see my paintings

Do you sell your paintings?

Yes. I have sold or given away most. I have about six in my current inventory.

Can I buy a painting? Yes. Tell me which one you are interested in.

Do you ship? Yes.

 Hello friends.

I’ve been painting pictures since I was young. I usually paint on thick paper, cement or canvas using standard wall, oil and acrylic paints.

Me painting a wolf down at the baseball field.


Your paintings rival Mattisse.  Mika M. I love these paintings. They remind me of a friend that I love and adore. Deb H. It looks like Van Gogh stopped by your house. Tanya M. I love mine. Kelli B. Oh, these are just wonderful! What a great collection! Tracey H. Love your art work Julie. Love that it comes from within and shows your true spirit about life, love and true happiness. Rose O. I like the frame and picture. Jon D. It looks even better on my wall! Chassity H. Me too! LOVE love LOVE it! xox  Diana O. I LOVE it!!! Stephanie M Your painting looks amazing! Good job! Maria P. So pretty julie bulie. you’ve got talent baby Reka C. Are these for sale?  Nicholas M. When I look at this it makes me feel happy, happy, happy! Rose O. It’s very warm, I like it. Peter B. Ma quanti…che belli! Deborah L. Julie, don’t mistake innocence for childish, their beautiful! Dieter B. Oh, Julie! These are just lovely! Tracy T. I like the colors very much. Susan W. Julie I just want to say good job! I have noticed that everytime you post a painting they keep getting better and better! I think you are better than Picasso! James L. Your brilliant. Many blessings to you. Go girl! Brenda W.

Fur Elise.