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Originally posted in 2012 Hi guys. How do you know when I'm going to post? I don't even tell anyone on facebook when I post but I tell you my stats went up five times when I got back from my vacation. How do you know? Isn't that weird how people know when you write … Continue reading Blogging ☆ Painting ☆ Comments ☆ Thoughts

Meeting Intelligent People

I had a long talk with a friend of mine, Sofia. When I mean long, I mean about two hours over lunch. She inspired me unbelievably. We talked about politics, classes, teachers, we even joked. We talked about art and music. We helped each other out. Here's the catch. This girl was nine. That's why … Continue reading Meeting Intelligent People

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to school they go.

1. That I would be so visible in all of the world wherever there is internet. For some reason I thought I was still speaking to my immediate friends. 2. That people could laugh at me if they wanted. Sometimes they do but I mostly get compliments, thank goodness. 3. That everyone uses their blogs however … Continue reading Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to school they go.

♡ Original Painting | | x ♡ o

You might be new here, so please make sure to add a bookmark, follow me on facebook or follow me on twitter at jbuliesblog. Hello friends. New visitors welcome. Just for fun I've decided to give away one of my paintings. To win a free original painting signed by me the artist please: 1. Choose a painting … Continue reading ♡ Original Painting | | x ♡ o

I’m painting pictures in the garden.

Hi friends. New visitors welcome. I've been busy in my garden making more paintings. I love them. I found a program online that shows me what they will look like framed under various settings. I'm sharing only one today as I find it's fairly time consuming. The painting you see is the one that I … Continue reading I’m painting pictures in the garden.

How to be successful without even trying.

For some reason when I was going into high school I was told there was an experimental math class where 'bright' students were going to be experimented on. Like lab rats.