What makes a leader a leader? Let’s ask the blog writer, Julie.


Let’s say you don’t sponsor, being a leader to your team, your business won’t reach the heights it has the potential of reaching.

My friends call me Jules.
My friends call me Jules.

Here is how to do do do it do it!

Read on to find out what top leaders have to say about succeeding in sponsoring.


Draw people in

Put yourself out there.

Find out what people like about you.

Hone in on that and make sure the world sees it.

You are your own brand.

Ask yourself, What makes me, me?

Stay positive. You want to post things that will attract people to you.

Don’t Make It All About You

Talk to others about themselves

Build their confidence.

Be genuine and let them know they can achieve greatness in this company.

Finally, look to your leaders and see what is working for them and try it out for yourself. This business is all about being you and helping others. You are going to do great things! I believe in you.

x o Julie

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