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The date for filming the upcoming cancer surviver online runway show is scheduled for September 20, 2020.

The wrap party is slated for Saturday, November 4th.

Live streaming event tickets are available.

The dates for the private live stream are November 6th, 7th and 8th, 2020.


  1. Watch from the comfort of your living room.
  2. Enjoy the show.
  3. There is an after party.
  4. Do you prefer to join us in person or online?
  5. Would you like to be a sponsor?
  6. How do you see yourself getting involved?



2019 Event roundup

General Entry Ticket $125 SOLD OUT
Table for your company with branding is $1200 SOLD OUT
VIP Packages Starting at $275 SOLD OUT




This is a runway event hosted, created, and ran by my real life sister Lisa along with the support of many people who love her as well as those who have just met her.

It is a spectacular, fun, laughter filled runway show that gets beautiful people together who have been given a positive cancer diagnosis to walk the catwalk as models and amazing inspirational role models.

These exceptional women are literally flooded with love and gifts as their friends and family show their support by attending and cheering them on. Also, the community gets involved by supporting these amazing people.


Lisa, Celeste and company
Lisa, Celeste and company

As a little sister would — I like to follow my sister either in person or in this case online. My real life sister has been up to her amazing self again by having just completed a successful runway fashion show in order to increase breast cancer awareness.

Today, I’m sharing a letter that my sister Lisa received from one of the participants.

Have you added your mascara to your bag! Don’t forget it is important.


Geaux Lisa!


6 thoughts on “We Support You

  1. Someone was teasing me about acting like a five-year-old, cutting up and joking around, and I said, “I’m old, I get to do what I want.” In an airbrushed, youth-obsessed culture, being old is oddly liberating. I recommend it. This is one of those ideas I fully support.

  2. What a clever and able sister you have, and what a generous post this is. That’s the thing I love about it the most, not forgetting your sister’s achievements !

  3. Best of luck to you! What a great concept! And a great product. The whole idea reeks of Entrepreneur! Obviously a talented and blessed family!

  4. Julie, thank you so much for sharing this. Your sister is amazing…it must run in the genes…LOL
    This letter brought tears to my eyes as I read…what great joy and happiness this event seems to have brought to so many people. Thank you Dorothy for sharing your experience with us!!

  5. What a great older sister! Cancer awareness and early detection are so important! Not enough can be said about early screening and often. As a recent cancer patient I think I was spared so much discomfort and sadness by being diagnosed early. In the end the only thing I lost was some sleep…thanks to early detection. Good luck to you all! Great post!

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