Don’t think #GeorgiaEnglish will come chasing after you.

I caught up with Georgia on day six of her forty day tour that takes her and her band, Georgia English and the Juke Box Kids to North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania to see how she is holding up.

Nashville, Tennessee: The 5 Spot
Nashville, TN: Springwater with My Politic and Daphne and the Mystery Machines
Franklin, Tennessee: Kimbro’s

Here is our interview:

Georgia English Thank you so much for sharing my album on your twitter! I really appreciate it. My mom has told me wonderful things about you! Great to meet you on and thank you for your support.

Julie Angelos  Well, young lady, you are most welcome. Its a pleasure for me to tweet and write about you because we truly like your songs. We’ve been listening to them all day.

Georgia, tell me about your name.

Georgia English My mom really loves Willie Nelsons version of Georgia On My Mind so I think that had something to do with it. My dad was really into Greek stuff and I guess Georgia translates to Daughter of the Earth.

Then I just lucked out with my last name!

Julie When did you start singing? 

Georgia I started singing like four years after I started playing guitar.

It just started feeling like the natural thing to do when you are strumming. I was really shy about it at first. The first time I sang in front of a crowd, I was around 12 and sang Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd and Sweet Home Alabama by Lynard Skynard.

I was in a rock band in middle school and we started playing around San Francisco with the help of my guitar teacher.

Julie I see you live in Nashville and you are from San Francisco. Can you tell me a little bit about that transition?

Georgia I went to school in Boston for college and met all the musicians in my band there.

We really wanted to be in a vibrant musical scene where everyone was playing all the time. I absolutely love Nashville. I think something really special is happening there now.

There is a lot of pop country and industry stuff that I am less interested in. But there is also a lot of musical integrity and respect for older styles and Roots music. Sometimes it actually feels a bit like San Francisco in the way that people interact.

Julie  I absolutely loved your latest single, Chasing After You. Its so catchy. Can you tell me what inspired you to write that song?

Georgia Ha! When someone treats you bad I think the best revenge is to just have some fun.

Julie I see you work with a couple of real talented individuals. Can you tell me about them?

Georgia I am very lucky to have an amazing band full of great people. We are actually on the road now and I am feeling very lucky and happy to be with them.

It is a blessing to have good friends and to play with great musicians. Its pretty incredible when they are both. We all love the same music which is very important.

They are hard workers, funny, and can put up with me on these long drives!

Julie What are your next steps?

Georgia  Really we just want to play as much as possible! We are currently on a Pennsatucky tour. We will be back to Nashville mid-February and will be playing mostly locally this spring. We are hoping to come out west soon to San Francisco, Mendocino and all that!

At the end of the summer we will be at the Ink N Iron Festival in Nashville.

I am super excited about that one because my celebrity crush Merle Haggard will also be playing there. It is a big honor. In the meantime we are just working hard and welcoming adventure.
Find Georgia English on the road and get her latest album Good Girls here.

Pennsatucky Tour
Pennsatucky Tour
Georgia English: guitar and vocals
Christine Moad: harmonies
Hayden Cotcher: Washboard
Joe Fox: video and editing


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8 thoughts on “Don’t think #GeorgiaEnglish will come chasing after you.

  1. Love your sound and lyrics! So refreshing to hear something new, blue, and even a little backwoodsy. Really diggin it, mamma! 🙂 

  2. I love the song and I love Georgia and the Juke Box kids.

  3. This song is very funny! Telling it like it is.

  4. I’m Facebook friends with Shufina English, who used to work as the assistant in our high school Admissions department several years ago. Her daughter Georgia attended our French American Lower and Middle Schools, but left after 8th grade to attend Lowell High School.
    Georgia was one of the most memorable students we’ve had at French American, because man, what a brilliant musician she was! I will never forget the performance she and her little middle school rock band gave at a fundraising concert for Hurricane Katrina Relief, where she literally blew the roof off the Oak Street Gym with her blistering performance of “Purple Haze”. I took some vivid photos of her playing electric bass, and ran one of them (attached) as the Page 3 Table of Contents image in the December 2005 La Lettre (the school magazine).
    I knew instinctively this girl was destined for greatness… but as it so often happens with gifted youngsters, years later you find out they never pursued their talents. But Georgia has not only kept up with her music, but she’s well on her way to a successful career. She recently moved to Nashville to seek fame and fortune as an “Americana Soul” singer/songwriter (as she describes her music), and formed a band called The Jukebox Kids. Listening to samples of her just-released debut album “Good Girls” proves that my instincts were right all those years ago: this girl is the Real McCoy.
    Here is her debut album on iTunes:

  5. Well Bro I think you are right ! Having a background as a radio guy back on my younger years I can see the originality of her music and spark ! She does have talent and I hope everyone has the chance of listening to her wonderful voice and lyrics !

  6. Just listened to a few cuts…wow! Congrats, Georgia! I hope Nashville pays attention!

  7. Fun read, Jules! I love that you connected with Shufina to interview the talented and beautiful Georgia 🙂 Hope you are well … missing you and thinking of you. Sarah saw Soldano recently while she was in Florence! Such good memories … xoxo

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