It is all new

Woke up this morning a new fresh person. Today is a new day. It’s a calm day. I’m not the same person I was yesterday and nothing is quite as it seems. It is all an illusion anyway.

Thank you dear Lou for the image.
♥ sweet read?, short story єzmє ♥ by J.D. Salinger

Woke up this morning a new fresh person. Today is a new day. It’s a calm day. I’m not the same person I was yesterday and nothing is quite as it seems. It is all an illusion anyway.

Miracle: Make something out of nothing. Like a blog post!

Miracle: Faith! It is all good.

I got the fresh cup of blog copy brewed and my garden has rain while family and friends are busy running back and forth inventing new imaginative games.

It’s lovely.

Picture deep green garden, flowers on the well, fluffy white clouds in a fresh blue sky. White butterfly. It is 11:11a for all you kind numerologists folk reading.

I sit and look out the window, look at the keys, hear my key strokes tapping. It’s a dream come true to me actually. I remember years back when looking for a place to live, baby in the tummy, and I told my husband I wanted a garden with a kids’ pool and he laughed. How we laugh now.

We get a lot of compliments on our garden because it is a group project although the lines are not always clean cut.

The plants are showing signs or regrowth.  God is amazing. Colors are various shades of greens, browns and burnt rust. The trees that shall be here long after us.

I like to say some things just grow out of nothing — like friendships, children, diamonds, songs, and ideas. Or? What about you?

I’ve also got the dark violet berries nearly dripping off the vines. Unbelievably delish to pop into your mouths. Move over vitamins in jars, you’ve been replaced. The kids ask Can we pick the tomatoes?, Oh, yes, by all means.

What do you think about me going out and collecting some of these berries and figuring out how to make jam out of them? I can ask my neighbor who I adore, shout her out a prayer she isn’t feeling so good these days. She is well taken after!

You kind folk who follow my blog know that after dinner at sunset I like to go for a nice country walk. Magic.

Thank you so much dear Lou.
♥ think simply ♥ now

I am not a HUGE peach fan so I don’t know what to do with the couple dozen peaches in my fridge. Any ideas? Being on a permanent diet so nothing with sugar, please. Did you know that you can put peaches in the freezer?

Honey, yes, I would be happy to have a slice of a honey peach cobbler pie, thank you!

It is all good, just remember that. It is all here for you to enjoy so make sure you enjoy the journey. You can do this by dedicating a bit of time every day to things that make you happy, whether it is writing, singing, walking or playing an instrument. The list is endless. You are a creative person!

It makes me laugh when I say to people of course you can draw and write and share! They seem to forget we all have that ability, but of course, you can pick up the pencil and start fresh.

As with all things, writing, playing basketball, whatever it is, it is a skill and each skill can be mastered through repetition.

You’ve all been just a wonderful audience to talk with.

For the time being, I’ll be out in the garden watching the boys play on this glorious day.


6 thoughts on “It is all new”

  1. Ciao Bella Julie, You write such a vividly colored story of your blissfilled evening walks and making friends with a kind and generous farmer. Your pleasant daily rounds of checking for ripeness and picking times makes me smile when I think of carrying that sturdy basket for the “lucky chosen” to grace your dinner table with! I can feel the cool breeze accompanying your evening walk and the hearfelt peace in having a safe haven for your boyz to play and learn!

    We mother’s and wives cherish nothing more than opening the refrigerator to see all that green and bright colored fruit, happily waiting to nourish our very active families nutritional needs!! Reminds me of a adventurous era in the 1970’s & 80’s when hubby and I relocated around central-northern California when for “7 yrs” we had “8 acres” and planted a quarter acre veggie garden and 2-dozen various dwarf-fruit trees and “32” citrus trees!
    What blissful joy they produced in eating and sharing with neighbors who enjoyed passing by to see all the activity among the trees!

    During one “Halloween” night as some neighborhood mother’s brought their little ones to the door, and a few in strollers, they dared to ask me if I ran a “DAY CARE”!! I laughed and told them that “yes, I did”, and they were all OURS!! We had “two” lovely gardens~one for food and the other our “off-spring”~what wonderful memories you are making for your “off-spring”!!

    Have a sun-kissed day across the SmileS~xo

  2. The joy of a garden 🙂 I am enjoying our peaches fresh for breakfast, sometimes with a little natural yougurt.

  3. This morning, as I sat out in my own piece of green and lush heaven here in the brown dryness of the high desert, I thought of you and your ‘whatup homey’ status…it gave me a little smile and I thought it is a shame that have not given much time lately to keeping up with you via your blog.

    So here I am, no longer outdoors enjoying the cool summer morning of Palmdale, but sitting before a computer from where I have been transported by the awesomeness of technology, electricity, waves of whatever kind and most importantly the sight that comes from a joined imagination to the wonderful garden of Julie. To me your words are not just that, but pictures that come together like an image moving before me…ah, but i have to stop and marvel at your berries for a moment longer, but I find that I am sad, but also delighted as I recall my own berry wonderful past experiences with them. We had a very large, wild thicket of blackberries in our home up in Northern California and from this overgrown bush we were blessed with an awesome bounty of the sweetest, darkest fruit imaginable. The beauty and taste was so captivating to me that I would stand before it with bowl of french vanilla ice cream, place one individual berry on top of a spoonfull of ice cream…on and on I would do that until I had nothing left in my bowl.

    I no longer have the pleasure of eating off that generous thicket, so I planted one here at our home in Southern California…ah, poor little berry bush, it tries but the climate is wrong and the roses are choking it out like the thorny bullies that that they are…maybe in the Fall I’ll have The Steve transplant it for me…he has a way with that and it’s quite amazing…dig, chop, rip and re-plant in tiny hole in ground…he never loses a plant, hmmm.

    Well, seems I left your garden, but by way of your garden I have returned to mine…I believe I shall go out and give that poor little berry bush some much needed care and love.

    Take care my firend and thanks for the journey!!

  4. I have just found your blog. What a lovely way to spend a life. . I live in New Zealand, a virtual paradise in many ways, but since moving back to the city I have a tiny patch of front garden and nowhere to plan fruit. But I shall plant some berries and of course, tomatoes in tubs and watch them grow When my husband was alive we had a thriving fruit garden. Oranges off the tree, mandarins, limes and lemons, two varieties of apples and a huge grapefruit tree that forgot it was supposed to stop fruiting in the winter months. What a joy to pick an orange and just eat it. Fresh and juicy. Unlike anything one buys in the supermarket.
    I now live in New Zealand, a virtual paradise in many ways, but since moving back to the city I have a tiny patch of front garden and nowhere to plan fruit. But I shall plant some berries and of course, tomatoes in tubs and watch them grow.
    Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  5. You painted an amazing picture Julie! I love this time of year when the weather is getting warmer and we start to really appreciate getting to sip coffee outside or lounge in the garden watching the world go by! It was 14 degrees here today and that almost felt warm – I can wait ’til it goes up another few notches! And what a lovely gesture from the farmer. BTW I love peaches in natural yoghurt with a sprinkle of cinnamon and granola.
    Take care Julie,

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