#6 My Amazing Friends also known as MAFSS guest M. Risser

Remember that each time you run the hill, you become a stronger you.

Inspiring day — Country walks, a jog and a new bike.

It's like when you shut your eyes, then you open them and see your kids are grown. Time flies so fast. We want to capture it and hold onto it. Especially the kids. I want to hold on to every smile they make. They are so happy go lucky, true boys boyz. Yesterday was a big … Continue reading Inspiring day — Country walks, a jog and a new bike.


Pre announcement: I'd just like to tell my loyal blog readers that I'm busy organizing a painting give away. I've painted about six paintings and I'm getting them ready for a showing and give away on my blog probably by the end of the week. Wish me luck as it's a bit confusing to sort out the details. xo Julie

I’m painting pictures in the garden.

Hi friends. New visitors welcome. I've been busy in my garden making more paintings. I love them. I found a program online that shows me what they will look like framed under various settings. I'm sharing only one today as I find it's fairly time consuming. The painting you see is the one that I … Continue reading I’m painting pictures in the garden.