General Information

We are organizing a team to attend the biggest, most amazing event a player can participate in — world series baseball.

We want you to come along as we travel as a group of 14 players and six adults.

Sign ups are going now so let us know as soon as possible how you would like to get involved.

Here is EXACTLY what team sponsors get:

  • Naming rights and choice of team colors $20,000.

  • Name and logo on T-shirtsn $4,000.

  • On-site signage $1,000

  • Website banners  $25, $50 and $100

  • Tweets

  • Facebook page mentions/contests

  • Ad in program book

  • Hand-delivery of a marketing brochure, coupon or card to parents

  • Product giveaway opportunities

  • Banquet, raffle or door prize opportunity

  • Mentions in the press release

How many people will see your advert?

We have well over 50,000 blog readers, a 2,500 person email list, 9k followers on twitter, 2k followers on LinkedIn and a bunch of raving fans we grew up with on facebook, about 2000.

The opportunities for main sponsors to be included in media photographs, there are only two places left.

There is one League title sponsorship, two second-tier sponsorships and one team naming sponsorship for each team in our league.

Opportunities for you:

Sponsor a team

Be on the team, ages 13 to 18

Sponsor a youth

Come with us

Be our photographer

Design the tshirts

Ball boy or girl


Water boy or girl

Smiling spectator and fan

Popcorn sales

Peanut Sales (John! 🙂 )

There are four teams: Under 13 Under 14 Under 16 and Under 18

There is a five-game guarantee if it doesn’t rain plus you get to visit all of the surrounding college campuses.

Sponsor Information

Here is the letter for our sponsors. Remember to send us your logos to add to our website:

How to get involved with youth sports.

We are writing you concerning a sponsorship opportunity with Little League — for our small town team to attend the World Series Baseball.

We know that your corporation has as its mission a desire to give back to the local community and we greatly appreciate your support.

Last year, the support of our community along with others has helped us to bring 60+ new kids to play this year and who have participated in five different championships and have won two.

ballMore than 1,000 volunteers and spectators were in attendance and our games are covered by the internationally with a huge audience and online.

We are happily looking forward to even greater success at this year’s event which will be held July.


If your organization would like to participate in this year’s event as a sponsor please contact us.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Information for the Athletes

There is a five game guarantee weather permitting. We are also looking for bat boys and girls, water boys or girls or ball boys or girls if younger.


Youth  Baseball Team Coordinators

NEW sponsors are arriving every day! Thanks!

A couple of sponsor packages still available, although going fast, signage, press, print ads, social media ads, program ads, VIP tickets, cocktail Sponsor, tshirt sponsor, equipment sponsor. Happy to say we have found our team name, to be revealed soon, colors and a few driven players.

Julie and Alessandra
Youth  Baseball Team Coordinators