10 Insider Tips To Start Your Day Off Right

1) Put your best foot forward. Regardless of how many mistakes you have made in the past today is a new day. Just by making a decision now, you can make your dreams come true by believing in yourself. Think of the adage of the train who said I think I can I think I can.

Tweets of Random Kindness Offered from #Japanese after the #Tsunami #earthquake

Tape Person on the Bus by Elena Tommesani

Hi guys, I'm copying and pasting something I found on the internet. They are stories of random acts of kindness demonstrated by the Japanese people after the earthquake. I think there's TRULY something to be learned by being lovely. Here are tweets from Japan amid of the earthquake crisis (translation by @vida_es_bella, otherwise noted). * ディズニーランドでの出来事 …

13 things I wish I knew before I started a blog.

Smoking ballarina.

1. That I could reach an audience in all of the world wherever there is internet. For some reason I thought I was still speaking to my immediate friends. 2. That people could laugh at me if they wanted. Sometimes they do but I mostly get compliments, thank goodness. 3. That everyone uses their blogs however they …