The art of writing.

Ti voglio T bene.
Ti voglio Tanto bene.

Getting the written word out of the head and onto the page and sharing it with the reader is a constant journey. It is a giving up of the ego and a decision to let go and be a funnel for your words to reach the reader.

Not always easy.

Not always fun.

Most of the time knees a shaking, what will they think, but face your fears and do it any ways kind of thing.

Hit publish and see the mistake. Realize you cannot go into everyone’s mailboxes and delete the error.

Delete the post.

The reader says I love how you write, goes to click on such shared article to get a note that says, sorry, this content is no longer available.

Back to square one.

Try to set up automatic mailing to stay in touch with blog visitors who have requested to receive updates of new blog posts to be called a spammer.

Try to cancel all automatic mailings and decide that email still is a pain and spamming worse.

Delete 5000 emails and email sequence and start from square one.

Blink and realize the eight, nine or ten years you have spent blogging and your blessings continue to prosper.

Check you bank balance and marvel that it is still positive and growing.

Throw your hands down on the floor in prayer and up to the Lord in blessings and worship and scream from your heart:


for one more day.


Drive with your friends near you even though they are far.

Have a conversatin with them and thank them for their laughter. Cry because you miss them.

Learn that their words, the times that they told you their deepest feelings are now yours to cherish.

Watch a video.

Buy a shirt.

Go for a walk.

Cook and clean and put another load in the laundry and then the seasons come and go.

Where did that season come from?

Meet other writers. They say I love your writing. What can I say back other than thank you.

Meet other writers. I am not interested in your offer. Moving forward.

Study attraction marketing.

Get the words on to the page. Share because liking and sharing come natural to kids. Learn that liking and sharing is right but don’t worry how many likes you get on your brilliant post on facebook.

Get a call from someone who is interested and laugh until 2 in the morning. Get up, write it down, yes. That is exactly what I will do. Be envious and then realize envy is not a becoming quality.

Model good behaviour then realize that you are good behaviour.