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Originally posted in 2012 Hi guys. How do you know when I'm going to post? I don't even tell anyone on facebook when I post but I tell you my stats went up five times when I got back from my vacation. How do you know? Isn't that weird how people know when you write … Continue reading Blogging ☆ Painting ☆ Comments ☆ Thoughts

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You might be new here, so please make sure to add a bookmark, follow me on facebook or follow me on twitter at jbuliesblog. Hello friends. New visitors welcome. Just for fun I've decided to give away one of my paintings. To win a free original painting signed by me the artist please: 1. Choose a painting … Continue reading ♡ Original Painting | | x ♡ o


Pre announcement: I'd just like to tell my loyal blog readers that I'm busy organizing a painting give away. I've painted about six paintings and I'm getting them ready for a showing and give away on my blog probably by the end of the week. Wish me luck as it's a bit confusing to sort out the details. xo Julie

I’m painting pictures in the garden.

Hi friends. New visitors welcome. I've been busy in my garden making more paintings. I love them. I found a program online that shows me what they will look like framed under various settings. I'm sharing only one today as I find it's fairly time consuming. The painting you see is the one that I … Continue reading I’m painting pictures in the garden.