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Hello hello,

our beauty shop offers more than lipstick and mascara, we offer help to women who have been sexually abused as children. Here is the link.

That is exactly why i decided to be a consultant. I use my voice to help others and it is paying off huge.

These lipsticks are about $20 but I got mine free because my mom and two friends joined with me. We paid $99, got our kits and then with the credit I helped victims AND got lipstick. Even I couldn’t believe it.

Here is the link.

So I did what I think any person would do.

I did a little research. I asked myself, I said, self, what is this business about Younique and children and make up and just why in the world are Younique presenters getting over a million views on youtube.

I checked it out like I think you will too. You are sitting at your desk or at your cell phone so you can easily just type Younique into your search box and learn more.

I hope you come back to me though. Here is the link.

I will tell you why.

As you do your research you are going to learn the basics, the no animal testing, the company with a heart, the all natural part but you are going to ask yourself, why the hype?

I mean why are these ladies creating youtube channels and getting all dolled up.

I won’t tell you because I know you have the ability to learn for yourself.

I will tell you this. I research anything I buy at least for a month. I probably read about six articles about it and read the side of the boxes too. I loook for cracks in the system.

I know you do too.

I allow myself to be vulnerable.

I allow myself to be a woman.

I allow myself to cray.

. But none of this is making sense to me Julie, why are you going on and on about this product?

Here is the link.

It is because at least for this gal here, it isn’t a product, it isn’t a sisterhood, it isn’t the free website, it isn’t the freedom you get from being your own boss from day one to forever,

it is about the story we choose to tell and the story we choose to write and our power to rewrite that story daily in order to sculpt our lives and our vision.

I am a writer, but a simple person. I grew up with the love of words, friendships, people, playing, learning, reading and writing.

This story came to me in a vision, at age 54 because it new I could no longer spend one day in an office working for someone else. Because it knew I couldn’t fathom leaving my kids just one more day.

Because it knew the pain of getting the call from the school, your child is sick, can you come pick him up and you have to figure out a way to tell your boss, tell your husband and pay the bills without getting docked.

And when are you going to find the time to make up that day.

And one more day of exchanging hours for dollars doing something you didn’t love.

How can you do this? To you? To yourself? To your grandchildren, to your family?

So I just decided to give myself a simple gift of a work where ever I am kind of job. I know what a hard worker I am and how hard I love to give to my clients and customers, who are really just my mom and my sister. Oh and my neighbor who I love when she comes around for a hug.

Maybe that is part of my why.

That is all.

So what do I want you to do? Exactly? I don’t know, it is your life,. I just want you to be happy. I want you to be happy.

I want you to enjoy it. And LIVE! Laugh. Have fun. Enjoy your life! Take it into your arms and hug it and embrace it, be vulnerable for goodness sakes and stop with all the cursing. It doesn’t lift you up or make you more beautiful.

Fill your cup with flowers and air and hugs and breathing and self care.

There is more.

Yes. there is more.

I love you.

I just wanted you to know that here and now. I love you.


All my best, may your life be filled with love and luck.