a brand ambassador for big companies. It depends on the company. Brand ambassador is a label that marketers use to describe someone who gets a commission or cut of sales when people buy from them.

My highest ranked cash day was a sale I made through a link and even higher was an opportunity that passed my desk — sure didn’t see that one coming.

I got on board with that one because I love to number crunch.

Things I think you should know that were announced today.

  1. If you are not expanding you are shrinking.
  2. You can raise your vibe through meditation, yoga, movement, dance and studying.
  3. I have been blessed with a work from home business and I also like to meet people in person.
  4. I offer a monthly promotion. My email subscribers get it mailed to them.

Baseball News

As you know I follow baseball and have been doing so for many years now. We organize our events for baseball on this link here called

It is a good idea to keep your eye on that page for news and events.

Clients and friends always ask where they can pay me so I have my link where I accept all types of payments

You can check out my gift guide too if you would like.

Shout out to my Real Life Sister, Love you sister! 

All my best,