Thanks for your patience

As we celebrate ten years of blogging, almost eleven (!), I wanted to reach out and say thank you to my loyal readers. You have all been amazing.

I am in tune with what you do as far as habits go, that is, check back with my site to see if it is up and running, and be patient with me as I navigate the waters of the online world of blogging.

What have I learned in the last eleven years of blogging?

1. It is cool with most people if you make mistakes.

I recently learned that the word SIN in Sanskrit, an 3500+ year old Indian language, means missing the mark. That opened my eyes quite a bit to help me understand how the Bible says we are all sinners. I am a huge sports’ fan so I can only think of it is in sports terms and that is I will miss the mark a million times before I get the ball in the basket, or get from point A to point B without stepping on someone’s toes.

2. Once I push the red button that is currently top right and says Publish with a capital P on it, an email will automatically be sent out to anyone who has previously asked to subscribe to my blog. For example, you now.

This feature was included when I started blogging.

I really have no way to know if it is working or not except for the occasional phone call or text I get that tells me they read my blog. Or I can check my stats.

Also, I think that this email service only works sometimes. The reason I write this is because I have come to learn that when you subscribe to my blog, you can subscribe to either my newsletter, that I manage, or to my blog, which is managed by my website host.

I repeat that I am a slow learner but once I learn something, I do actually learn something, so again, thank you for your patience as I navigate the waters of blogging and publishing.

As a side note, I would like to say something true of me. I am impulsive so often I just finish writing and push the PUBLISH button to get my writing off my desk. Then I go back and read and edit and realize that my new post has already gone into your mailbox with errors and everything.

At that point, what I usually do is try to edit or delete the post thinking, goodness gracious girl, Julie, you just notified your entire two blog subscribers that you are an airhead.

I will chalk it up to part of blog learning.

2. I post infrequently.

The reason I don’t push the word Publish, red button, top right, capital P, in a rather dark pink color, is because then I actually create a page that needs maintenance in some form or another. I don’t want to eand up with thousands of pages that my visitors need to navigate through to find current information.

One thing I have been doing as a work around is updating old blog posts. That way an email is not sent out to blog subscribers.

3. Is it better to pusblish a page or a post?

Talk about a subject I would rather not talk about since each blog template is different, I can only say, that, my pages are the ones that you see in my menu bar. They usually end with a nice clean url such as double you double you my name dot com slash tickets or slash pay or slash events.

My favorite of course, is the slash baseball although that particular page needs to be updated. I also enjoy the page, or read, menu item that says, See my paintings. I like sharing my art online.

I have become better at sharing my art. I can only reckon my shyness to a school or class that gets asked to hold up their artwork only to be humiliated or lauded with praise.

I currently am having issues with my DNS mapping, meaning that if you go ro read this online, you most likely will get an error saying that this site is not private or there are security issues.

This is due to the fact that I had tried mapping or forwarding my blog to another domain name I own, and on further thought, changed my mind, and am going back to square one.

My blog will be fully functional within 24 to 48 hours, hence this brief note to thank you for your patience as I navigate my blog and learn from my mistakes, often missing the mark.


Pretty soon, like next week, school is starting again. There is defo a feeling of seasons changing, cool mornings, warm afternoons.

As for me and my house, we shall praise our Lord. Thanks for sticking by me and my art and my writing. I appreciate you.

As always, I hope this missive finds you happy, lovely, lucky and in love.

All my best.