We have spent the last 10+ years writing online and we are now happy to announce new and exciting products for you to make your lives easier.


Take a look at our bestsellers below:


1. Blogging Basics Mini Course 


In this fun mini course, you will learn blogging basics.

We love to see your words published! A blog is the same as a written diary, only that it is published online and can be seen on the internet.

In this course you will learn how to

  • set up your blog for free
  • publish your first blog post
  • find creative things to write about
  • make your blog look amazing
  • increase blog traffic
  • connect with your readers and maintain readership

and much more!

This mini course called BLOGGING BASICS includes a .pdf 16 page workbook with checklists and a one hour video presentation.

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2. How to Build Your List 


Here in this two day inbox workshop you will receive simple and easy steps that increase your reach.

Everybody knows that increasing your reach leads to meeting your goals, whether it be increasing sales or getting your message out.

We showyou the way to use social media to build your list through facebook, twitter, pinterest, linkedin and more!

  1. Easy to follow video instructions
  2. Includes a 10 page worksheet
  3. Optional, half hour discovery call


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3. Camera Confidence for Facebook Live Course


This course Includes video training and a worksheet.

Find out the behind the scenes ways our team has overcome shyness to go live on facebook.

See how 100s of friends have followed our course to go live on facebook, increase confidence and just do it!


Q How does this work?
A Once you pay, you will receive a confirmation in your email and your course will be delivered directly to you on your email inbox.

Q Are there refunds?
A Yes, if you are not fully satisfied, we will refund your payment after you complete our online form.

Q I would like to buy the course, where do I pay?

A Click on this link, pay and your course will be sent to your email inbox.

Q I would like to to ask you a question before I buy the course, where do I do that?

A The best way to get in touch is to contact us through email or messenger.


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