Woot! Woot! Global leaders shout out.

If I can do this, you can do this.

Around the World

We’ve grown from 14 original founders in USA to a mighty force of nearly 1.2 million women and men in 13 countries across the world—and we’re just getting started! Our latest two global market launches were in Ireland and Portugal.

Our global growth wouldn’t be possible without our powerhouse market vice presidents, who I am lucky enough to have met two of them in person at our launch event here.

Here are their stories.

United States
Launched: November 1, 2012
VP USA Market: Rachael

and Adriana US Latina Market

Rachael bought a lash enhancer from Black Status Megan and the rest is history!

She says she secretly stalked Megan on Facebook and she fell in love with not only the mascara but the amazing culture of the organization.

Attendees of our annual convention got to hear Rachael’s story of her why—a powerful account of overcoming all obstacles from a fatal car accident when she was a teen.

Adriana is one of our newest market vice presidents.

The Puerto Rico powerhouse said her family of strong female entrepreneurs instilled in her the belief that women are capable of achieving everything they set their minds to.

She felt a very deep connection and its members from day one,and so far it has been an incredible journey meeting outstanding powerful women who really embrace our sisterhood.

Her purpose is to empower women from all over the world through education and recognition to ultimately achieve financial independence.

Launched: June 1, 2013
Market VP: Debra

Like so many in the company, Debra’s journey began with amazing lashes and soon she and her lashes were hooked.

Little did she know that a year later, she’d become the first employee outside the U.S.

She attended her first Convention in Chicago in 2015 and together with her 15+ years of experience with several global direct sales companies. She says her heart and mind exploded as she experienced a community and sisterhood unlike any other.

Debra says that this is the most passionate, most powerful organization and movement she has ever seen and every day she wakes up grateful, knowing how blessed she is to be part of a mission that is truly changing the lives of women every single day—including hers!

Australia and New Zealand
Launched: April 1, 2014
Market VP: Larissa

Larissa recently returned from maternity leave after a year tackling her newest role: mother of a beautiful baby boy. She came a little more than three years ago after becoming intrigued and inspired by the innovative global and virtuabusiness model, class-leading products, and inspirational mission of the incredible company.

“It has instilled in me a deep sense of professional worth in that I can support others to follow their dreams and change their lives, and this has also given me that same opportunity,” she said.

Having recently returned from maternity leave she realised how much she had missed the network of amazing Presenters and corporate colleagues that have become so much part of her life.

As a new mother—working from a home office like many ladies, she also get to spend more time with her family.

She says she is forever appreciative and the enrichment it has added to both my personal and professional life.

UK and Ireland

Launched: October 1, 2014 (UK) and July 1, 2017 (Ireland)
Market VP: Louise
“Before I made the huge decision to leave my current position and join, a really new company in the UK, I decided the only way to know truly what the company was about was to experience it firsthand,” she said. “So I signed up as a Presenter, and within hours I was hooked! Instantly I was folded into the community, surrounded by unconditional support. The camaraderie was like nothing I’d ever experienced before, and I knew this company was something quite extraordinary… and the rest is history.”

She began her role as a market vice president right before the 2015 Incentive Trip to Jamaica, which she said was “not preplanned, honest!”

Launched: August 1, 2015
Market VP: Kristin

Coming here gave Kristin the gift of being authentic and human no matter the setting she was in—a huge shift from a male dominated work environment in Germany, she said.

She has experienced business cultures which were always competitive and their language and social interaction quite brisk and adapted to this culture in order to get accepted and to further my career.

She said she had never allowed herself to shed a single tear even though there were quite a number of times when she was very close to doing so for this was seen as weakness.

That changed earlier this month when Kristin accepted the BDD Business Award 2018 of the German Direct Selling Organisation—and debated whether to shed tears of joy in front of leaders from that same business culture.

She let my tears run freely and wasn’t bothered what the audience though about her—they were tears of pride, she said.

She also says our company is unique and a great treasure!

Launched: October 1, 2015
Market VP: Ana Laura
When Ana accepted the invitation to join three years ago, she didn’t expect the decision to change her life completely.

Like many of you, Ana’s journey has led her to discover her true potential and mission, including many things she was not aware she could do.

“Each time I see any one succeed is a piece of gold for me,” Ana said. “I was not expecting work so hard side by side with powerful women that have been my motivation, inspiration, and strength to keep going further and higher every day.”

Also like many others, Ana Laura’s is filled with gratitude.

“This company is life changing and brings life purpose fulfillment,”

Launched: February 1, 2016
Market VP: Alex
Alex atarted in December 2015, before we launched in France, and says it was a wonderful present.

“I couldn’t imagine when I started that this job would become the perfect job for me,” she said. “What I most appreciate is to see the growth and development. It is motivating, inspiring, and exciting to work with the amazing French consultants, to see how they change lives, and to see how they are committed to elevating their teams.

Launched: May 2, 2016
Market VP: Gema
Before Gema started here, she worked for a cosmetics company that focused on numbers and always pending results. She said we caught her attention from the first day because it was different.

She discovered that here people are people and not numbers, that our mission to uplift, empower and validate. This also extends to employees, and that each person is important,. Gemma is inspired daily by the passion, effort, and strength of our company.

“I feel that we are a family made up of millions of customers and employees who move with the same goal: to make a human difference in each one of the people that are part of this world.”

Launched: February 7, 2017
Market VP Roberta

A corporate headhunter brought Roberta onto our radar—his second attempt to woo her away from her job at the time.

The other job opportunity didn’t spark Roberta’s interest, but when she learned about us, she was intrigued. Roberta did extensive research on the web and discovered a wonderful company where the mission comes before anything.

She discovered a positive company where there is support, sisterhood, and high quality ethical products.

Within 15 days and after nine interviews, Roberta signed her contract. Just after a few weeks she was invited to corporate headquarters and still remembers how excited she was.

She realized that this is not a company, it’s a family, and we have a precise goal: sharing a new possibility with people and sharing hope.